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E2E monitoring with Checkmk: Elabit presents Robotmk


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Synthetic monitoring with Checkmk

Munich (Germany) - June 10, 2021 - tribe29, the company behind the Checkmk IT monitoring solution, today launched the first full release of the “Robotmk” plugin, offering an easy-to-deploy, open source option combining Application Performance Monitoring (APM) with observability into the underlying infrastructure. Robotmk alerts IT administrators to application performance issues before they affect customers and end-user experience.

Developed by IT consulting company Elabit, the new plug-in uses the popular open source Robot Framework to deliver ‘synthetic testing’. This simulates human interaction with web-based, cloud-native and traditional enterprise applications, providing continuous real-world performance monitoring. The plug-in’s deep integration with Checkmk makes it simple to configure automated alerts. Administrators can easily build and share custom dashboards that combine application performance data with key metrics from the underlying infrastructure. And, in the event of any issues, teams can drill-down into Checkmk’s broader monitoring to pinpoint root causes in the infrastructure.

Up to now, this type of end-to-end monitoring and observability has been too complex or prohibitively expensive for many companies. Our deep integration of two established open source tools not only offers a more affordable option, it takes speed and ease-of-deployment to new levels.

Robotmk highlights problematic conditions in applications that would previously have gone undetected by traditional monitoring. Application owners and IT administrators can now share an overview of the optimal function and response times of their applications. Administrators can manage monitoring settings such as runtime thresholds granularly via rules in Checkmk, and even spin off individual sections of a test as separate monitoring services.

Checkmk's built-in graphing features also allow IT teams to draw conclusions about possible root causes. IT managers can precisely identify where delays or other limitations are occurring and initiate targeted countermeasures. This allows organizations to delegate the mitigation process to the appropriate teams, depending on the cause of the problem, and eliminate critical conditions faster.

With Robotmk, companies can add automated software testing to their Checkmk monitoring; this takes service quality assurance to a whole new level. The approach has already proven itself in practice and the feedback on Robotmk after the test phase has been consistently positive. I am particularly pleased that after only a short time, not only companies but also the public sector have successfully implemented Robotmk.

The production release of the Robotmk plugin (version 1.1.0) is now available in the Checkmk Exchange. Robotmk can be used with all Checkmk editions in version 1.6 and from 2.0. In addition, Robotmk is under constant development. Details about feature/pull requests or bug reports are explained in the Contribution Guide in the Robotmk GitHub repository.

Simon Meggle will present Robotmk live at the 7th Checkmk Conference on June 16, 2021, starting at 8 a.m. ET. In his tech session, he will demonstrate the use of the Robot Framework and Checkmk together with Jens Dunkelberg from Abraxas Informatik AG. Swiss authorities that use Robotmk will serve as practical examples. Simon Meggle will also explain Robotmk's support model.

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