Dominic Mohr

Hi Dominic! Thank you for your time and for answering my questions. You joined us in November 2018 and were our number two in sales. Before that, you worked in IT throughout, including as a sales manager, technical consultant and SAP project manager.  

What made you decide to join Checkmk?

At that time, I was looking for a new professional challenge and already knew the company Mathias Kettner and Checkmk from my previous sales job at a local VAD. I found the topic of open source software and the company quite exciting at that time, especially the community-based corporate idea and the modern corporate culture appealed to me very much. In addition, the company was just being built up and already had a lot of potential at that time. The idea of being able to experience this and help shape it was what motivated me to join at that time.

What fascinates you most about your work at Checkmk, and what are your tasks?

I particularly like the variety and flexibility that my current job as a Technical Account Executive offers me. I can plan and implement the majority of my tasks independently and completely independent of location. I can also plan my tasks very flexibly in order to take my personal needs into account, e.g. to go for a spin on my mountain bike in the evening. Besides that, the Checkmk team is great – there are many smart people in our ranks with whom I really enjoy working. In addition, our monitoring solution helps customers to cope with the daily challenges of dealing with IT infrastructure in a more professional and reliable way. The positive feedback from our customers and the resulting high level of customer satisfaction are unique and motivate me again and again. The fact that our customers also have the opportunity to actively shape our product development through our Checkmk community is a win-win situation for both sides.

What does a working week look like for you?

Mostly very turbulent. For example, I look after my direct customers and some of our sales partners, providing support mainly with commercial, licensing and technical issues, and drafting contracts and contract content. In addition, I support the development and expansion of our customer base, preferably in German-speaking countries – i.e. I accompany and advise companies from the initial contact through all phases of the sales lifecycle end-to-end to successful onboarding. For me, this also includes regular contact and exchange with my sales colleagues, but also with colleagues from other teams such as PreSales, Consulting, Support and Development. In addition, I regularly give webinars, take care of the topic of EVB-IT contracts for us, and find solutions for the sometimes differing interests between providers (us) and our customers.

What tools/technologies do you work with in your team?

We all use laptops, IP telephony, CRM systems, Slack, Zoom, e-mail and Office on a daily basis, as well as other tools for knowledge transfer and file sharing. But there is still a lot of room for improvement here!

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