Reduce Performance Bottlenecks with CPU Monitoring

Monitor the utilization of all your devices in your network thanks to CPU monitoring from Checkmk and detect performance bottlenecks, even if they are only temporary.

CPU monitoring for almost any system

CPU monitoring with Checkmk
  • Prevent disruptions due to CPU bottlenecks on all your IT systems

  • Collect CPU metrics (load, utilization, temperature) via SNMP or Checkmk agent

  • Set up custom alerts for critical temperatures to prevent CPU failures

  • Monitor CPU metrics of a Docker/LXC container in your Kubernetes instance to detect high usage at an early stage

  • Generate detailed reports and graphs to detect problems in systems early

  • Checkmk supports out of the box a variety of vendors and sensors to monitor CPUs on your network

Some of the vendors we support

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Monitor vital CPU metrics

CPU utilization is the percentage of computing time that is currently consumed by computing. In Unix systems, the CPU load is the number of processes that the CPU is currently computing and those that were waiting for the CPU to compute them.

Monitoring with Checkmk enables you to track all key CPU metrics: 

  • Monitor CPU utilization and CPU load of all the hosts in your IT environment
  • Prevent overheating by monitoring CPU utilization and CPU temperatures
  • Visualize CPU metrics and create custom alerts to detect anomalies early 
  • Generate detailed reports and custom graphs to pinpoint problems in the systems
Graph showing CPU utilization in Checkmk
Configuration of CPU monitoring with Checkmk

Implement CPU monitoring at scale with custom rules

Checkmk offers system administrators numerous configuration options for fine-tuning their CPU monitoring.

  • Use pre-configured checks, set up Checkmk to automatically alert you when CPU utilization is too high
  • Set custom thresholds according to your own specifications
  • Implement CPU monitoring at scale in your IT environment with custom rules

Get a detailed overview of your CPU inventory

Checkmk enables you to see detailed information about CPU load and utilization of your systems at once. It provides you with the number of CPUs, their cores, the maximum speed and the average load they are running on, for each of the hosts that are being monitored. So you are able to overview all CPU related information in your environment at one glance.

CPU inventory overview

Monitor CPU temperatures

Checkmk supports a variety of vendors and sensors out of the box to check the temperatures of CPUs on your network.

  • Protect your CPUs from damage due to overheating and overload by keeping an eye not only on utilization but also on CPU temperatures
  • Set custom alerts for CPU temperature to prevent unwanted system downtimes
  • Create custom dashboards to monitor CPU temperatures in your system and identify root-cause of high CPU temperature with respect to other metrics such as CPU load and utilization
Graph in Checkmk showing CPU temperature of a host
Forecast CPU load with Checkmk

Forecast and predict CPU usages

Forecast and prevent overloading your systems with comprehensive monitoring of CPU utilization, CPU load and CPU temperatures and ensure optimal performance of your IT infrastructure.

  • Generate CPU Load and CPU utilization forecasts based on historical data
  • Prevent interruptions due to CPU performance bottlenecks
  • Fix performance issues before they impact users

Monitor each CPU core individually

CPU monitoring should also contain the monitoring of the individual cores, to make sure all cores of a CPU are utilized evenly. Checkmk monitors the CPU load and utilization of every single CPU core.

  • Monitor CPUs on Linux and Windows platforms individually
  • Determine whether one of the cores is permanently utilized over a longer period of time
  • Create an overview summarizing CPUs and CPU cores, along with their speed and the average utilization for each host in your monitoring environment
Monitor individual CPU Cores with Checkmk

Supported applications and more

Bosch • Cisco • Dell • Arris • Alcatel • Arbor • ARUBA NETWORKS • Avaya • Bintec • Brocade • Casa • Decru • Extreme Network • F5 Networks • Fortinet • H3C Technologies (also 3Com) • Hewlett-Packard (HP) • Huawei • IBM • Infoblox • Innovaphone • Juniper Networks • Sophos • TP-LINK • Fujitsu • Siemens • EMC • Hitachi • NetApp • Synology Inc. • Telephony • Barracuda • Citrix Netscaler • Couchbase • McAfee • Pulse Secure • Stormshield • AWS • Azure • Docker • Kubernetes • cAdvisor • HP-UX 

Reasons to choose Checkmk

Different OS that you can monitor with Checkmk

Compatible with almost anything

Checkmk supports the monitoring of almost every operating system: Linux, Windows, macOS, but also many other OS like BSD.

Server rack connects to two others

Ultra-scalable & Flexible

One Checkmk instance can monitor thousands of hosts and can easily scale horizontally with our distributed monitoring setup.

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Intelligent Monitoring

Checkmk intelligently discovers which metrics to monitor on your CPUs without needing any additional configuration.

Trusted by global brands and local organizations worldwide

  • Adobe
  • Cisco
  • Fujitsu
  • Siemens
  • Volkswagen
  • University of Texas
  • Zalando
  • BNP Paribas
  • Fitbit
  • HP

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