Checkmk 2.x - The most important innovations and features at a glance [English]

Four-hour training for migrating from Checkmk 1.6 to Checkmk 2.x

You have been working with Checkmk for several years?
You use Checkmk routinely and know all actions by heart?
You are going to switch to Checkmk 2.0?

Then this four-hour training is perfect for you: get up to speed for everyday monitoring for experienced users with Checkmk 2.0. You will learn everything you need to know to become even more productive with Checkmk 2.0. 

Course content

The Checkmk 2.0 UX

  • New elements
  • Established elements in their new place
  • Individual user settings

User management

  • Change password
  • Logout from system
  • Detail settings: Theme und Icons
  • The new "more" and "less" mode


  • New search fields
  • Filter

Where is WATO?

  • The Setup-Menu
  • Detailed view of the new menu structure 


  • Management 
  • Filter
  • Refresh rate and number of columns 
  • Export function
  • Manage topics 


  • Management
  • New elements


  • Forecast graphs

Host management

  • Create host
  • Find services 
  • Update all hosts

Where do I find?

  • Host & Services Parameters
  • Agent Bakery
  • Global Settings
  • Active Checks
  • Datasource Programs
  • Manual Checks
  • Check Plugins
  • Release Notes

Frequently used functions 

  • Activate changes
  • Acknowledge problems 
  • Set downtimes 
  • Comments
  • Favorites
  • Turn notifications off/on

Is there a life without the sidebar?

  • Use Checkmk 2.0 without sidebar
  • What do you need the sideboard for


Language: English

Length: 4 hours 

Minimum no. of attendees

Target audience:
Experienced Checkmk users

Knowledge of the web interface up to v.1.6

Price: €474,81 (incl. VAT)

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