Some of you might remember meeting the tribe29 team live at last year’s FOSDEM. We were very honored to be part of and were overwhelmed by the interest shown by fellow open source enthusiasts in the event. We think it makes sense to return and meet more people who are into IT monitoring. That's why we’re back to meet you again at FOSDEM 2021!

There are some changes this year however (for reasons we all know), so we will meet each other virtually this time. No worries because this opens up new ways for us to interact, and we’re excited to try them out with you in our virtual booth and session. FOSDEM remains free and now, you can join no matter where you are in the world.

Attend our talk: “Large-scale network monitoring: 3 Rules to Rule them all” on the Network Monitoring Devroom

Our very own Alex Wilms will be sharing with you an updated version of his blog post, as a talk at FOSDEM 2021. He will be showing you how you can have holistic network monitoring with just 3 rules. He will be using the Checkmk 2.0 beta version for his demo, so don’t miss his talk if you want to have a sneak peek at the upcoming version! More info here

Drop by our virtual stand

Meet the Checkmk team live through our virtual stand, which is accessible on the FOSDEM website here. We will have some activities lined up where we will talk about IT monitoring, answer your questions and show some demos. On our stand page, there is a link to our Matrix channel, where you can talk to us and access our Jitsi livestream. Our virtual stand event schedule will be published here.

FOSDEM 2021 will be streamed live in Central European Time on February 6-7, 2021.

Will you be there? Let us know on this forum post!