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This page shows you the known bugs, smaller nastinesses and other open issues with the current GIT version of Checkmk.

When reporting a bug, please have a quick look to see if this bug is already known. If you have further information about an existing bug (e.g. how to reproduce it), we are always happy when you can provide us with information that helps us to further improve Checkmk.

In the case you want to report a security related issue, please send a mail with all the details you got to our security address Mails to this address are not sent to any mailing list. Security issues should naturally not be made public until a fix is available. Please take a look at the security considerations page for more details.

For other problems please contact our mailinglists .

CMK-384 check_mkevents: Make check for hostname AND ipaddress match possible
CMK-369 Event hostname / address filter does not work as user expects
CMK-356 info, params und parsed dürfen nicht modifiziert werden
CMK-344 table.cell(): Fix escaping of cell content
CMK-343 CMC robuster gegen kaputte Logeintraege machen (SEGV verhindern)
CMK-317 Preview of report not refreshed when imported templates change
CMK-305 OMD: LIVESTATUS_TCP_PORT does not check for duplicate ports
CMK-295 EC: owner field is not being used
CMK-284 Check cache usage of the HW/SW inventory check
CMK-252 WATO git: Configuration files change without config changes
CMK-251 Rename notification spooler config variable
CMK-237 Delete /var/lib/check_mk_agent after deinstalling baked agent
CMK-231 Special handling for state change PEND -> NON-OK
CMK-209 Too long view titles are overlapped by the CMK logo in PDFs
CMK-206 Checks need to be spreaded more over time
CMK-193 Drop the "site icons" feature
CMK-191 omd diff: Changes after setting up site without config changes
CMK-184 WATO Backup not working in distributed environments
CMK-183 omd restore deletes historic data if backup was done with -N
CMK-174 Sites crashes if connection is changed from slave to no replication
CMK-170 EventFilterState() based view filters handle all boxes unticked not as expected
CMK-167 If you change a ruleset that is just used by the agent bakery, no pending change should be created
CMK-164 Error in check plugins breaks automation for package info
CMK-158 LDAP sync: synchronizes sites for each user in case a profile changed
CMK-157 WATO: deprecate wato_legacy_eval in mk_eval/mk_repr
CMK-155 Timeofday()/AbsolueDate() are inconsistent with their default values
CMK-152 Predictive icon for Interface outbound traffic missing
CMK-148 RRDTool is unable to process variable definitions containing "-"
CMK-147 Service crontab survives hard crash of server
CMK-132 Compiled MIB files (py, pyc) must not be put under local/ but below var/
CMK-379 Reporting: Preview with an arbitrary context
CMK-376 Improve Agent (+Plugin) error handling
CMK-373 Notification spooling: only for certain plugin types or users
CMK-331 Availability of host group should be reachable via host groups view
CMK-282 Clarify --no-tcp option: Even when it is named tcp, do we mean data sources in general?
CMK-281 View painters: Fix escaping of painter content
CMK-268 Switch "mkevent" command from pipe to socket communication
CMK-266 Detect and warn about outdated checks in local/ hierachy
CMK-257 Make "site" infos available e.g. as group header in "Events ..." views
CMK-253 Cleanup environment handling of OMD sites
CMK-198 add support for bakery rule "Set cache age for plugins and local checks" on linux
CMK-153 Unicode characters in HTTP variables crash the GUI in different places
CMK-136 Prevent spelling mistakes in code changes
CMK-135 Manpage for check_mk binary