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Sources Download

Here you can download the original source files of Checkmk which only contain the source code of Checkmk itself, MK Livestatus, Web GUI and the Event Console (mkeventd).

We highly recommend using Checkmk only in combination with OMD. Therefore, please refer to the downloads named 'Complete source code of Checkmk with OMD'.

You can also find the stand-alone source code of Checkmk here. These downloads are typically only relevant for you if you:

  • are a package maintainer
  • use Checkmk in some kind of special environment

If you are a common user of Checkmk we recommend to use the download page.

Latest versions

Checkmk 2.0.0p5 (The changes of this version are listed in the Werks)
check-mk-raw-2.0.0p5.cre.tar.gz Complete source code of Checkmk with OMD
Checkmk 1.6.0p24 (The changes of this version are listed in the Werks)
check-mk-raw-1.6.0p24.cre.tar.gz Complete source code of Checkmk with OMD

Previous versions

Version Checkmk Core Livestatus
2.0.0p4 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0p3 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0p2 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0p1 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0b8 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0b7 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0b6 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0b5 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0b4 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0b3 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0b2 Checkmk with OMD
2.0.0b1 Checkmk with OMD
1.6.0p22 Checkmk with OMD
1.6.0p21 Checkmk with OMD
1.6.0p19 Checkmk with OMD
1.6.0p18 Checkmk with OMD
1.6.0p5 Checkmk with OMD
1.5.0p24 Checkmk with OMD Livestatus
1.5.0p23 Checkmk with OMD Livestatus
1.5.0p22 Checkmk with OMD Livestatus
1.5.0p21 Checkmk with OMD Livestatus
1.4.0p37 Checkmk without OMD1 Livestatus

1 We do not recommend to use Checkmk without OMD. Please use the package with OMD.

Note (I): All packages are platform independent. The source codes are only contained in the complete tarball.
Note (II): We do not provide the agent installers and packages as dedicated downloads anymore, but they are packed in the complete tarball. Users of OMD can find the all agents, agent installers and plugins below the path share/check_mk/agents. If you are using our subscription builds, you can download the agents from the Agent Bakery.
Note (III): To be able to compile Livestatus, you need at least GCC 5 or clang 3.4. On most distributions these compilers are available from addon repositories or third party sources.

Public Git

Checkmk is also available via our public GIT repository. You can create your local clone with:


IMPORTANT: Always read the Migration Notes before updating Checkmk. It will inform you about manual actions that may be required.