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Maximizing the Value of BI

About this webinar

The Business Intelligence is a very powerful and versatile feature in Checkmk that can be used in many ways.

This webinar aims to give you an idea of what our BI is capable of and how it can fit into your individual use cases.
Learn about the basic concepts of the BI, such as packs, rules and aggregations, and see our BI in action during the technical demo.

Webinar language: English

Webinar duration: 30 minutes



  • Organization of BI and best practices
  • Technical demo
  • Resources & Useful links



portrait_anastasios.pngAnastasios Thomaidis
IT-Consultant at Checkmk

Anastasios Thomaidis is a member of the Checkmk Team since 2020. He works as Consultant having vast experience with the installation, administration and upgrading of Checkmk as well as database monitoring for a variety of clients.


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