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Checkmk Conference #7: tribe29 triples registrations


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International meeting of the monitoring community

Munich – June 15, 2021 – tribe29, the company behind the Checkmk IT monitoring solution is expecting more than 800 participants from all over the world when opening its virtual doors today. This makes Checkmk Conference #7 the largest gathering of the worldwide Checkmk community to date.

We are thrilled to have three times more registrations than last year. The online format has enabled us to reach out more effectively to our worldwide community-We can’t wait to share ideas with the participants and give them exclusive insights into our most important product updates and our future roadmap.

The agenda is divided into workshops in the morning, tech sessions in the afternoon and presentations in the evening. The workshops and tech sessions will be held in smaller groups on a variety of topics. Checkmk consultants and the development team will showcase best practices and run tutorials on how to program your own Checkmk plugins and talk about the new dashboarding in Checkmk 2.0 for example.

Our Checkmk community is essential to help shape the development of Checkmk. We want to solve users’ problems, so appreciate the community's feedback on important innovations such as the new user interface or the monitoring of systems in the cloud.

As part of his presentation on the new user experience, Mathias Kettner will demonstrate how Checkmk dashboarding has been expanded, how navigation has been improved and workflows in Checkmk will be even easier in the future. Also new are the Language Packs, which allow users to customize the language of their Checkmk interface beyond the programming languages currently offered.

In addition, Checkmk will discuss its growing focus on monitoring hybrid environments running across physical hardware, dynamic and cloud-native infrastructure, with new features for monitoring cloud assets with Checkmk. Monitoring of AWS and Azure has been further expanded and tribe29 will be introducing its plans for Cloud-native monitoring.

The near-term goal is to offer out-of-the-box integration in public cloud environments, to simplify the monitoring of applications and services running across distributed hybrid environments. The focus is to support companies that are gradually migrating their systems to the cloud and need a flexible offering that effectively supports through the various phases and with different deployment options.

The presentation on enterprise monitoring is particularly exciting for companies with large IT infrastructures. It dives into how the deep integrations with other enterprise IT tools are further expanded. After tribe29 introduced integrations to Prometheus and the network monitoring tool "ntop" with Checkmk 2.0, the interface to the InfluxDB database system is now being expanded. This allows companies to insert metrics data from Checkmk into numerous enterprise applications, integrating their monitoring into their software ecosystem with minimal effort.

The presentation on enterprise monitoring also introduces other new features that benefit companies with smaller monitoring environments. For example, Checkmk now supports single sign-on via the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Furthermore, tribe29 has extended Checkmk with an import interface for DataDog.

The development team has also adapted Checkmk to handle Kubernetes monitoring more effectively and is presentating on how Checkmk can now be set up automatically in Kubernetes and how the development of Kubernetes monitoring with Checkmk will continue.

External speakers taking the virtual stage this year will be Simon Meggle from Elabit and Jens Dunkelberg from Abraxas Informatik AG - both will talk about recently announced Synthetic Monitoring with Robot Framework and Checkmk. The Checkplugin Robotmk combines the two popular open source tools to provide an powerful solution that combines Application Performance Monitoring (APM) with observability into the underlying infrastructure. In their tech session, the speakers will showcase companies and government agencies that have been attracted to this affordable, easy-to-deploy solution and are already using Robotmk in practice.

tribe29 will be recording all the sessions and providing these online as valuable library for the community following the event.

Impressions of Checkmk Conference #7

  • Mathias Kettner, founder of tribe29

    Mathias Kettner, founder of tribe29

    Official opening of the conference

  • Simon Meggle, CEO of Elabit

    Simon Meggle, CEO of Elabit

    presenting Robotmk and end-to-end monitoring with Checkmk

  • Thomas Lippert from tribe29

    Thomas Lippert from tribe29

    shows the Checkmk approach towards cloud-native monitoring

  • Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes

  • Behind the scenes

    Behind the scenes

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