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Enterprise Standard

  • Ultra-high performance

    High performance CMK Microcore:

    • Very high CPU efficiency
    • Very fast availability analyses
    • Shortest measurement interval: 1 sec.
    • Automated central agent updating
    • Distributed monitoring with many instances and high latencies
  • Extended functionality

    All Raw Edition features, plus:

    • Dynamic HTML5 graphing
    • Graphical agent configuration
    • Central alert management
    • Reporting & SLA management
    • Optional user interface in German
    • Customizable dashboards & views
  • Vendor / Partner support
From € 600

per year

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Managed Services

  • Ultra-high performance
  • Monitoring-as-a-Service features

    All Enterprise - Standard features, plus:

    • Multi-customer management
    • Central dashboard across customers
    • Strict data segregation
    • Overall monitoring status by customer
  • White label solution
From € 1200

per year

See details
Services Price
up to 3,000 € 600 Get it now
3,001 - 7,000 € 1,200 Get it now
7,001 - 12,000 € 1,950 Get it now
12,001 - 18,000 € 2,450 Get it now
18,001 - 30,000 € 3,500 Get it now
30,001 - 60,000 € 5,500 Get it now
60,001 - 100,000 € 7,500 Get it now
100,001 - 200,000 € 13,500 Get it now
> 200,000 Request quote Contact us
Services Price
up to 3,000 € 1,200 Get it now
3,001 - 7,000 € 2,300 Get it now
7,001 - 12,000 € 3,700 Get it now
12,001 - 18,000 € 4,650 Get it now
18,001 - 30,000 € 6,500 Get it now
30,001 - 60,000 € 10,200 Get it now
60,001 - 100,000 € 13,510 Get it now
100,001 - 200,000 € 24,300 Get it now
> 200,000 Request quote Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a service?

Hosts have a number of services. In Checkmk a service can be any part or aspect of the host that can be OK or not OK, e.g. CPU load.

How many services must I take into account if I have multiple hosts to monitor?

On average you can expect 30 services per host. But naturally it makes a difference if you, e.g. monitor a switch only with ping, or a database server with 50 Oracle instances.
You can also decide by yourself how many services you want to monitor, when you are finetuning your monitoring.

How are the subscription's services counted?

The number of monitored services in production systems is relevant for the necessary subscription level. This number can be found in the top left in the Checkmk interface's Tactical Overview for a single-instance set-up.
If it is the case that you operate Checkmk redundantly in a HA-cluster, the services will not be doubly counted. Pure test systems for testing Checkmk versions, etc., are also not counted. If multiple Checkmk instances are in use, then the sum of the services over all of the instances in your business is the relevant number.

Can I operate Checkmk on multiple servers?

Yes. Only the total number of monitored services is used to determine your subscription size.

Can I upgrade from the 'Raw Edition' to the 'Enterprise Editions'?

Yes, however since a number of modules and features are additionally available in the 'Enterprise Editions', some changes may be neccessary. For more details please refer to this article.

Will the number of hosts that I'm monitoring affect my subscription price?

No. The price is determined solely by the total number of monitored services. We think this better reflects the value of a monitored host, for example monitoring a printer should be cheaper than monitoring a large Oracle database or core switch.