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2,000 official plug-ins for Checkmk: Presenting the Prometheus Alert Manager


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Celebrating 2,000 official monitoring plug-ins for Checkmk

Munich (Germany) - March 23, 2022 - tribe29, the company behind the Checkmk IT monitoring solution, today presented the Prometheus Alert Manager as its official Checkmk monitoring plug-in number 2,000.

Prometheus is widely used to monitor Kubernetes, and is popular among developers. The current integration of Prometheus with Checkmk allows pulling of monitoring data directly from Prometheus into the Checkmk platform. However, with the Prometheus Alert Manager, Checkmk can now also integrate alerts from Prometheus into Checkmk. This allows users to manage all policies around notifications and escalations for all IT assets monitored in both solutions in one central place. The plug-in also provides ITOps teams and other Checkmk users with full visibility into ongoing issues, without having to use another tool or needing to log into Prometheus.

The new plug-in tightens the integration of the two best-of-breed monitoring solutions and helps DevOps and ITOps teams to work more efficiently. ITOps professionals can react faster and also immediately see whether an alert in Prometheus could have been related to issues with other IT assets being monitored with Checkmk. This saves time and helps to increase uptime, because issues can be solved more efficiently. It also reduces the workload of IT teams, since less manual interaction is necessary.

The Prometheus Alert Manager integration highlights several important key principles of Checkmk: Flexibility, integratability and open source. Like all official Checkmk plug-ins it is maintained by our developers to ensure reliable out-of-the-box functionality in any environment. It also follows our vision of developing powerful integrations with other leading solutions to build open observability ecosystems. This integration of Checkmk and Prometheus is a great example of how open source approaches can work together to master the latest monitoring challenges,

Alongside the 2,000 official plug-ins, tribe29 is also pleased with the growing number of community plug-ins available in the Checkmk Exchange. On this website, members of the Checkmk community can upload and share their self-written plug-ins, which then will be checked by the Checkmk developer team. More than 400 monitoring plug-ins developed and maintained by community members are already available and add value to all of the monitoring application scenarios that are not covered by the existing 2,000 official Checkmk monitoring plug-ins.

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Checkmk’s mission is to enable IT infrastructures and applications to run in any organization at peak performance. That’s why we built Checkmk, the monitoring platform for every aspect of modern IT environments.

Checkmk is the platform of your open observability ecosystem. It combines enterprise-grade scalability and security with the extensibility of open source software. It integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications and provides powerful features to automate monitoring workflows.

Tens of thousands of users in more than 50 countries rely on Checkmk to ensure high availability and best performance of their systems. With Checkmk, organizations prevent issues before they happen or trigger fast remediation actions when failures occur.