Happy 21st SysAdmin Day to all SysAdmins who patiently support our organizations in our IT concerns! Every last Friday of July, the global sysadmin community can finally have a day where they would get the appreciation they deserve. Not a SysAdmin and have to call your friendly SysAdmin lately? If yes, we suppose they were very helpful and got your problem solved in no time. If no, then for sure they have been working hard in the background to keep things running smoothly for you. Some of us work very closely with them, some not so much. But whatever happens, SysAdmins always got our backs.

SysAdmins are probably one of those people who get the most complaints from other departments in the organization. They always get compelled to fix problems for other people. Devs will let them handle problems deploying their code, management won’t heed their calls for budget increase and people randomly call them to fix their personal technical problem. On top of that, they have to catch up with the fast-changing technology and constantly learn to cope with the hybrid world.

What can we do to make our SysAdmins’ life better?

That’s why this SysAdmin Day we would like to ask you to do these for your SysAdmins:

  • Dev? Ask how you can improve your code or workflow to not blow up the infrastructure
  • Business? Respect the processes they have put in place. Use their ticketing system, mind what you call urgent, give realistic deadlines
  • Management? Listen to their call for upgrades, budget and equipment replacement. Maybe stop asking them to work on your personal tech matters too.

Featuring the SysAdmins from the Checkmk Community

Of course we want to use this opportunity to put a spotlight on the SysAdmins from the Checkmk Community. Our community has been a space of IT operations professionals to interact and help each other with setting up their monitoring systems. Read about Andreas, Neeloj and Robert.

SysAdmin Career Trends 2020

We at tribe29, the creators of Checkmk, have always dedicated our entire efforts to making the lives of sysadmins better. Thus, for the SysAdmin Day, we asked a couple of questions to people in IT operations (e.g. SysAdmins, DevOps practitioners and related job titles) regarding their career, and the recent industry trends they are seeing. Here’s a summary of what we have found out.

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