Max Reischl

Hi Max, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!

What prompted you to join Checkmk?

Having already worked with Checkmk in my previous job, I've known the company for six years. I observed that Checkmk has excellent sales, a very modern management approach, strong financial stability, and minimal turnover. Here, you're not just a number; you're treated as a person. I also appreciated the fact that all the employees are open and honest, creating a great internal atmosphere. Other reasons included flexible working hours, the option to work from home, and, of course, the very fair salary. In summary, you can find a unique blend of these factors that is likely rare in this combination. Having worked as a recruiter before, I've encountered many companies, and Checkmk seemed to be ahead in the aspects mentioned above.

You recently joined our Team. How was the onboarding process?

I quickly adapted and always received the necessary support. Everyone here is truly willing to provide assistance, share information, or even offer insights into their areas, regardless of departments and hierarchies. The entire process is carried out in a very pleasant manner - top-notch!

What fascinates you most about your work at Checkmk, and what are your responsibilities?

The fact that I wanted to focus on people-related matters and can now do so 100%. Additionally, the workload is easy to plan and can be integrated well into my family life. Furthermore, I view recruiting as a highly critical area of responsibility since it lays the foundation for the company's future. Being part of this decision-making process makes me very proud. It's a sense of accomplishment to contribute to Checkmk's growth.

My tasks involve a good mix of work with applicants, administration, process-related questions, contract creation or amendments, direct sourcing, creating advertisements, communicating with departments, meetings, and training.

What does a typical work week look like for you?

I usually start each day with the emails, reviewing applications, sending out rejections, or scheduling interviews.
Throughout the day, I typically conduct 2–3 interviews, which require some preparation and follow-up.
Between appointments, I aim to coordinate with departments, allocate specific time slots to set priorities, and actively search for candidates and make contact. I also leave a room in my schedule to handle daily tasks such as contract creation, process maintenance, job postings, or similar matters.
Of course, the week is rounded off with team meetings on Monday and Friday.
I mainly work from home but try to be in the office once a week. 

What tools/technologies do you use in your team?

For recruiting, we use Personio. Besides that, we use tools like Gmail, Slack, Zoom, Google, Pascom, and the Office package for daily communication and organization.

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