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Ep 36 - Lee Caswell - Hyper-converged Infrastructures

Mar 26, 2024

Hyper-Converged Infrastructures: The Answer to the Complexity of IT Systems?

Over the next 3 years, more than 750 million new applications will hit the market... and nobody can predict what those applications will look like.

In this episode, Lee Caswell, SVP of Product and Solutions Marketing at Nutanix, introduces Hyper-Converged Infrastructures: a groundbreaking solution that integrates computing, storage, and networking into a single system to reduce complexity and improve scalability. Reflecting on his tenure at VMware, Caswell also offers insights into VMware's current state post-Broadcom acquisition and its future in the virtualization and cloud market, as well as how businesses often find themselves with inefficiently organized multi-cloud setups and what they can do about it.

You'll learn:

  1. What is a hyper-converged infrastructure?
  2. How to deal with 'accidental hybrid multi-cloud environments'
  3. How the VMWare acquisition is affecting the enterprise IT world


About Lee:

Lee is the Nutanix SVP for Product and Solutions Marketing. Lee is well-known for accelerating the adoption of new technologies and came to Nutanix from VMware where he was VP Product Marketing. Lee has extensive leadership experience in the storage, flash and virtualization markets including past executive roles at NetApp, Fusion-IO, and Adaptec. Lee started his career at General Electric and holds a bachelor’s degree from Carleton College and a Master of Business Administration degree from Dartmouth College.

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About the host

Elias is the VP for North America at Checkmk. He comes from a strategy consulting background but has been an entrepreneur for the better part of the last 10 years. In his spare time, he likes to do triathlons.

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