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Checkmk 2.3 significantly simplifies the process of writing your own plugins. Benefit from new, well-documented APIs for plug-in development that cover all elements including graphing, rule sets, and server-side calls.

Now that all plug-in elements are modules, additional benefits arise. For instance, it is possible to develop and test plugins independently of a running Checkmk site. Furthermore, writing tests is easier since there are no side effects from other modules (no global registry).

With these changes, all extensions now adopt well-defined, versioned APIs that also adhere to best practices and ensure fixed conventions and consistency. This also reduces unnecessary options and ensures the "Fail early" principle during development.

Updating MKPs has thus become significantly easier from 2.3 onwards. Thanks to the new APIs, the extension packages are not only future-proof but also remain compatible when updating Checkmk.

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