Ryan Kangiser

Hi Ryan, thank you for taking the time. You joined the newly formed US Team as our first Account Executive after you started your career as customer success manager over Sales Development Representative to your “new” position with us.

Please introduce yourself briefly.

I am the Account Executive for Checkmk in the US and Canada. I have been with the company since Nov. 22. I'm big time into football (American) and soccer (that's the real way to say it). Defending NFL fantasy football league champion and looking to win again this year. Love to work out and compete in CrossFit competitions in my spare time.

What made you decide to join Checkmk?

I decided to join Checkmk as they were looking to make their first hires in the US. I thought it was an amazing and unique opportunity to help build the US business and help grow the team. I strongly feel that Checkmk is a place that invests in their employees and put them first. Easy decision to join!

How did you come to Checkmk?

Recruiting Agency (ISG)

How is it to be part of the build of the US team with Checkmk

There are definitely a lot of growing pains and cultural differences, but that is what makes it worth it in the end. My perspective has changed a lot from seeing how the teams in Europe do business in a positive way. Working with Anastasios and Elias have been great experiences and I have learned a lot and helped shape our US team processes.

What does your working day look like?

My days consist of a lot of customer calls and strategic calls moving deals along. Every day is different, and every opportunity is different, so I am never bored. It is like a game trying to move deals to the finish line. I have a great relationship with our consultants which makes working fun and watching them work their magic on customer calls is nothing short of mesmerizing

What does a typical work week look like for you?

My typical week consists of trying to fill up my calendar with as many customer meetings as possible. After each call, it is crucial to establish next steps or touch points. I am always trying to set myself up for the next week so I am not playing catch up. I also have my 1 on 1s and meetings with my Manager for constant feedback to make sure I am on track and my efforts are focused on the right areas, which is crucial to being successful here at Checkmk.

What fascinates you most about your job at Checkmk and what are your tasks?

Growing the US business and seeing Closed Won deals come along. It is a team effort on every deal from Marketing to SDRs to AEs to Consultants to etc. Every deal has its own story from beginning to end and there are a lot of hands that touch it. Nothing is more exciting than seeing a deal close and watching the business grow!

What tools/technologies do you work with in your team?

Odoo, Apollo, Gmail, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn, Lusha, Google Drive, KnowledgeBase

What is most important to you in your work life?

Having great relationships with my team. I love the people whom I work with and make working at Checkmk worth it!

Do you remember a particular interesting, exciting or beautiful experience you had at Checkmk? If so, can you tell us about it?

Closing a big deal that took months of effort from multiple different individuals and teams. It was a huge win for the US team and the whole company that made all the effort worth it.

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