MSP Dashboard

Checkmk MSP is the monitoring solution that helps Managed Service Providers (MSPs) comply with Service Level Agreements and proactively detect problems in the IT infrastructure of the clients they manage. From version 2.3, Checkmk MSP is based on the architecture of Checkmk Cloud, allowing MSPs to effortlessly monitor dynamic multi-cloud environments and cloud-native applications while benefiting from the features of agents from Checkmk Cloud.

With its features, Checkmk MSP is specifically designed to meet the requirements of IT service providers:

  • Data security through a strict data segregation method, unique in the monitoring market.
  • Central management and configuration of all customer remote sites.
  • Uniform configuration logic across all clients or customizable individually for each client.
  • Autonomous monitoring in the client's local infrastructure.
  • Data security in the event of client connection failure.
  • Forwarding of alarms to the service provider or to the client.
  • Automated provisioning, configuration, and reporting.

Useful Agent Features for MSPs 

Furthermore, the agent features from Checkmk Cloud bring additional advantages for the requirements of IT service providers. The push mode of the agents allows the monitoring data to be transmitted autonomously and TLS-encrypted to the central Checkmk instance of the MSP or to a Checkmk server at the client’s location. This enables monitoring of segmented networks from anywhere and facilitates the onboarding of clients with smaller IT environments.

The auto-registration saves service providers from manual configuration by automatically incorporating client servers into the monitoring. It also allows for the deployment of customized agent packages with a single click in client infrastructures.

Additionally, agents automatically register with the monitoring system. This allows hosts to be added or removed in real-time, including automatic detection of services and activation of changes.

Learn more about Checkmk MSP or about the new features in Checkmk 2.3