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Checkmk 2.1 brings monitoring of DevOps environments to the next level


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Focus on monitoring Kubernetes

Munich, Germany - May 24, 2022 – tribe29, the company behind the Checkmk IT monitoring solution, released the latest full version Checkmk 2.1. The corresponding packages for the open source edition (Checkmk Raw) and the commercial Checkmk Enterprise Edition are now available for download.

This new release includes the completely revamped Kubernetes monitoring, which allows users to instantly analyze and monitor the dynamic interrelationships of container infrastructures. Checkmk unravels the complexity of Kubernetes and allows precise monitoring of all aspects such as Nodes, Deployments, DaemonSets, Pods, and much more.

With Checkmk 2.1, users do not need any prior experience with dynamic infrastructures. Thanks to in-depth data collection Checkmk can detect bottlenecks and anomalies in resource consumption within minutes. Smart alerts take into account Kubernetes' self-healing capabilities and highlight critical conditions only when action is really needed. This reduces the number of false alarms and the workload for monitoring professionals.

The new Kubernetes monitoring fits seamlessly into Checkmk and is intuitive to use thanks to ready-to-use dashboards. The visualization of data and the communication of alerts are adaptable to the requirements of various teams. Thus, Checkmk builds important bridges between diverse IT teams with minimal effort, and enables Kubernetes monitoring without requiring deep knowledge of query languages and Kubernetes metrics.

Checkmk as the engine of open observability platforms

As IT infrastructures become more complex due to the increasing use of hybrid and dynamic assets, the number of monitoring tools in use is also growing. It is therefore important for organizations that the monitoring solutions in their monitoring stacks can exchange data automatically. The key is to build open observability platforms which are using a range of monitoring data to accurately determine the health of any system at any time.

Checkmk 2.1 offers great added value for open observability platforms through an extensive expansion of its integration capabilities. For example, with the completely rewritten Grafana connector, users can now display their data much faster and more easily in Grafana. Checkmk can also export data to InfluxDB 2.0 via the new InfluxDB Connector, expanding the foundation for making data from Checkmk available to all major enterprise software solutions. At the same time, Checkmk is extending its existing integrations with Prometheus and DataDog.

On the one hand, Checkmk can use monitoring data from other monitoring solutions directly – without having to retrieve the data all over again from the monitored systems. On the other hand, Checkmk is particularly efficient at collecting information from monitored hosts and can make this data available to other solutions. This combination makes Checkmk the monitoring engine for any open observability platform.

Further improvements in performance and the user experience

In addition, Checkmk 2.1 also comes with performance improvements and further enhances Checkmk's capabilities, especially for large IT environments. For example, frequent configuration changes can now be activated dynamically. This speeds up the addition of hosts, among other benefits.

Checkmk 2.1 provides ready-made dashboards for the most important monitoring use cases such as Windows and Linux servers. These dashboards not only put metrics into context and thus provide insight into monitoring data, but also deliver relevant information on system software and hardware.

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About Checkmk

Checkmk’s mission is to enable IT infrastructures and applications to run in any organization at peak performance. That’s why we built Checkmk, the monitoring platform for every aspect of modern IT environments.

Checkmk is the platform of your open observability ecosystem. It combines enterprise-grade scalability and security with the extensibility of open source software. It integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications and provides powerful features to automate monitoring workflows.

Tens of thousands of users in more than 50 countries rely on Checkmk to ensure high availability and best performance of their systems. With Checkmk, organizations prevent issues before they happen or trigger fast remediation actions when failures occur.