Timotheus Bachinger-Collinger

Hi Timi, thank you for your time.

How did you come to Checkmk?

I already knew a developer (Simon) through a mutual friend, so I had the opportunity to get detailed first-hand information. Since Simon is really enthusiastic about his work and his descriptions really matched what I had in mind, I didn’t hesitate for long and sent in my application.

What is your job at Checkmk?

Software developer in the Checkmk team. Primarily, I implement customer orders. But even as a beginner, you quickly have the opportunity to get a taste of other areas.

What tools/tech stack do you work with?

First and foremost, of course, we use Python as our development language. Occasionally, shell scripting in Bash is also mixed in.

The IDE can be chosen by each developer – VIM, for example, is very popular and becomes very powerful for us through appropriate configuration. But when I feel like using a “real” IDE again, I usually go for IntelliJ with a Python plugin.

Apart from that, there are many other things: Docker, Jenkins, Gerrit and all the standard Python libs that help us with testing.

What does your working day look like?

Since we are organized in Scrum, the to-dos are very well and clearly divided. Our dailies are at 10 a.m. – a good time to be able to react to changing priorities.

Before and after that it’s implementation.

With Checkmk it is important to me that….

Enthusiastic and motivated people work together on a great product, and you can learn a lot from each other!

The most beautiful confirmation for me is when….

You can present the ideal solution for a monitoring problem to the customer.

Fun Facts?

I can’t play football, but I can’t draw either!

My first name “Timotheus” comes from the Greek (Τιμόθεος) and means “honoring God”. Speaking of Greece, in 2011 I got lost in Athens and happened to get caught up in the demonstrations against the German debt course.

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