Programming extensions for Checkmk [German]

Introduction to the programming language Python, programming extensions for Checkmk.

If you want to write your own checks and other extensions for Checkmk, there is no way around the Python language. On the positive side this is a unique opportunity for many to finally get an introduction to this wonderfully elegant and efficient programming language.

Our training Python Programming for Checkmk not only helps to get started with Python, but also introduces the internals of Checkmk. Therefore we have divided the training into two parts. In the first part we lay the basics of Python for two days - for now independent of Checkmk. In the second part - which lasts three days - we apply the new skills to program new checks and other extensions ourselves (such as custom snapins for multisite).

We will also discuss important internals of Checkmk:

  • How does a check actually work?
  • What happens during the inventory?
  • What can I do with SNMP MIBS?

Also the packaging of extensions using the package manager of Checkmk is discussed, so that you can easily share your results with others. Requirements: First programming experience with smaller programs, e.g. in script languages

Course content

Introduction to Python

  • The special thing about Python
  • Data types: numbers, strings, lists, dictionaries
  • Basic operations on data
  • Programming with functions
  • Functional idea, e.g. 'list comprehensions'
  • Exception handling with try and except

Programming checks for Checkmk

  • How Checkmk works internally
  • The inventory function
  • The check function
  • Working with counters
  • Writing manpages for checks

SNMP-based checks

  • Basics of SNMP
  • execute snmpwalk command manually
  • SNMP-based checks and OIDs
  • The snmpwalk function of Checkmk

Extensions for the GUI

  • Programming Snapins
  • Programming Painter (columns for views)
  • Further extensions as required (Perf-O-Meter, Pages, Filter, Layouts etc.)

Packaging with MKP

  • Idea behind the Checkmk packages
  • Create and manage packages
  • The Checkmk Exchange


Language: German

Length: 5 days

Minimum no. of attendees: 3

Target audience:

Checkmk know-how, no Python knowledge required, but first programming experience with smaller programs

Price: €2,796.50 (incl. VAT)