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Download Archive

Outdated versions of the Checkmk Enterprise Edition (CEE) and Checkmk Raw Edition (CRE) can be found here. Please always select the package appropriate to your Linux distribution, and likewise select one suitable for your architecture (32-Bit, 64-Bit, etc).

Stable Versions
1.6.0p17 (CRE) 1.6.0p17 (CFE) 1.6.0p17 (CEE) 1.6.0p17 (CME) 2020-08-31
1.6.0p16 (CRE) 1.6.0p16 (CFE) 1.6.0p16 (CEE) 1.6.0p16 (CME) 2020-08-19
1.6.0p15 (CRE) 1.6.0p15 (CFE) 1.6.0p15 (CEE) 1.6.0p15 (CME) 2020-08-06
1.6.0p14 (CRE) 1.6.0p14 (CFE) 1.6.0p14 (CEE) 1.6.0p14 (CME) 2020-07-17
1.6.0p13 (CRE) 1.6.0p13 (CFE) 1.6.0p13 (CEE) 1.6.0p13 (CME) 2020-06-10
1.6.0p12 (CRE) 1.6.0p12 (CFE) 1.6.0p12 (CEE) 1.6.0p12 (CME) 2020-05-21
1.6.0p11 (CRE) 1.6.0p11 (CFE) 1.6.0p11 (CEE) 1.6.0p11 (CME) 2020-04-02
1.6.0p10 (CRE) 1.6.0p10 (CFE) 1.6.0p10 (CEE) 1.6.0p10 (CME) 2020-03-13
1.6.0p9 (CRE) 1.6.0p9 (CFE) 1.6.0p9 (CEE) 1.6.0p9 (CME) 2020-02-19
1.6.0p8 (CRE) 1.6.0p8 (CFE) 1.6.0p8 (CEE) 1.6.0p8 (CME) 2020-01-13
1.6.0p7 (CRE) 1.6.0p7 (CFE) 1.6.0p7 (CEE) 1.6.0p7 (CME) 2019-12-11
1.6.0p6 (CRE) 1.6.0p6 (CFE) 1.6.0p6 (CEE) 1.6.0p6 (CME) 2019-11-11
1.6.0p5 (CRE) 1.6.0p5 (CFE) 1.6.0p5 (CEE) 1.6.0p5 (CME) 2019-10-18
1.6.0p3 (CRE) 1.6.0p3 (CFE) 1.6.0p3 (CEE) 1.6.0p3 (CME) 2019-10-03
1.6.0p2 (CRE) 1.6.0p2 (CFE) 1.6.0p2 (CEE) 1.6.0p2 (CME) 2019-09-27
1.6.0p1 (CRE) 1.6.0p1 (CFE) 1.6.0p1 (CEE) 1.6.0p1 (CME) 2019-09-26
1.6.0 (CRE) 1.6.0 (CFE) 1.6.0 (CEE) 1.6.0 (CME) 2019-09-23
1.5.0p25 (CRE) 1.5.0p25 (CFE) 1.5.0p25 (CEE) 1.5.0p25 (CME) 2020-08-19
1.5.0p24 (CRE) 1.5.0p24 (CFE) 1.5.0p24 (CEE) 1.5.0p24 (CME) 2020-01-16
1.5.0p23 (CRE) 1.5.0p23 (CFE) 1.5.0p23 (CEE) 1.5.0p23 (CME) 2019-10-28
1.5.0p22 (CRE) 1.5.0p22 (CFE) 1.5.0p22 (CEE) 1.5.0p22 (CME) 2019-09-09
1.5.0p21 (CRE) 1.5.0p21 (CFE) 1.5.0p21 (CEE) 1.5.0p21 (CME) 2019-07-31
1.5.0p20 (CRE) 1.5.0p20 (CFE) 1.5.0p20 (CEE) 1.5.0p20 (CME) 2019-07-26
1.5.0p19 (CRE) 1.5.0p19 (CFE) 1.5.0p19 (CEE) 1.5.0p19 (CME) 2019-06-27
1.5.0p18 (CRE) 1.5.0p18 (CFE) 1.5.0p18 (CEE) 1.5.0p18 (CME) 2019-06-14
1.5.0p17 (CRE) 1.5.0p17 (CFE) 1.5.0p17 (CEE) 1.5.0p17 (CME) 2019-06-12
1.5.0p16 (CRE) 1.5.0p16 (CFE) 1.5.0p16 (CEE) 1.5.0p16 (CME) 2019-04-27
1.5.0p15 (CRE) 1.5.0p15 (CFE) 1.5.0p15 (CEE) 1.5.0p15 (CME) 2019-04-17
1.5.0p14 (CRE) 1.5.0p14 (CFE) 1.5.0p14 (CEE) 1.5.0p14 (CME) 2019-04-10
1.5.0p13 (CRE) 1.5.0p13 (CFE) 1.5.0p13 (CEE) 1.5.0p13 (CME) 2019-03-19
1.5.0p12 (CRE) 1.5.0p12 (CFE) 1.5.0p12 (CEE) 1.5.0p12 (CME) 2019-02-16
1.5.0p11 (CRE) 1.5.0p11 (CFE) 1.5.0p11 (CEE) 1.5.0p11 (CME) 2019-01-09
1.5.0p10 (CRE) 1.5.0p10 (CFE) 1.5.0p10 (CEE) 1.5.0p10 (CME) 2019-01-07
1.5.0p7 (CRE) 1.5.0p7 (CFE) 1.5.0p7 (CEE) 1.5.0p7 (CME) 2020-05-27
1.5.0 (CRE) 1.5.0 (CFE) 1.5.0 (CEE) 1.5.0 (CME) 2018-08-01
1.4.0p38 (CRE) 1.4.0p38 (CFE) 1.4.0p38 (CEE) 1.4.0p38 (CME) 2019-01-29
1.4.0p37 (CRE) 1.4.0p37 (CFE) 1.4.0p37 (CEE) 1.4.0p37 (CME) 2018-10-19
1.4.0p36 (CRE) 1.4.0p36 (CFE) 1.4.0p36 (CEE) 1.4.0p36 (CME) 2018-09-19
1.4.0p35 (CRE) 1.4.0p35 (CFE) 1.4.0p35 (CEE) 1.4.0p35 (CME) 2018-08-07
1.4.0p34 (CRE) 1.4.0p34 (CFE) 1.4.0p34 (CEE) 1.4.0p34 (CME) 2018-06-13
1.4.0p33 (CRE) 1.4.0p33 (CFE) 1.4.0p33 (CEE) 1.4.0p33 (CME) 2018-05-17
1.4.0p31 (CRE) 1.4.0p31 (CFE) 1.4.0p31 (CEE) 1.4.0p31 (CME) 2018-04-24
1.4.0p30 (CRE) 1.4.0p30 (CFE) 1.4.0p30 (CEE) 1.4.0p30 (CME) 2018-04-12
1.2.8p27 (CRE) 1.2.8p27 (CFE) 1.2.8p27 (CEE) 1.2.8p27 (CME) 2019-04-12
Development versions (GIT-Snapshots)
Not supported, do not use in productive environments.
2020.09.25 (CFE) 2020.09.25 (CEE) 2020.09.25 (CME) -
2020.09.24 (CFE) 2020.09.24 (CEE) 2020.09.24 (CME) -
2020.09.23 (CFE) 2020.09.23 (CEE) 2020.09.23 (CME) -
2020.09.22 (CFE) 2020.09.22 (CEE) 2020.09.22 (CME) -
2020.09.21 (CFE) 2020.09.21 (CEE) 2020.09.21 (CME) -
2020.09.20 (CFE) 2020.09.20 (CEE) 2020.09.20 (CME) -
Branches (GIT-Snapshots)
1.6.0-2020.09.24 (CFE) 1.6.0-2020.09.24 (CEE) 1.6.0-2020.09.24 (CME) 2020-09-24
1.6.0-2020.09.23 (CFE) 1.6.0-2020.09.23 (CEE) 1.6.0-2020.09.23 (CME) 2020-09-23
1.6.0-2020.09.22 (CFE) 1.6.0-2020.09.22 (CEE) 1.6.0-2020.09.22 (CME) 2020-09-22
1.6.0-2020.09.21 (CFE) 1.6.0-2020.09.21 (CEE) 1.6.0-2020.09.21 (CME) 2020-09-21
1.6.0-2020.09.20 (CFE) 1.6.0-2020.09.20 (CEE) 1.6.0-2020.09.20 (CME) 2020-09-20
1.5.0-2020.09.24 (CFE) 1.5.0-2020.09.24 (CEE) 1.5.0-2020.09.24 (CME) 2020-09-24
1.5.0-2020.09.23 (CFE) 1.5.0-2020.09.23 (CEE) 1.5.0-2020.09.23 (CME) 2020-09-23
1.5.0-2020.09.22 (CFE) 1.5.0-2020.09.22 (CEE) 1.5.0-2020.09.22 (CME) 2020-09-22
1.5.0-2020.09.21 (CFE) 1.5.0-2020.09.21 (CEE) 1.5.0-2020.09.21 (CME) 2020-09-21
1.5.0-2020.09.20 (CFE) 1.5.0-2020.09.20 (CEE) 1.5.0-2020.09.20 (CME) 2020-09-20