Simplify monitoring your customers' IT

Checkmk MSP is the ideal solution to monitor the IT infrastructure of your customers.

A monitoring built for managed service providers

Checkmk IT application monitoring use cases

Checkmk MSP enables you as an IT service or managed service provider to offer highly scalable and flexible monitoring of networks, servers, applications as the foundation of your service offering to users.

  • Comprehensive monitoring of on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • Compliance with data privacy due to strict data segregation
  • Configuration and management of all customer sites centrally
  • Automated reporting with analysis of availability and SLAs
  • Comprehensive dashboarding for visualization of monitoring data
  • Customizable customer dashboards for increased transparency
  • White label feature to rebrand Checkmk as your product
  • Highly scalable IT monitoring with a distributed architecture
  • Protection against data loss in the event of a customer connection
  • Intelligent alarms routing directly to service providers or customers

Some of the vendors we support

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Monitor the IT of your customers

Whether applications, servers, networks, cloud or container environments – IT monitoring with Checkmk is as flexible as your customers' IT infrastructure thanks to its over 2,000 plug-ins. Use Checkmk to monitor IT environments that you operate on behalf of your customers. With Checkmk, you always have an efficient solution, even in complex environments. The software can be deployed on many platforms or in a Docker container.

IT monitoring with the Checkmk MSP usually takes place via a remote site in the customer's infrastructure. It is designed so that the administration and configuration of the remote instances are performed exclusively via the central Checkmk site at the IT service provider. With its distributed architecture, Checkmk allows you to scale your monitoring service at will and manage hundreds of customers easily.

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Roll out your monitoring in minutes

Benefit from fast configuration and installation. Checkmk identifies over 90 percent of devices and services during installation. Thanks to its service discovery, it automatically knows which metrics are relevant for monitoring. Similarly, deploying Checkmk takes just minutes: Deploy Checkmk on a pre-configured hardware appliance or roll out the software, including monitoring agents, to your customers using automation tools practically at the press of a button. This reduces the time and effort required for installation to a minimum.

Automate monitoring and save time

Reduce your effort with automatic detection and configuration of components in your monitoring. Checkmk automatically provides relevant thresholds for alerting. Manage monitoring at your customers' sites via a central web interface and benefit from a modern 1-to-n configuration to keep administration efforts low even in complex environments. Use the Checkmk REST API to automate the operation and configuration of your monitoring and to integrate your monitoring with common ITOM/ITMS systems.

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Ensure compliance with data privacy

Checkmk MSP focuses on data protection. Our multi-tenant MSP solution separates your customers' data strictly from each other. As a provider, you create the individual configuration packages for your customers' remote sites via the central Checkmk site. The targeted transmission of these customer-specific configurations prevents third-parties from accessing your customers' systems. They can log into their own instance – if desired – using their AD login, for example, but they only have access to their own monitoring data. A login to your central Checkmk server is not possible for your customers.

Manage your customers centrally

The distributed architecture of Checkmk allows you as a service provider to set up IT monitoring at your customers' sites via remote instances. Configuration and management of all sites is done exclusively via a central web interface to which only the service provider has access. Via this central interface, you can either assign certain configurations to a specific customer or roll out global settings to all customer sites. Remote instances are configured exclusively via the managed service provider's central web interface.

Monitoring of the customer infrastructure is done locally by the remote instance. This means that the metrics databases (RRDs) reside on the local sites. Ensure transparency by enabling your customers to view their monitoring data via a web interface. Depending on role assignment, customers can also enter maintenance times on their own, eliminating the need for support tickets to do so. Checkmk also provides the customers with the ability to create custom dashboards as well as to customize their GUI by uploading their own logo, for example.

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Create transparency with reporting

The reporting function of Checkmk allows you to create PDF reports bearing your corporate identity. Document the performance of the systems you monitor. You determine which views you want to include in the reporting – ad-hoc or automated at regular intervals. Benefit from the ability to create reports for your customers that include analytics, availability information, and SLAs, in addition to internal reporting. Create reports to verify services rendered and thus ensure transparency for your customers. Checkmk also supports you in monitoring complex SLAs.

Visualize with powerful dashboarding

Checkmk MSP supports you with powerful dashboards for your managed monitoring solution. Checkmk not only provides you with an overview of all customers in its Main Overview, but among other things also shows you the status of individual customer sites. This also gives you a quick overview of all of a customer's hosts. At the same time, you have the flexibility to customize dashboards or create your own views based on one or all customers. Provide your customers with flexible, customizable dashboards to give them insights into their IT infrastructure.

Not only your customers benefit from flexible and powerful dashboarding, but also your own employees: Multiple teams can create their own individual dashboards with Checkmk. This way, for example, network teams, help desk staff or managers can precisely prepare the visual information they need for their work.

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Scale at minimal resource consumption

With Checkmk, you can connect hundreds of remote sites to your central monitoring site, allowing you to scale your monitoring as the number of your customers grows. It’s decentralized architecture enables you to achieve this scalability with the minimal use of resources: monitoring at the customer's site is performed by the remote site there, independently of the central provider's site. This means that the site must meet the requirements for monitoring at the customer's site, while no additional resources are needed to connect it to the central site. This approach allows you to connect any number of remote sites to your central Checkmk site and scale your monitoring capabilities as required.

At the same time, the distributed monitoring approach of Checkmk saves bandwidth: Distributed monitoring eliminates the need for a constant data connection to the central instance. The monitoring data is only transmitted by selectively querying the live data via the web interface from the central site. This not only saves bandwidth, but also prevents data loss should the connection to the central site fail.

Receive only important notifications

Handle alerts centrally with Checkmk -– and be notified via email or SMS, or integrate notifications into established ITSM or ITOM solutions. Use rule-based notifications to meet complex, customer-specific requirements regarding time windows, service levels, etc. Use Checkmk to configure additional alerts or set exceptions for specific situations. Automatically trigger actions in response to detected problems (alarm handlers) – such as script-based troubleshooting actions.

With Checkmk, you also have the option to include your customers in the notifications, so that they are immediately informed about potential problems.

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Prevent bottlenecks

Extend your service capabilities with capacity management and create forecasts and analyses of your customers' future resource usage. This enables you to identify in advance what your customers' IT needs might be. Show in advance where bottlenecks arise and which infrastructure areas should be prioritized for modernization. In this way, a precise monitoring with Checkmk helps you to secure the loyalty of your customers.

Great reasons to choose Checkmk as your monitoring tool

Different OS that you can monitor with Checkmk

Compatible with almost anything

Checkmk supports the monitoring of almost every operating system: Linux, Windows, macOS, but also many other OS like BSD.

Scaling servers

Ultra-scalable & Flexible

Checkmk can monitor widely-dispersed IT environments consisting of a large number of systems and millions of services without sacrificing performance.

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Intelligent Monitoring

Checkmk intelligently discovers which metrics to monitor without needing any additional configuration.

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It's fast to get started

Checkmk enables you to go from zero to monitoring with minimal manual effort. The wide range of features allows you to quickly install and easily configure your monitoring.

Trusted by global brands and local organizations worldwide

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