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Checkmk Editions

Checkmk Raw Checkmk Enterprise Checkmk Enterprise Checkmk Enterprise

Free of charge, completely open-source — a comprehensive and flexible IT monitoring system.


Free version of our commercial product limited to one instance and 25 hosts.


More automation, higher dynamics, performance, scalability, and enterprise-grade support.

Managed Services

Special features targeted at firms that want to offer monitoring with Checkmk as a managed service.

Monitoring coverage
1,800+ officially supported plug-ins
Agent-based monitoring
Agentless monitoring
Server monitoring
Network monitoring
Network flow monitoring1
Application monitoring
Multi-cloud monitoring 5
Container monitoring
Kubernetes monitoring 5
Database monitoring
Storage monitoring
SNMP monitoring
Log & event monitoring
General functionality
Smart and granular alerting
Business process health monitoring
Powerful search and filter options
Tags & Labels
Hardware / software inventory
Customizable GUI
Granular roles & permission mgmt.
Unlimited user accounts
Distributed Monitoring
High Availability (HA) support2
Virtual Appliance2
Dashboarding & Graphing
Customizable, real-time dashboards
Modern, time-series graphs
Efficient long-term data storage
Customizable, combinable graphs
Overview dashboard
Host maps dashlet
Gauge dashlet
Single metric dashlet
Multi-metric dashlet
Barplot dashlet
Service problems dashlet
Alert statistics dashlet
Notification & Alert timeline
Advanced Analytics
Trend prediction
Advanced forecasting
Availability analysis
PDF Reports
SLA reporting
Automatic network discovery
Automatic service discovery
Automated monitoring for dynamic ephemeral infrastructures
Agent mgmt. & automated agent updates
Automatic remediation handler
Recurring maintenance downtimes
Extension packages management
Managed Services Features
Multi-customer management
Multi-customer dashboards
Multi-customer data segregation
White-label solution
Monitoring kernel Nagios Checkmk Microcore Checkmk Microcore Checkmk Microcore
Scalability 1,000+ hosts 25 hosts 100,000+ hosts 100,000+ hosts
CPU efficiency medium very high very high very high
Shortest measurement interval 60s 1s 1s 1s
Distributed monitoring performance medium n/a very high very high
Long-term availability analysis slow very fast very fast very fast
LDAP & AD support
Slack & Mattermost
Cisco WebEx Teams
SIGNL4 Alerting
Prometheus for dynamic infrastructure
ntop 1 (network flow monitoring)
Secure agent by design
Encrypted communication
Password store
Community support
Email support4
Support portal4
SLA response time4
FREE FREE From €600 From €1,200

1) Requires the ntop add-on
2) Requires a virtual appliance subscription or the Checkmk physical appliances.
3) Requires the i-doit add-on
4) Support is sold separately as an add-on to your chosen software subscription.
5) Cloud and Kubernetes monitoring is possible in the Raw Edition, however much more cumbersome than in the Enterprise Edition with its dynamic configuration

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