Mudit Shukla

Hi Mudit, thanks for taking the time! You joined as our second SDR in July 2022. Before that you finished your Master in International Business in France and already started your career as Sales Development Representative back in your home country India.

Can you please introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Mudit, I come from India and I joined Checkmk in July 2022.
I'm a Sr. SDR in the EMEA team.

What does a typical work week look like for you?

A typical work week for me is never the same. The basic elements are the same but every day comes with something new. My role allows me to talk to a lot of different people everyday. It's challenging, exciting, and also allows me to be creative. I'm also constantly learning from my colleagues.

What do you think makes Checkmk or your team in particular special?

I like the fact that we have a really open and honest culture. I can always talk to my colleagues about anything and everyone listens and cares about each other. As a company, and also within our team we keep having events together.

How do you work with the sales team to seamlessly hand off qualified leads?

We all work together and exchange ideas and experiences with each other. Our goal is always to focus on the quality of our work and make good relationships with our customers.

How do you maintain long-term customer relationships and ensure customer satisfaction?

Personally, I like to have an open discussion with the customers and often try to find common points to discuss with them that are not Checkmk related. Sometimes it's something related to the place where they live, things they like, or anything of that sort. Our product speaks for itself and is liked by everyone so I try to make sure they feel the same way about us.

What advice do you have for applicants for the sales team?

I would say just be open. I come from a completely non-tech background and since the first interview I was open about it because there were a lot of things I didn't know at all. We have a structure here where I could learn a lot but also do my job with the support of my colleagues around me.

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