One mission. Two editions.
The right monitoring machine for any IT.

Checkmk Raw

Enjoy hassle-free monitoring with Checkmk Raw.

100% open source means maximum control as well as unparalleled extensibility and flexibility for you.

Become part of a great community.


Checkmk Enterprise

Your best new colleague is here with auto-discovery, agent management, reporting and much more to make your life easier.

Bring visibility into your distributed IT and dynamic workloads.
At any scale. At superior performance.

Seamlessly integrate with existing IT workflows thanks to many off-the-shelf integrations and powerful API's.

Checkmk Raw

Open source monitoring without hassle.

Monitor your entire IT

  • Health, metrics, logs and event monitoring
  • For servers, networks, applications and more
  • 2,000+ out-of-the-box high-quality plug-ins
  • Automatic network and service discovery
  • Time-series graphing and Grafana integration
  • Powerful search and filter options
  • Business process health monitoring
  • Hardware and software inventory

Detect issues automatically & alert intelligently

  • Smart alerts based on years of expert know-how
  • Granular and flexible alerting and escalation options
  • Central alert management for distributed environments
  • Integrations with popular notification tools:
    Slack, PagerDuty, SIGNL4, VictorOps & more

Extend your monitoring

  • Powerful REST-API
  • Simple extensibility via agent plug-ins (local checks)
  • Developer API to write own check plug-ins efficiently
  • Checkmk Exchange for 3rd party plug-ins

Get help from a strong community

  • Forum with very active and helpful community
  • Regular community calls and yearly conference

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Checkmk Enterprise

The enterprise-grade monitoring machine for everyone.

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Speed up and scale your monitoring

  • Ultra-high performance monitoring core
  • Lower TCO from higher efficiency
  • Up to 1s measurement intervals
  • Hyper-scalable distributed monitoring
  • High availability1

Automate your monitoring

  • Monitoring of dynamic cloud workloads and Kubernetes
  • Agent management with auto-update
  • PDF Reporting & SLA monitoring
  • Automated actions for self-healing infrastructures
  • Dynamic thresholds based on prediction patterns

Visualize and analyze your IT

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Large variety of dashboard elements
  • Build-your-own graphs
  • Resource forecasting and capacity planning

Integrate your monitoring

  • Network flow monitoring with ntop2
  • Enterprise integrations:
    Jira, ServiceNow, DataDog, i-doit3

Monitor your customers4

  • Multi-customer management & dashboards
  • Data security compliance with data segregation
    More information

Deploy anywhere

  • Natively on all Enterprise Linux distributions
  • In Docker containers
  • On virtualization platforms with the virtual appliance1
  • With a bare-metal hardware appliance5

Get professional support

  • Highly qualified IT & Checkmk experts at your service
  • Professional support portal
  • Response time SLA

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1) Requires the virtual appliance add-on. Officially supported are VMware ESXi and VirtualBox.
2) Requires the ntop add-on
3) Requires the i-doit add-on
4) Requires the managed services add-on
5) A hardware appliance can be purchased seperately

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