We are tribe29

The creators of Checkmk

IT is the backbone of the modern world. It enables complex business value chains, the secure operation of our telecommunication and power grids and the functioning of our governmental institutions.

But IT is also extremely complex and has become ubiquitous.

Specialists, such as system administrators or site reliability engineering teams, ensure that critical IT infrastructures and applications can be operated without problems also in complex environments.

Our mission is to develop the best tools to support these specialists to ensure they can fulfill their important tasks. And that independent of the complexity, size, and distributed nature of IT. It is our firm believe that no software firm can solve this complexity from the ‚outside‘. It is rather the combination of a large community of specialists possessing deep know-how of the specific needs of their domain, coupled with our creativity to find the smartest solution to address these needs, that ultimately enables the development of the most effective tools for our customers.

The close collaboration with our customer community and the knowledge that we can help this community with our open source and commercial products is our source of energy.