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Checkmk Videos

Watch these videos to understand how to get started with Checkmk and how to successfully monitor your IT infrastructure.


Ep. 1: Installing Checkmk & monitoring your first host

Today I want to show you how easy it is to get started with Checkmk. In this video we will install Checkmk and add some hosts into the monitoring system.


Ep. 2: The Checkmk user interface and sidebar

Today, I would like to show you the Checkmk user interface, and the simplest way for you to use it.


Ep. 3: Monitoring Windows

In today's tutorial we'll learn how to install the Checkmk agent for Windows and how to add a Windows server into monitoring system.


Ep. 4: Using SNMP to monitor network devices

SNMP is a protocol implemented for many switches, routers, printers, USVs, hardware sensors and many other devices which enables them to be easily monitored.


Ep. 5: Using metrics and graphs in Checkmk

Checkmk collects many measurement values that are important for IT monitoring and enables you to use this data for various purposes.


Ep. 6: View creation and customization in Checkmk

How do you edit a view's headline, columns and more in Checkmk? In this video tutorial you'll learn the basics of creating and customizing views.


Ep. 7: Updating Checkmk & using multiple instances

In this video I'll show you how to update a Checkmk system to a new version and how to run multiple Checkmk instances on a server at the same time.


Ep. 8 (part I): Working with rules & setting thresholds

In this video Mathias explains how you can work with rules and set thresholds. First of all we will explain how to set parameters of services.


Ep. 8 (part II): Smart rules with Host Tags

In this video we‘ll talk about host tags. These are features you can use to build your rules more intelligently and organize your monitoring more efficiently.


Ep. 8 (part III): Managing Hosts in Folders

In this video Mathias shows how to manage hosts in folders. This allows you to fine-tune your configuration and save valuable time.


Ep. 9: Working with Hosts and Service Groups

In this video Mathias explains how to create host and service groups in Checkmk. This will give you focused views of your hosts and services.


Ep. 10: Using the Quicksearch function in Checkmk

In this video Mathias shows you the Quicksearch function of Checkmk. With it you can find and manage your hosts or services easily. He also explains some examples of filters.


Ep. 11: Detecting configuration errors with the Analyze Configuration feature

With the Analyze Configuration module in the WATO, Checkmk can check whether it is configured correctly. Checkmk controls a number of possible security risks or potential performance restrictions and indicates any problems.


Ep. 12: Acknowledging Problems in Checkmk

In this video Mathias explains how you can acknowledge problems in Checkmk. The function helps you to qualify states of hosts and services. This helps you keep the overview of messages in the Tactical Overview and provides a few additonal functions like adding comments to problems, for example.