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Checkmk and SDEA unite for precision in IT efficiency measurement


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Munich, September 27, 2023 – Checkmk and the Swiss Datacenter Efficiency Association are pleased to formally announce its collaboration. The SDEA is a consortium of industry and academic entities, united in crafting a comprehensive approach to Datacenter Efficiency and Emissions Certification. This partnership has been forged in light of the increasing imperative for precise IT efficiency KPIs within the datacenter industry.

Tracking IT efficiency KPIs is becoming more and more essential. While the industry is leaning towards an efficiency measure known as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) to understand energy consumption, with scores nearing 1.2 in new data centers, most of the electricity is delivered to IT. Although SDEA's KPIs for IT are simple and straightforward, reporting on these seems to be challenging for many customers. This is where Checkmk comes into play by offering a turnkey solution for collecting data to measure IT efficiency KPIs. Checkmk's platform facilitates reporting on these metrics and provides valuable insights for IT infrastructure optimization.

Through this alliance, Checkmk and SDEA anticipate providing an integrated solution that merges operational statistics with pivotal inventory metrics, helping organizations achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and performance.

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