Hello Checkmk Community,

For years we have taken advantage of the simplicity and convenience of mailing lists to stay connected with the community. Our community has grown so much now and the use of mailing list sadly cannot meet the demands brought by our number and the changing needs of our members. The community has spoken and we completely agree that a forum would be a better ‘home’ for the community to facilitate its discussions. And it’s finally here; we introduce to you the new Checkmk Community Forum!

Checkmk Community Forum image
Introducing the new Checkmk Community Forum (forum.checkmk.com)

Our new forum is running on Discourse, a powerful open source discussion platform packed with features to improve the way we connect in the community. Here are some highlights:

Say goodbye to sharing your e-mail address

At the new Checkmk Community Forum you choose the personal info you want to share that will be visible on your personal profile. E-mail address will be hidden and only your username is shown beside your posts.

Better readability with Markdown support

Tired of how everything looks the same on e-mail that you find it difficult to find information? Forum posts allow you to use markdown, so you can add some quotes, preformatted text, horizontal rule and many more.

Customize the way you receive notifications (forum and e-mail notifications)

Say goodbye to your cluttered mailing list inbox! Be in control of the notifications you receive with the available notification settings. You receive notifications on the forum and via e-mail. You can customize it further by changing your e-mail settings.

Mute specific things that aren’t relevant to you

If you don’t want to be notified about specific categories, tags or posts from specific users, you can add them to your muted list.

The Global Community Category

As the community grows internationally, we wanted to ensure that non-English speakers are provided space to communicate in the language they are comfortable with. We will add more languages based on the need and available support. Check it out here.

And many more…

Try it out and discover how the new Checkmk Community Forum is powerful and easy-to-use. Create an account now!

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Mailing list will shut down on 31st Dec 2019

The mailing list will be closed by the end of the year. We will slowly transition to the forum, including changing the community page on the website and sending reminders in the coming weeks. The archive will be kept on the Archive category of the forum.


We have the Meta category to accommodate your thoughts about how the forum is organized. Feel free to post your suggestions!