A powerful SNMP monitoring for IT admins

Checkmk enables you to monitor the availability and performance of devices in your networks via SNMP, regardless of how large or complex your IT infrastructure is.

Get insights into all SNMP devices with SNMP monitoring with Checkmk
  • Ensure less down-time by monitoring your entire data center with one SNMP monitoring software

  • Get insights into all your SNMP devices with more than 1800 powerful plug-ins

  • Save time thanks to intelligent auto-discovery of the relevant services

  • Benefit from a strong open-source community developing additional plug-ins

  • Easily handle SNMP traps and receive alerts with the integrated Event Console

  • Notify staff about issues with a powerful alerting system and many integrations

SNMP monitoring software comes with an intelligent Auto-Discovery

Checkmk comes with a lot of functionality that makes IT monitoring easier for system administrators. Auto-discovery takes away all the cumbersome work from monitoring your SNMP devices on your network. All the relevant services to prevent downtime and avoid performance bottlenecks will be added automatically to your monitoring for all the devices you monitor via SNMP.

Over many years, we have built one of the most comprehensive plug-ins libraries for monitoring together with our customers, building on their deep know-how on IT infrastructure.

Detect equipment from multiple vendors and start monitoring for device availability, fault, and performance.

Set rule for event monitoring in Checkmk

Clever handling of SNMP Traps

Checkmk comes with fully-integrated system for the monitoring of events from sources such as SNMP traps, but also Syslog, Windows Event Logs, Log Files and user's applications: The Event Console.

The Event Console is ideal for SNMP traps as it is optimised for simplicity, robustness and helps to intelligently filter a limited number of relevant messages from a large stream.

Correlate, combine, count, annotate and transcribe messages to handle all the data coming from your SNMP traps. Get started immediately as the Event Console comes with its own SNMP-Engine eliminating any need for additional tools.

Volume Berlin - 94.5% used
Volume Munich - 87.8% used
Diagnosis Status - ok
CPU utilization - 8.1% used
CPU1 - Intel Xeon 1.80GHz
Temperature CPU1 - 45.0 °C
Power Consumption - 70 Watt
Physical Disk 0:1:0 - Offline
CPU utilization - 40% utilization
Power Supply - Normal
Interface 001 - Up
Interface Uplink-Rack 18 - Down
Input Phase 1 - 231.4V, 13.4 A
Output Phase 1 - 230.7V, 19.6 A
UPS Alarms - No alarms
Battery Charge - On mains

Some of the vendors we support

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Monitor your entire IT


Monitor all your Linux, Windows or other Unix-like servers to ensure peak performance for your server infrastructure.


Identify hidden issues in your network impacting the performance of your IT. Checkmk likely supports all your switches, firewalls and wireless networks.


Prevent storage bottlebecks and improve your capacity planning. Checkmk enables the monitoring of storage devices and cloud storage solutions.


Monitor all major hazards in your IT rooms and data centers facilities. Deliver higher IT availability and better cost effectiveness.

Supported vendors

ACME • ADVA Optical Networking • Aerohive Networking • Alcatel • Arbor • ARRIS • Aruba Networks • Avaya • AVM Fritz!Box • Bintec • Blue Coat Systems • BlueCat Networks • Brocade • Casa • Checkpoint • Cisco • IronPort • Communication by light (CBL) • Decru • Dell • Enterasys Networks • Extreme Networks • F5 Networks • FireEye • Fortinet • GEIST • genua • H3C Technologies • 3Com • Hewlett-Packard (HP) • HPE • Huawei • HW Group • IBM • ICOM • Infoblox • Innovaphone • Intel • Juniper Networks • KEMP • LANCOM • MikroTik • MOXA • Netgear • Palo Alto Networks • Pan Dacom • Riverbed Technology • SafeNet • Symantec • TP-Link • Viprinet • DOCSIS • and many more

We are monitoring IT infrastructure from UPSs over servers, hypervisors,network, SAN and NAS storage up to the operating systems and databases as well as SAP for over 80 customers with Checkmk and have made excellent experiences with the tool, the technical support and also the user community.

Trusted by global brands and local organizations worldwide

  • Adobe
  • Cisco
  • Fujitsu
  • Siemens
  • Volkswagen
  • University of Texas
  • Zalando
  • BNP Paribas
  • Fitbit
  • HP

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