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More than 1300 customers of our Enterprise Edition and numerous users of our Raw Edition trust us.

Thanks to the excellent agent-handling and the great support, the switch of our managed services over to Check_K monitoring was far simpler than we had expected. Monitoring 50,000 services ‚just like that‘, we had never seen in such a simple and resource efficient manner

Thomas Mikl, ACP IT Solutions GmbH

Thank you for (again) the great and quick support. Currently I am working with Checkmk for a year now and I really love the product. Glad to see that also the support is also very good!

Michiel van Pouderoijen, Netflex BV

I rely on Checkmk daily, and love how easy it is to extend it with custom checks. Just wanted to drop you a thanks and know that I tell anyone that will listen how wonderful it is. Thanks again, Colin

Colin Hines, Tower Hill Insurance Group, Florida

Unlike a lot of kludgey enterprise stuff that has made our life more painful, I have to say that every time I use our Checkmk Environment, it brings joy and productivity to my life. It’s fast, useful, and responsive. Just love it. [...] If only all our tools could be this elegant

James Barnes, Silverspring Networks

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