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Checkmk announces ability to monitor GKE Autopilot out of the box


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Munich, November 14, 2023 – Checkmk, the monitoring platform for hybrid infrastructures, successfully completed a thorough review process with Google and is now an allowlisted GKE Autopilot partner workload. This makes Checkmk one of a handful of Google Cloud partners that can collect detailed performance and health insights of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Autopilot clusters.

Image showing the Kubernetes Cluster autopilot dashboard in Checkmk

GKE Autopilot is a serverless, fully managed and automated operating mode of GKE. Instead of manually configuring or managing clusters as with GKE, Google Cloud handles these tasks for GKE Autopilot. However, the high level of automation comes with limitations. For example, elevated privileges are required to collect and read metrics needed for a holistic Kubernetes monitoring. This privileged access is exactly what Checkmk, as one of just a few GKE Autopilot partners and monitoring solution providers worldwide, offers. As a result, Checkmk provides a clear, at-a-glance view of all critical GKE data via the pre-configured Kubernetes dashboard.

The GKE Autopilot partnership is another important building block in our Kubernetes monitoring strategy. It allows us to provide our users with full visibility when monitoring their Autopilot environment. At the same time, it underlines our ambition to continuously expand Checkmk's Kubernetes monitoring based on our customers' requirements.

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Checkmk’s mission is to enable IT infrastructures and applications to run in any organization at peak performance. That’s why we built Checkmk, the monitoring platform for every aspect of modern IT environments.

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