An All-in-One, open source IT monitoring solution

Checkmk provides availability and performance monitoring with dynamic alerting, reporting and graphing for all layers of your IT infrastructure.

Out of the box

More than 1.800 pre-configured plugins included for automated monitoring.


Checkmk supports Linux, Windows, macOS and most other unix-like system.


Open source and integrates easily with 3rd-party products such as InfluxDB, VictorOps etc.

Stable Release: 1.6.0

24 Sep 2019

Features and updates:

  • Extended monitoring for AWS and Azure
  • Improved monitoring for Docker & Kubernetes
  • Automated monitoring for dynamic environments (CEE only)
  • New "Dark Theme" UI
  • Flexible configuration with hosts & labels autodiscovery
  • Improved visualization of complex aggregations
  • Monitoring of Elasticsearch, Splunk and many others
  • New integrations, e.g. ServiceNow, Jira (some CEE only)
  • Enhanced predictive analytics for capacity mgmt.
  • Improved security: encrypted Livestatus

- OR -

Learn more about the Checkmk Enterprise Edition (CEE)

Upcoming Features

Version: 2.0.0

Release date: Q1 2021

Planned features & updates:

  • Major User Experience improvements
  • Monitoring of many more applications
  • Extended cloud and container support
  • More integrations and automation
  • Netflow monitoring
  • New Check-API for faster check development
  • REST-API unifying all existing APIs
  • Entire code base in Python3
  • And much more

Latest Patch Release

Version: 1.6.0p20

Release date: 14 Jan 2021

This version brings updates to:

  • 24 Checks & Agents
  • 17 Other improvements

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Open Source Enterprise
Evaluate & Learn Power your IT monitoring
1800+ integrated plugin-ins
Hardware / Software inventory
Event console – SysLog, SNMP traps and log files analysis
Business Intelligence
Multilingual user interface
Simple graphical visualization for time-series metrics data
Modern graphing and interactive views
PDF reports
GUI management for extension packages (MKPs)
Graphical configuration of the monitoring agents
Graphically-configured automated action execution
Regularly recurring maintenance downtimes
SLA Reporting
Performance & Scalability
Monitoring kernel Nagios Checkmk Microcore
CPU efficiency medium very high
Long-time-horizon availability analysis slow very fast
Shortest measurement interval 60s 1s
Distributed monitoring with many instances and high latencies
Central alert handling in distributed monitoring
Automated central agent updating
Free From 600€

The Checkmk Managed Services Edition includes all features of the Checkmk Enterprise Edition, plus:

  • Customer administration
  • Administration of instances, users, etc.
  • Central dashboard across all customers; Overall monitoring status by customer
  • Strict data segregation – no customer is able to see data from other customers
  • Individual adaptation of the UI color schemes, integration of your logo

Open source is our core

Checkmk has been available as an open source project since 2007. More than 15 full-time developers work daily on improving Checkmk. More than 90 percent of our code changes are available in our open source edition: the Checkmk Raw Edition.

We have more than 500,000 lines of code published under the GPL v2 license. Check out our GitHub repository.

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Compatibility / Integrations

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Unify your IT monitoring in a single open source monitoring tool

Checkmk provides a unified monitoring solution that is flexible, ultra-scalable, fast to set up and maintain regardless of where in your IT infrastructure you decide to deploy it.


One instance can monitor large networks with thousands of servers.


Use pre-configured plugins to get relevant metrics from your applications.


Discover hidden issues and performance bottlenecks in your network.


Unify your monitoring for public, private and hybrid cloud environments.


Monitor all kinds of storage systems and get notified when thresholds are reached.


Monitor databases from the 'outside' (via network ports) or from within (via the OS).


Prevent major physical hazards and intrusion in your IT rooms and data centers.


Get reliable insights across all your container and container orchestration platforms.

You're in good company

Checkmk is proud to monitor some of the world’s largest organizations

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