The Problem

You have installed the German language files (prompts) of the city of Pforzheim on your Asterisk system. The menu of your answering machine is German. But if you have only one message, the menu always will break off after the announcement of „Sie haben“.

The Cause

Asterisk wants to open the file 1F.gsm for the voice of 1 – „eine“. This file is missing.

The solution

The missing file exists under a different name, namely as eine.gsm. If you rename the file or even better create a symlink, it will work:

root@linux# cd /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/de/digits
root@linux# ln -s eine.gsm 1F.gsm

Linux knowledge

These articles were written by the founder of Checkmk many years ago.
They are still valid though and thus we keep them on our website.
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