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Alphabetic List of Check Plug-ins

Checkmk Manual
Last updated: January 24 2020

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The following list in alphabetical order shows all check plug-ins that ship with Checkmk. You can find the same plug-ins grouped into categories in the Catalog of Check Plug-ins.

All plug-ins listed here are actively maintained by the Checkmk team. Further free plug-ins from users, partners or third parties are available at the Checkmk Exchange.

Plugin nameTitle
3par_capacityHPE 3PAR: Capacity
3par_cpgsHPE 3PAR: CPGs
3par_cpgs.usageHPE 3PAR: CPGs usage
3par_hostsHPE 3PAR: Hosts
3par_portsHPE 3PAR: Ports
3par_remotecopyHPE 3PAR: Remote Copy
3par_systemHPE 3PAR: System
3par_volumesHPE 3PAR: Volumes
3ware_disksState of disks of 3ware ATA RAID Controller
3ware_infoGeneral information about 3ware ATA RAID Controller
3ware_unitsState of units of 3ware ATA RAID Controller
acme_agent_sessionsACME devices: Agent sessions
acme_certificatesACME devices: Certificates
acme_fanACME devices: Fans
acme_powersupplyACME devices: Power supplies
acme_realmACME devices: Realm
acme_sbcACME SBC: Health
acme_sbc.settingsACME SBC: Health Settings
acme_sbc_snmpACME SBC: Health (via SNMP)
acme_tempACME devices: Temperature
acme_voltageACME devices: Voltage
ad_replicationState of Microsoft Active Directory Replication between DCs
adva_fsp_currentAdva FSP 3000 Optical Transport: Current of Power Supplies
adva_fsp_ifAdva FSP 3000 Optical Transport: Optical Interface Status
adva_fsp_tempAdva FSP 3000 Optical Transport: Temperature
aironet_clientsCisco Aironet access points: Client status
aironet_errorsCisco Aironet access points: CRC errors
aix_diskiodThroughput on AIX hard disks
aix_hacmp_nodesAIX HACMP Cluster Manager: Nodes
aix_hacmp_resourcesAIX HACMP Cluster Manager: Resource Groups
aix_hacmp_servicesAIX HACMP Cluster Manager: Cluster Services
aix_ifState of network interfaces on AIX hosts
aix_lvmMirror state of LVM logical volumes on AIX
aix_memoryUsage of physical and virtual RAM
aix_multipathMultipathing on AIX
aix_pagingAIX Paging information
aix_sap_processlistSAP Process List on AIX
akcp_daisy_tempAKCP daisyTemp Sensor
akcp_exp_drycontactAKCP Expansion Dry Contact Sensor
akcp_exp_humidityAKCP Expansion Humidity Sensor
akcp_exp_smokeAKCP Expansion Smoke Sensor
akcp_exp_tempAKCP Expansion Sensor Temperature
akcp_exp_waterAKCP Expansion Water Sensor
akcp_sensor_drycontactAKCP Drycontact Sensor
akcp_sensor_humidityAKCP Sensor Humidity
akcp_sensor_tempAKCP Sensor Temperature
alcatel_cpuAlcatel switches: CPU utilization
alcatel_cpu_aos7Alcatel switches (>=AOS7): CPU utilization
alcatel_fansAlcatel switches: Fan Status
alcatel_fans_aos7Alcatel switches (>=AOS7): Fan Status
alcatel_powerAlcatel switches: Power Supplies
alcatel_power_aos7Alcatel switches: Power Supplies
alcatel_tempAlcatel switches: Board and CPU Temperature
alcatel_temp_aos7Alcatel switches (>=AOS7): Board Temperatures
alcatel_timetra_chassisAlcatel switches: Chassis components
alcatel_timetra_cpuAlcatel switches: CPU utilization
allnet_ip_sensoric.humidityALLNET IP Sensoric: Humidity Sensors
allnet_ip_sensoric.pressureALLNET IP Sensoric: Pressure Sensors
allnet_ip_sensoric.tempALLNET IP Sensoric: Temperature Sensors
allnet_ip_sensoric.tensionALLNET IP Sensoric: Electric Tension Sensors
apache_statusPerformance indicators of Apache web server
apc_ats_outputAPC ATS: Output Power
apc_ats_statusAPC ATS: Status
apc_humidityAPC devices: Humidity
apc_inputsAPC UPS: Input Contacts
apc_inrow_airflowAPC InRow Cooling Devices: Airflow
apc_inrow_fanspeedAPC InRow Cooling Devices: Fanspeed
apc_inrow_system_eventsAPC InRow Cooling Devices: System events
apc_inrow_tempAPC InRow Cooling Devices: Temperature
apc_mod_pdu_modulesAPC Modular PDU: Modul Status
apc_netbotz_other_sensorsAPC Netbotz Devices: Other numeric sensors summary
apc_netbotz_sensorsAPC Netbotz Devices: Temperature sensor
apc_netbotz_sensors.dewpointAPC Netbotz Devices: Dewpoint sensor
apc_netbotz_sensors.humidityAPC Netbotz Devices: Humidity sensor
apc_powerswitchAPC Powerswitch/APC PDU: Power Outlet Status
apc_rackpdu_powerAPC PDU: electrical current
apc_sts_inputsAPC STS: Input Phases
apc_sts_sourceAPC STS: Used Source
apc_symmetraAPC Symmetra UPS: Device and battery states
apc_symmetra.elphaseAPC Symmetra UPS: Battery current
apc_symmetra.tempAPC Symmetra UPS: Battery temperature
apc_symmetra_ext_tempAPC Symmetra UPS: external temperature sensors
apc_symmetra_inputAPC Symmetra UPS: Input voltage
apc_symmetra_outputAPC Symmetra UPS: Output voltage, current and load
apc_symmetra_powerAPC Symmetra UPS: Output power
apc_symmetra_tempAPC Symmetra Web/SNMP Management Card: Temperature
apc_symmetra_testAPC Symmetra UPS: self test
appdynamics_memoryAppDynamics: Memory usage
appdynamics_sessionsAppDynamics: Number of sessions
appdynamics_web_containerAppDynamics: Threads and requests
aptCheck for normal and security updates via APT
arbor_peakflow_spArbor Peakflow SP Memory and Swap
arbor_peakflow_sp.cpu_loadArbor Peakflow SP CPU load
arbor_peakflow_sp.disk_usageArbor Peakflow SP Disk Usage
arbor_peakflow_sp.flowsArbor Peakflow SP Flows
arbor_peakflow_tmsArbor Peakflow TMS Memory and Swap
arbor_peakflow_tms.cpu_loadArbor Peakflow TMS CPU Load
arbor_peakflow_tms.disk_usageArbor Peakflow TMS disk usage
arbor_peakflow_tms.host_faultArbor Peakflow TMS host faults
arbor_peakflow_tms.updatesArbor Peakflow TMS Updates
arbor_pravailArbor Pravail Memory and Swap
arbor_pravail.cpu_loadArbor Pravail CPU load
arbor_pravail.disk_usageArbor Peakflow SP Memory and Swap
arbor_pravail.drop_rateArbor Pravail Drop Rate
arbor_pravail.host_faultArbor Pravail host fault
arc_raid_statusAreca Raid Controllers
arcserve_backupArcserve Backup
arris_cmts_cpuArris CMTS CPU utilization
arris_cmts_memArris CMTS: Memory Usage
arris_cmts_tempArris CMTS Card Temperature
artec_documentsARTEC Mail Archive Appliance: Number and Types Of Documents
artec_tempARTEC Mail Archive Appliance: Temperature
aruba_apsAruba Access Points
aruba_clientsAruba WLAN controller Clients
aruba_cpu_utilAruba CPU Utilization
aruba_wlc_apsAruba Networks Wireless LAN Controller (WLC): Connected WLAN Accesspoints
aruba_wlc_clientsAruba Networks Wireless LAN Controller (WLC): Number of Wifi connections
atto_fibrebridge_chassisAtto Fibrebridge: Throughput status
atto_fibrebridge_chassis.tempAtto Fibrebridge: Temperature
atto_fibrebridge_fcportAtto Fibrebridge: Fibrechannel ports
atto_fibrebridge_sasAtto Fibrebridge: SAS ports
avaya_45xx_cpuAvaya 45xx CPU utilization
avaya_45xx_fanAvaya 45xx Chassis Fans
avaya_45xx_tempAvaya 45xx Temperature
avaya_88xxAvaya 88xx Temperature
avaya_88xx.fanAvaya 88xx Chassis Fans
avaya_88xx_cpuAvaya 88xx CPU utilization
avaya_chassis_cardAvaya Passport Modules
avaya_chassis_psAvaya Power Supplies
avaya_chassis_tempAvaya Chassis Temperature
aws_cloudwatch_alarmsAWS/Cloudwatch Alarms
aws_cloudwatch_alarms_limitsAWS/Cloudwatch Alarms Limits
aws_costs_and_usageAWS/Costs and Usage Summary
aws_costs_and_usage.per_serviceAWS/Costs and Usage Per Service
aws_ebsAWS/EBS Disk IO
aws_ebs.burst_balanceAWS/EBS Burst Balance
aws_ebs_limitsAWS/EBS Limits
aws_ebs_summaryAWS/EBS Summary
aws_ebs_summary.healthAWS/EBS Health
aws_ec2AWS/EC2 Instance Status
aws_ec2.cpu_creditsAWS/EC2 Instance Credit Usage
aws_ec2.cpu_utilAWS/EC2 Instance CPU utilization
aws_ec2.disk_ioAWS/EC2 Instance Disk IO
aws_ec2.network_ioAWS/EC2 Instance Network IO
aws_ec2_limitsAWS/EC2 Limits
aws_ec2_security_groupsAWS/EC2 Security Groups
aws_ec2_summaryAWS/EC2 Instances Summary
aws_elbAWS/ELB Statistics
aws_elb.backend_connection_errorsAWS/ELB Backend Errors
aws_elb.healthy_hostsAWS/ELB Healthy Hosts
aws_elb.http_backendAWS/ELB HTTP Backend
aws_elb.http_elbAWS/ELB HTTP ELB
aws_elb.latencyAWS/ELB Latency
aws_elb_healthAWS/ELB Health
aws_elb_limitsAWS/ELB Limits
aws_elb_summaryAWS/ELB Summary
aws_elbv2_applicationAWS/ApplicationELB LCUs
aws_elbv2_application.connectionsAWS/ApplicationELB Connections
aws_elbv2_application.http_elbAWS/ApplicationELB HTTP ELB
aws_elbv2_application.http_redirectsAWS/ApplicationELB HTTP Redirects
aws_elbv2_application.statisticsAWS/ApplicationELB Statistics
aws_elbv2_limitsAWS/ELBv2 Application and Network Limits
aws_elbv2_networkAWS/NetworkELB LCUs
aws_elbv2_network.connectionsAWS/NetworkELB Connections
aws_elbv2_network.healthy_hostsAWS/NetworkELB Healthy Hosts
aws_elbv2_network.rst_packetsAWS/NetworkELB Reset Packets
aws_elbv2_network.statisticsAWS/NetworkELB Statistics
aws_elbv2_network.tls_handshakesAWS/NetworkELB TLS Handshakes
aws_elbv2_summaryAWS/ApplicationELB Summary
aws_elbv2_summary.networkAWS/NetworkELB Summary
aws_elbv2_target_groupsAWS/ApplicationELB Target groups
aws_elbv2_target_groups.networkAWS/NetworkELB Target groups
aws_glacierAWS/Glacier Vault
aws_glacier.summaryAWS/Glacier Summary
aws_glacier_limitsAWS/Glacier Limits
aws_rdsAWS/RDS CPU Utilization
aws_rds.agent_jobsAWS/RDS Agent Jobs
aws_rds.bin_log_usageAWS/RDS Binary Logs
aws_rds.connectionsAWS/RDS Connections
aws_rds.cpu_creditsAWS/RDS CPU Credits
aws_rds.disk_ioAWS/RDS Disk IO
aws_rds.network_ioAWS/RDS Network IO
aws_rds.replica_lagAWS/RDS Replica Lag
aws_rds.replication_slot_usageAWS/RDS Replication Slot
aws_rds.transaction_logs_usageAWS/RDS Transaction Logs
aws_rds_limitsAWS/RDS Limits
aws_rds_summaryAWS/RDS Summary
aws_rds_summary.db_statusAWS/RDS Database Info
aws_s3AWS/S3 Objects
aws_s3.summaryAWS/S3 Summary
aws_s3_limitsAWS/S3 Limits
aws_s3_requestsAWS/S3 Requests
aws_s3_requests.http_errorsAWS/S3 HTTP Errors
aws_s3_requests.latencyAWS/S3 Requests
aws_s3_requests.select_objectAWS/S3 SELECT Object
aws_s3_requests.traffic_statsAWS/S3 Traffic Stats
azure_adMicrosoft Azure AD Connect
azure_ad.syncMicrosoft Azure AD Connect Sync
azure_agent_infoMicrosoft Azure Agent Info
azure_databasesMicrosoft Azure SQL Databases
azure_databases.connectionsMicrosoft Azure SQL Databases: Connections
azure_databases.cpuMicrosoft Azure SQL Databases: CPU utilization
azure_databases.deadlockMicrosoft Azure SQL Databases: Deadlocks
azure_databases.dtuMicrosoft Azure SQL Databases: Throughput units
azure_databases.storageMicrosoft Azure SQL Databases: Storage
azure_sitesMicrosoft Azure Webserver
azure_storageaccountsMicrosoft Azure Storage Accounts
azure_storageaccounts.flowMicrosoft Azure Storage Accounts: Data flow
azure_storageaccounts.performanceMicrosoft Azure Storage Accounts: Performance
azure_usagedetailsMicrosoft Azure Usage Details (Costs)
azure_virtualmachinesMicrosoft Azure Virtual Machines
azure_virtualmachines.summaryMicrosoft Azure Virtual Machines: Summary
azure_virtualnetworkgatewaysMicrosoft Azure Virtual Network Gateways
barracuda_mail_latencyBarracuda SPAM Firewall: Mail Latency
barracuda_mailqueuesBarracuda SPAM Firewall: Active and Deferred Mail Queue Length
barracuda_system_cpu_utilBarracuda SPAM Firewall: System CPU Utilization
bdt_tape_infoBDT Tape Library: Information
bdt_tape_statusBDT Tape Library: Status
bdtms_tape_infoBDTMS Tape Library: Information
bdtms_tape_moduleBDTMS Tape Library: Modules
bdtms_tape_statusBDTMS Tape Library: Status
bi_aggregationState of BI aggregation
bi_aggregation_connectionStatus information for BI aggregation connection
bintec_brrp_statusBintec Routers: BRRP Status
bintec_cpuBintec Devices: CPU Utilization
bintec_infoRetrieve informational SNMP data about bintec routers
bintec_sensors.fanBintec Routers: Fan Speed
bintec_sensors.tempBintec Routers: Temperature Sensors
bintec_sensors.voltageBintec Routers: Voltage Sensors
blade_baysIBM Blade Center: Bays
blade_bladesIBM Blade Center: State of Blades
blade_blowersIBM Blade Center: Chassis blowers
blade_bx_bladesPrimergy BX600 Blade Server: Blade status
blade_bx_loadPrimergy BX600 Blade Enclosure: CPU load
blade_bx_powerfanPrimergy BX600 Blade Server: Power fan
blade_bx_powermodPrimergy BX600 Blade Enclosure: Power module
blade_bx_tempPrimergy BX600 Blade Server: Temperature
blade_healthIBM Blade Center: Summary Health State
blade_mediatrayIBM Blade Center: Media Trays
blade_powerfanIBM Blade Center: Power Module Cooling Devices
blade_powermodIBM Blade Center: Power Modules
bluecat_command_serverBluecat Adonis Command Server State
bluecat_dhcpBluecat Adonis DHCP State
bluecat_dnsBluecat Adonis DNS State
bluecat_dns_queriesBluecat Adonis DNS Queries
bluecat_haBluecat Adonis HA State
bluecat_ntpBluecat Adonis/ Proteus NTP
bluecat_threadsBluecat Adonis: Number of Threads
bluecoat_diskcpuBlue Coat Security Gateway: Disk and CPU utilization
bluecoat_sensorsBlue Coat Security Gateway: Hardware Sensors
bluecoat_sensors.tempBlue Coat Security Gateway: Hardware Temperature Sensors
bluenet2_powerrailBachmann Bluenet2 Powerrail: Phases
bluenet2_powerrail.humidityBachmann Bluenet2 Powerrail: Humidity Sensors
bluenet2_powerrail.rcmBachmann Bluenet2 Powerrail: RCM Phases
bluenet2_powerrail.tempBachmann Bluenet2 Powerrail: Temperature Sensors
bluenet_meterBachmann Bluenet Monitored PLC Powermeter
bluenet_sensorBachmann Bluenet Monitored PDU Temperature Sensors
bluenet_sensor.humBachmann Bluenet Monitored PDU Humidity Sensors
brocade.fanBrocade FibreChannel Switches: Fans
brocade.powerBrocade FibreChannel Switches: Power Supplies
brocade.tempBrocade FibreChannel Switches: Temperature Sensors
brocade_fcportBrocade FibreChannel Switches: FibreChannel Ports
brocade_infoRetrieve informational SNMP data about Brocade switches
brocade_mlx.module_cpuBrocade NetIron MLX devices: NI-MLX or BR-MLX Module CPU Utilization
brocade_mlx.module_memBrocade NetIron MLX devices: NI-MLX or BR-MLX Module Memory (RAM usage)
brocade_mlx.module_statusBrocade NetIron MLX / ADX / FGS / ICX devices: Module Overall Status
brocade_mlx_fanBrocade NetIron MLX / ADX / FGS / ICX devices: Fans
brocade_mlx_powerBrocade NetIron MLX / ADX / FGS / ICX devices: Power Supplies
brocade_mlx_tempBrocade NetIron MLX / FGS / ICX devices: Temperature Sensors
brocade_opticalBrocade Switches: Optical Signal Quality
brocade_sfpBrocade FibreChannel Switches: SFPs
brocade_sfp.tempBrocade FibreChannel Switches: SFP temperature
brocade_sysBrocade FibreChannel Switches: CPU
brocade_sys.memBrocade FibreChannel Switches: Memory
brocade_tmBrocade NetIron MLX devices: Traffic Manager Statistics
brocade_vdx_statusBrocade VDX Switches: Status
bvip_fansBosch Video over IP: Fans
bvip_infoBosch Video over IP: Unit Name and Unit ID
bvip_linkBosch Video over IP: Link Status
bvip_poeBosch Video over IP: Power over Ethernet power consumption
bvip_tempBosch Video over IP: Temperature
bvip_utilBosch Video over IP: CPU utilization
bvip_video_alertsBosch Video over IP: Video Alerts
canon_pagesCanon Printer: Printed/scanned pages
carel_sensorsTemperature sensors for Carel air conditioning
carel_uniflair_coolingCarel Uniflair cooling devices
casa_cpu_memcasa module: CPU memory
casa_cpu_tempcasa module: CPU temperature
casa_cpu_utilcasa module: CPU utilization
casa_fancasa: Fan health status
casa_powercasa: Power module status
cbl_airlaser.hardwareCBL Airlaser: General Status
cbl_airlaser.statusCBL Airlaser: Powerup Status
ceph_dfCeph Storage: Pools
ceph_statusCeph Storage: Health status
ceph_status.mgrsCeph Storage: MGRs
ceph_status.osdsCeph Storage: OSDs
ceph_status.pgsCeph Storage: PGs
check-mkCheck retrieval of information for Check_MK
check-mk-inventoryCheck for Check_MK's discovery procedure
check_bi_aggrBI Aggregations
check_by_sshSSH connection to execute commands on a remote host
check_cmk_invCheck_MK Hardware/Software-Inventory
check_disk_smbAccess to a SMB share / free space
check_dnsDNS query to a Nameserver
check_elasticsearch_queryElasticsearch query
check_form_submitHTTP Form Check
check_ftpFTP Server
check_httpHTTP/HTTPS connection
check_icmpICMP Echo Request (Ping)
check_ldapLDAP/LDAPS connection
check_mailPOP3/IMAP connection and optional mail forwarding
check_mail_loopPOP3/IMAP connection and optional mail forwarding
check_mailboxesIMAP mailboxes
check_mk.agent_updateCheck automatic agent deployments of Check_MK Agent
check_mk.only_fromCheck IP restriction of Check_MK agent
check_mkeventsEvent Console status for a host or application
check_notify_countCheck Number of Notifications per Contact
check_sftpSFTP Server
check_smtpSMTP connection
check_sqlSQL database request check
check_sshSSH Service (Ping)
check_tcpConnection to a TCP Port (unencrypted or with SSL)
check_tracerouteCurrent route to target host
check_uniservUniserv Service
checkpoint_connectionsCheckpoint Firewalls: Current Number of Connections
checkpoint_fanCheckpoint Firewalls: Fan status
checkpoint_firewallCheckpoint Firewalls: general status of filtering module
checkpoint_ha_problemsCheckpoint Firewalls: High Availability Problems
checkpoint_ha_statusCheckpoint Firewalls: High Availability Status
checkpoint_memoryCheckpoint Firewalls: Memory usage
checkpoint_packetsCheckpoint Firewalls: Packet Statistics
checkpoint_powersupplyCheckpoint Firewalls: Power Supply
checkpoint_svn_statusCheckpoint Firewalls: Secure Virtual Network Status
checkpoint_tempCheckpoint Firewalls: Temperature
checkpoint_tunnelsCheckpoint Firewalls: VPN IPsec tunnel status
checkpoint_voltageCheckpoint Firewalls: Voltages
chronyNTP time synchronization using chrony
cifsmountsHealth of CIFS Mounts mountet on UNIX/ Linux
cisco_ace_rserverCisco ACE Server: Status of Real Server
cisco_asa_connCisco ASA: Connections
cisco_asa_connectionsCisco ASA Connections
cisco_asa_failoverCisco ASA: Cluster failover
cisco_asa_svcsessionsCisco ASA SVC Sessions (SSL VPN Client)
cisco_cpuCPU utilization of the last 5 minutes
cisco_cpu_memoryCPU Memory
cisco_cpu_multiitemCPU utilization of the last 5 minutes
cisco_fanCisco switches: FAN health status
cisco_fantrayCisco switches: FAN health status
cisco_fru_module_statusCisco devices: Status of FRU Modules
cisco_fru_powerCisco Nexus Switches: State of FRU Power Supplies
cisco_fru_powerusageCisco Core Switches: Power usage
cisco_hsrpCisco Routers: HSRP Group Status
cisco_ip_slaCisco IP SLA
cisco_mem_asaMemory for Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances
cisco_mem_asa64Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances Version 9.x: System Memory
cisco_nexus_cpuCisco Nexus Devices: CPU utilization
cisco_oldcpuOld Cisco Devices: CPU utilization
cisco_powerCisco switches: Redundant Power Supplies
cisco_qosCisco Routers: Usage of QoS classes
cisco_redundancyCisco Devices: Redundancy Framework Status
cisco_secureCisco switches: Port Security status
cisco_srst_call_legsCisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST): Call Legs
cisco_srst_phonesCisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST): Registered Phones
cisco_srst_stateCisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST): Status
cisco_stackCISCO Stack Switches: Stack Switch States
cisco_stackpowerCISCO Switch Catalyst 3750-E Series: Stack Port Link States
cisco_sys_memCisco Nexus Supervisor Memory
cisco_tempTemperature sensors (by CISCO-ENVMON-MIB)
cisco_temp_perfTemperature sensors (by CISCO-ENVMON-MIB) including performance data
cisco_temp_sensorTemperature sensors (by CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB)
cisco_temperatureTemperature sensors (by CISCO-ENVMON-MIB or CISCO-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB)
cisco_temperature.domCisco digital optical monitoring
cisco_ucs_cpuCisco UCS: CPU operation status
cisco_ucs_fanCisco UCS: Fan operation status
cisco_ucs_hddCisco UCS: HDD operation status
cisco_ucs_lunCisco UCS: LUN operation status
cisco_ucs_memCisco UCS: Memory operation status
cisco_ucs_mem_totalCisco UCS: Total memory
cisco_ucs_psuCisco UCS: PSU operation status
cisco_ucs_raidCisco UCS: RAID controller operation status
cisco_ucs_systemCisco UCS: System operation status
cisco_ucs_temp_cpuCisco UCS: CPU temperature
cisco_ucs_temp_envCisco UCS: Temperature sensors
cisco_ucs_temp_memCisco UCS: Memory temperature
cisco_vpn_tunnelIPSEC and Remote Access VPN-Tunnels on Cisco Devices
cisco_vssCisco switches: State of Virtual Switches
cisco_wlcCisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC): Connected WLAN accesspoints
cisco_wlc_clientsCisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC): Number of Wifi connections
citrix_controllerCitrix Controller State
citrix_controller.licensingCitrix Controller Licensing
citrix_controller.registeredCitrix Controller: Desktop Registered
citrix_controller.servicesCitrix Controller: Active Site Services
citrix_controller.sessionsCitrix Controller Sessions
citrix_hostsystemCitrix Host Info
citrix_hostsystem.vmsCitrix Host VMs
citrix_licensesCitrix licenses
citrix_serverloadCitrix Server load (Score)
citrix_sessionsCitrix Sessions
citrix_stateCitrix VM State
citrix_state.controllerCitrix VM Controller
citrix_state.hosting_serverCitrix VM Hosting Server
climaveneta_alarmClimaveneta: Alarm States
climaveneta_fanClimaveneta: Fans
climaveneta_tempClimaveneta: Temperature sensors
cmc_tempRittal CMC: Temperature
cmciiiRittal CMC-III Units: General State
cmciii.accessRittal CMC-III Access Modules: Status
cmciii.can_currentRittal CMC-III PU: Canbus and Current
cmciii.humidityRittal CMC-III Units: humidity
cmciii.ioRittal CMC-III IO Units: Status of Input and Output Ports
cmciii.phaseRittal CMC-III PDUs: Input Phases
cmciii.psm_currentRittal CMC-III PSM: Currents
cmciii.psm_plugsRittal CMC-III PSM: Plugs
cmciii.sensorRittal CMC-III Sensor Modules: Status
cmciii.tempRittal CMC-III Units: Temperatures
cmciii.temp_in_outRittal CMC-III Units: Temperatures
cmciii_lcp_airinRittal CMC-III LCP: Air In and Temperature
cmciii_lcp_airoutRittal CMC-III LCP: Air Out Temperature
cmciii_lcp_fansRittal CMC-III LCP: Fans
cmciii_lcp_waterRittal CMC-III LCP: Water In/Out Temperature
cmciii_lcp_waterflowRittal CMC-III LCP: Water Flow
cmctc.tempRittal CMC-TC: Temperature
cmctc_configRittal CMC-TC: Configuration
cmctc_lcp.accessRittal CMC-TC: Access
cmctc_lcp.blowerRittal CMC-TC LCP: Blowers
cmctc_lcp.blowergradeRittal CMC-TC LCP: Blower total state
cmctc_lcp.currentRittal CMC-TC LCP: Current
cmctc_lcp.flowRittal CMC-TC LCP: Water flow
cmctc_lcp.humidityRittal CMC-TC LCP: Current
cmctc_lcp.positionRittal CMC-TC LCP: Position
cmctc_lcp.regulatorRittal CMC-TC LCP: Regulator
cmctc_lcp.statusRittal CMC-TC LCP: Status
cmctc_lcp.tempRittal CMC-TC LCP: Temperature
cmctc_lcp.userRittal CMC-TC LCP: Current
cmctc_outputRittal CMC-TC: Output Sensors
cmctc_portsRittal CMC-TC: Ports
cmctc_psm_mRittal CMC-TC PSM-M: Sensor State
cmctc_stateRittal CMC-TC: General State
couchbase_buckets_cacheCaches of couchbase buckets
couchbase_buckets_memMemory usage of Couchbase buckets
couchbase_buckets_operationsOperations of couchbase buckets
couchbase_buckets_operations.totalTotal operations of all couchbase buckets
couchbase_nodes_cacheCaches on couchbase nodes
couchbase_nodes_infoInformation on couchbase nodes
couchbase_nodes_itemsItems on couchbase nodes
couchbase_nodes_operationsOperations on couchbase nodes
couchbase_nodes_operations.totalTotal operations on all couchbase nodes
couchbase_nodes_servicesServices on couchbase nodes
couchbase_nodes_size.couch_viewsSize of couch views on couchbase nodes
couchbase_nodes_size.docsSize of couchbase documents on nodes
couchbase_nodes_size.spacial_viewsSize of spacial views on couchbase nodes
couchbase_nodes_stats.cpu_utilCPU utilization of couchbase nodes
couchbase_nodes_stats.memMemory usage of couchbase nodes
couchbase_nodes_uptimeUptime of couchbase nodes
cpsecure_sessionsCPSECURE (NetGear) Content Security Gateway: Number of Sessions
cpu.loadsCPU load
cpu.threadsTotal number of current processes and threads
cups_queuesState of CUPS Printer Queues
datapower_cpuIBM Datapower CPU Utilization
datapower_fanIBM Datapower Fans
datapower_fsIBM Datapower Filesystems
datapower_ldriveIBM Datapower Logical Drives
datapower_memIBM Datapower Memory Usage
datapower_pdriveIBM Datapower Physical Drives
datapower_raid_batIBM Datapower Raid Battery
datapower_tcpIBM Datapower: Number of TCP Connections per state
datapower_tempIBM Datapower Temperature Sensors
db2_backupLast successful backup of DB2 databases
db2_bp_hitratiosDB2 Bufferpool Hitratios
db2_connectionsDB2 Connections and Query Latency
db2_countersDB2 Deadlocks, Lockwaits and Sortoverflows
db2_logsizesDB2 Logfile Usage
db2_memMemory usage of db2 instances
db2_sort_overflowDB2 Sort Overflow Percentage
db2_tablespacesDB2 Tablespace Usage
db2_versionDB2 Version
ddn_s2a_errorsDDN S2A: Error rates
ddn_s2a_faultsbasicDDN S2A: Unit status
ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.bootstatusDDN S2A: Boot Status
ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.cachecohDDN S2A: Cache coherency
ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.disksDDN S2A: Disk failures
ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.dualcommDDN S2A: Ethernet connection
ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.ethernetDDN S2A: Ethernet connection
ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.fansDDN S2A: Fan failures
ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.pingfaultDDN S2A: Ping fault
ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.psDDN S2A: Power supply failures
ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.tempDDN S2A: Temperature failures
ddn_s2a_statsDDN S2A: Data rate
ddn_s2a_stats.ioDDN S2A: IO
ddn_s2a_stats.readhitsDDN S2A: Read hits
ddn_s2a_statsdelayDDN S2A: Read/write wait
ddn_s2a_uptimeDDN S2A: Power-On Time
ddn_s2a_versionDDN S2A: Version
decru_cpuDECRU NAS: CPU utilization
decru_fansDECRU NAS: Cooling fans
decru_perfDECRU NAS: Performance values
decru_powerDECRU NAS: Power supply
decru_tempsDECRU NAS: Temperature Sensors
dell_chassis_fansDell PowerEdge Chassis: Overall Fan State
dell_chassis_ioDell PowerEdge Chassis: Overall IO Module State
dell_chassis_kvmDell PowerEdge Server: Global KVM State
dell_chassis_powerDell PowerEdge Chassis: Overall Power Consumption
dell_chassis_powersuppliesDell PowerEdge Chassis: Power Consumption per Power Supply Unit
dell_chassis_slotsDell PowerEdge Chassis: State of the Blade Slots
dell_chassis_statusDell PowerEdge Server: Global State
dell_chassis_tempDell PowerEdge Chassis: Temperature Sensors
dell_compellent_controllerDell Compellent: Controller Status
dell_compellent_disksDell Compellent: Disks
dell_compellent_enclosureDell Compellent: Enclosure status
dell_compellent_folderDell Compellent: Folder
dell_eql_storageDell Equallogic SAN Storage
dell_idrac_disksDell iDrac: Disks
dell_idrac_fansDell iDRAC: Fan States
dell_idrac_powerDell iDRAC: Status of power supply redundancy
dell_idrac_power.unitDell iDRAC: Status of power supply unit (PSU)
dell_idrac_raidDell iDRAC: Status of Raid Controller
dell_idrac_raid.bbuDell iDRAC: Status of Raid Controller BBUs
dell_idrac_virtdisksDell iDrac: Virtual Disks
dell_om_disksDell OpenManage: Disks
dell_om_esmlogDell OpenManage: ESM log
dell_om_fansdell OpenManage: Fans
dell_om_memDell OpenManage: Physical Memory
dell_om_powerDell OpenManage: PSU redundancy status
dell_om_power.unitDell OpenManage: PSU unit state
dell_om_processorsDell OpenManage: Processor health
dell_om_sensorsDell OpenManage: Sensors (Fan, Temperature)
dell_om_vdisksDell OpenManage: Virtual Disks
dell_powerconnect_cpuDell PowerConnect Switches: CPU load
dell_powerconnect_fansDell PowerConnect Switches: FAN sensors
dell_powerconnect_psuDell PowerConnect Switches: Power Supply Sensors
dell_powerconnect_tempDell PowerConnect Switches: Temperature Sensors
dell_poweredge_amperage.powerDell PowerEdge Server: Power Consumption
dell_poweredge_cpuDell PowerEdge Server: CPU State
dell_poweredge_memDell PowerEdge Server: State of Memory Modules
dell_poweredge_netdevDell PowerEdge Server: State of Network Devices
dell_poweredge_pciDell PowerEdge Server: State of PCI Devices
dell_poweredge_statusDell PowerEdge Server: Global State
dell_poweredge_tempDell PowerEdge Server: Temperature Sensors
dfUsed space and inodes in filesystems
df_netappNetApp Filers: Used Space in Filesystems
df_netapp32NetApp Filers: Used space in Filesystem Using 32-Bit Counters
df_netscalerCitrix Netscaler: Used Space in Filesystems
df_zoszOS Mainframes: Used Space in Filesystems
didactum_can_sensors_analogDidactum devices: Temperature
didactum_can_sensors_analog.humidityDidactum devices: Humidity
didactum_can_sensors_analog.voltageDidactum devices: Voltage
didactum_sensors_analogDidactum devices: Temperature
didactum_sensors_analog.humidityDidactum devices: Humidity
didactum_sensors_analog.voltageDidactum devices: Voltage
didactum_sensors_discreteDidactum devices: Discrete sensors
didactum_sensors_outletDidactum devices: Relays
diskstatDisk throughput
dmi_sysinfoCollects basic hardware infos using DMI on Linux hosts
dmraid.ldisksLogical disks of DMRaid
dmraid.pdisksPhyiscal disks of DMRaid
docker_container_cpuDocker container CPU utilization
docker_container_diskstatDocker container disk throughput
docker_container_memDocker container memory usage
docker_container_statusDocker container status
docker_container_status.healthDocker container health
docker_container_status.uptimeUptime of Docker containers
docker_node_disk_usageDocker node disk usage
docker_node_infoDocker Node Info
docker_node_info.containersDocker Node Info Containers
docsis_channels_downstreamDOCSIS: Downstream Channels
docsis_channels_upstreamDOCSIS: Upstream Channels
docsis_cm_statusDOCSIS Cable Modem Status
domino_infoIBM Lotus Domino: Informational Data
domino_mailqueuesIBM Lotus Domino: Mail Queues
domino_tasksIBM Lotus Domino: Count of Tasks
domino_transactionsIBM Lotus Domino: Number of Transactions
domino_usersIBM Lotus Domino: Domino Users
dotnet_clrmemorydotNet Common Language Runtime Memory
drbdGeneral state of DR:BD devices
drbd.diskDisk read and writes of DR:BD devices
drbd.netNetwork load of DR:BD devices
drbd.statsCounter statistics of DR:BD devices
elasticsearch_cluster_healthElasticsearch: Cluster Health
elasticsearch_cluster_health.infoElasticsearch: Cluster Info
elasticsearch_cluster_health.shardsElasticsearch: Cluster Shards
elasticsearch_cluster_health.tasksElasticsearch: Cluster Tasks
elasticsearch_indicesElasticsearch: Indices
elasticsearch_nodesElasticsearch: Nodes
eltek_batteryUSV Eltek Valere: Battery Breaker Status
eltek_battery.supplyUSV Eltek Valere: Battery Current and Voltage
eltek_battery.tempUSV Eltek Valere: Battery Temperature
eltek_fansUSV Eltek Valere: Fans
eltek_outdoor_tempUSV Eltek Valere: Outdoor Temperature
eltek_systemstatusUSV Eltek Valere: System Status
emc_datadomain_disksEMC Datadomain: Hard Disk State
emc_datadomain_fansEMC Datadomain: fan status
emc_datadomain_fsEMC Datadomain: Used space of filesystems via SNMP
emc_datadomain_mtreeEMC Datadomain: MTree Usage
emc_datadomain_nvbatEMC Datadomain: Battery Status of NVRAM
emc_datadomain_powerEMC Datadomain: Power Modules
emc_datadomain_tempsEMC Datadomain: Temperature Sensors
emc_isilon.clusterhealthEMC Isilon: ClusterHealth
emc_isilon.namesEMC Isilon: Report Cluster and Node Name
emc_isilon.nodehealthEMC Isilon: NodeHealth
emc_isilon.nodesEMC Isilon: Online Status of Nodes
emc_isilon_cpuEMC Isilon: CPU utilization
emc_isilon_diskstatusEMC Isilon: Disk Status
emc_isilon_fansEMC Isilon: Fans
emc_isilon_ifsEMC Isilon: Cluster storage
emc_isilon_iopsEMC Isilon: Disk Operations per Second (IOPS)
emc_isilon_powerEMC Isilon: Power Supply sensors
emc_isilon_quotaEMC Isilon: Used and available quotas
emc_isilon_tempEMC Isilon: Temperature sensors
emc_isilon_temp.cpuEMC Isilon: Temperature of CPUs
emc_vplex_cpuEMC VPLEX Director CPU Utilization
emc_vplex_director_statsEMC VPLEX Director Throughput
emc_vplex_ifTraffic and status of network interfaces using 32 bit counters
emc_vplex_volumesEMC VPLEX Volume Diskstat
emcvnx_agentEMC VNX Storage: Info about the devices the agent controls
emcvnx_disksEMC VNX Storage: Status and I/O of Disks
emcvnx_hbaEMC VNX Storage: iSCSI traffic on HBAs
emcvnx_hwstatusEMC VNX Storage: Hardware Status
emcvnx_infoEMC VNX Storage: Info about the IP, system time, serial number and errors
emcvnx_info.configEMC VNX Storage: Configuration settings
emcvnx_info.ioEMC VNX Storage: Info about IO
emcvnx_info.linkEMC VNX Storage: Information about the management port settings
emcvnx_info.storageEMC VNX Storage: Information about the Storage Processor
emcvnx_mirrorviewEMC VNX Storage: Mirror View State
emcvnx_raidgroups.capacityEMC VNX Storage: Free Capacity in RAID Groups
emcvnx_raidgroups.capacity_contiguousEMC VNX Storage: Contiguous Free Capacity in RAID Groups
emcvnx_raidgroups.list_disksEMC VNX Storage: RAID Group: List of Disks
emcvnx_raidgroups.list_lunsEMC VNX Storage: RAID Group: List of LUNs
emcvnx_sp_utilEMC VNX Storage: Storage Processor Utilization
emcvnx_storage_poolsEMC VNX Storage: Storage pools
emcvnx_storage_pools.deduplicationEMC VNX Storage: Storage pools deduplication
emcvnx_storage_pools.tieringEMC VNX Storage: Storage pools tiering
emcvnx_storage_pools.tieringtypesEMC VNX Storage: Storage pools tiering types
emcvnx_writecacheEMC VNX Storage: Write Cache State
emerson_statEmerson UPS: status
emerson_tempEmerson UPS Device: Temperature sensor
emka_modulesEMKA Electronic Locking & Monitoring: Modules
emka_modules.alarmEMKA Electronic Locking & Monitoring: Alarms
emka_modules.handleEMKA Electronic Locking & Monitoring: Handles
emka_modules.relayEMKA Electronic Locking & Monitoring: Relays
emka_modules.sensor_humidEMKA Electronic Locking & Monitoring: Humidity sensor
emka_modules.sensor_tempEMKA Electronic Locking & Monitoring: Temperature sensor
emka_modules.sensor_voltEMKA Electronic Locking & Monitoring: Voltage sensor
enterasys_cpu_utilEnterasys Switch: CPU utilization
enterasys_fansEnterasys: Fans
enterasys_lsnatEnterasys: LSNAT bindings
enterasys_powersupplyEnterasys: Power Supplies
enterasys_tempEnterasys Switch: Temperature
entersektGeneral state of Entersekt Daemon
entersekt.certexpiryCertification expiry for Entersekt Ecert
entersekt.ecerterrorsNumber of errors for Entersekt Ecert
entersekt.emrerrorsNumber of http errors for Entersekt EMR
entersekt.soaperrorsNumber of errors for Entersekt soap serviec errors
entity_sensorsENTITY-SENSORS MIB: Temperature
entity_sensors.fanENTITY-SENSORS MIB: Fan Speed RPM
enviromuxNTI Enviromux 16D: Temperature
enviromux.humidityNTI Enviromux 16D: Humidity
enviromux_auxNTI Enviromux 16D: Auxiliary sensor temperature
enviromux_aux.humidityNTI Enviromux 16D: Auxiliary sensor humidity
enviromux_aux.voltageNTI Enviromux 16D: Auxiliary sensor voltage
enviromux_digitalNTI Enviromux 16D: Digital auxiliary sensors
enviromux_externalNTI Enviromux 16D: External temperature sensor
enviromux_external.humidityNTI Enviromux 16D: External humidity sensor
enviromux_external.voltageNTI Enviromux 16D: External voltage sensor
enviromux_semsNTI Enviromux 16D: SEMS temperature sensors
epson_beamer_lampLamp runtime of Epson beamers
esx_vsphere_countersVMWare ESX host systems: Datastore throughput
esx_vsphere_counters.cpuVirtual Machine under ESX: CPU ready time on the host system
esx_vsphere_counters.diskioVMWare ESX host systems: Disk throughput
esx_vsphere_counters.ifVMWare ESX host systems: Physical network interfaces
esx_vsphere_counters.ramdiskVMWare ESX host systems: Ramdisks
esx_vsphere_counters.uptimeVMWare ESX host systems: Uptime
esx_vsphere_datastoresVMWare ESX host systems: Used space
esx_vsphere_hostsystem.cpu_usageVMWare ESX host systems: CPU utilization
esx_vsphere_hostsystem.cpu_util_clusterVMWare ESX host systems: CPU utilization of clusters
esx_vsphere_hostsystem.maintenanceVMWare ESX Host System: Maintenance State
esx_vsphere_hostsystem.mem_usageVMWare ESX host systems: Usage of physical RAM
esx_vsphere_hostsystem.mem_usage_clusterVMware ESX vCenter: Total physical RAM usage of clustered ESX hosts
esx_vsphere_hostsystem.multipathVMWare ESX host systems: Multipath state
esx_vsphere_hostsystem.stateVMWare ESX Host System: Overall state and power state
esx_vsphere_licensesESX VSphere Licenses
esx_vsphere_objectsVMWare ESX: Location and state of VMs and host systems
esx_vsphere_objects.countVMWare ESX: Number of Virtualmachnies and Hostssystems
esx_vsphere_sensorsVMWare ESX host systems: Hardware sensors
esx_vsphere_vm.cpuVirtual Machine under ESX: number of virtual CPUs and demanded CPU GHz
esx_vsphere_vm.datastoresVirtual Machine under ESX: Name and disk free of datastores
esx_vsphere_vm.guest_toolsVirtual Machine under ESX: Guest Tools version status
esx_vsphere_vm.heartbeatVirtual Machine under ESX: Heartbeat
esx_vsphere_vm.mem_usageVirtual Machine under ESX: used Memory (RAM)
esx_vsphere_vm.mounted_devicesVirtual Machine under ESX: Mounted devices
esx_vsphere_vm.nameVirtual Machine under ESX: Name of the VM
esx_vsphere_vm.running_onVirtual Machine under ESX: Hostsystem the VM is running on
esx_vsphere_vm.snapshotsVirtual Machine under ESX: Snapshot settings
etherbox.humidityEtherbox / MessPC: Sensor Humidity
etherbox.smokeEtherbox / MessPC: Sensor Smoke
etherbox.switchEtherbox / MessPC: Sensor Switch Contact
etherbox.tempEtherbox / MessPC: Sensor Temperature
etherbox2_tempEtherbox 2 / MessPC: Sensor Temperature
ewonrelayed data via eWON industrial VPN router
f5_bigip_apmF5 Big-IP: number of current SSL/VPN connections
f5_bigip_chassis_tempF5 Big-IP: Chassis temperature
f5_bigip_clusterF5 Big-IP: Cluster state, up to firmware version 10
f5_bigip_cluster_statusF5 Big-IP: active/active or passive/active cluster status
f5_bigip_cluster_status.v11_2F5 Big-IP: active/active or passive/active cluster status
f5_bigip_cluster_status_v11_2F5 Big-IP: active/active or passive/active cluster status
f5_bigip_cluster_v11F5 Big-IP: Cluster state for firmware version >= 11
f5_bigip_connsF5 Big-IP: number of current connections
f5_bigip_cpu_tempF5 Big-IP: CPU temperature
f5_bigip_fansF5 Big-IP: System fans
f5_bigip_interfacesF5 Big-IP: Special Network Interfaces
f5_bigip_memF5 Big-IP: Usage of memory
f5_bigip_mem.tmmF5 Big-IP: Usage of TMM memory
f5_bigip_poolF5 Big-IP: Load Balancing Pools
f5_bigip_psuF5 Big-IP: Power Supplies
f5_bigip_snatF5 Big-IP: Source NAT
f5_bigip_vcmpfailoverF5 Big-IP: active/active or passive/active vCMP guest failover status
f5_bigip_vcmpguestsF5 Big-IP: show failover states of all vCMP guests running on a vCMP host
f5_bigip_vserverF5 Big-IP: Virtual servers
fast_lta_headunit.replicationFAST LTA Storage Systems: Replication Status and Mode
fast_lta_headunit.statusFAST LTA Storage Systems: Head Unit Status
fast_lta_silent_cubes.capacityFAST LTA Storage Systems: Total Capacity over all Silent Cubes
fast_lta_volumesFAST LTA Storage Systems: Capacity of Volumes
fc_portFibre channel devices monitored with the FCMGMT MIB
filehandlerTotal and used filehandles on system
fileinfoAge and size of files
fileinfo.groupsAge, size and count of a group of files
filestatsAge and size of files (mk_filestats)
fireeye_active_vmsFireEye Appliances: Active VMs
fireeye_bypassFireEye Appliances: Bypass Mail rate
fireeye_contentFireEye Appliances: Content version
fireeye_fansFireEye Appliances: Fan states
fireeye_lic_activeFireEye Appliances: License Status
fireeye_lic_expirationFireEye Appliances: Active VMs
fireeye_mailFireEye Appliances: Mail rates
fireeye_mail.attachmentFireEye Appliances: Attachment rates
fireeye_mail.receivedFireEye Appliances: Mails received
fireeye_mail.statisticsFireEye Appliances: Mail Statistics
fireeye_mail.urlFireEye Appliances: URL rates
fireeye_mailqFireEye Appliances: Mail Queues
fireeye_powersuppliesFireEye Appliances: Overall power supply status
fireeye_quarantineFireEye Appliances: Quarantine usage
fireeye_raidFireEye Appliances: RAID status
fireeye_raid.disksFireEye Appliances: Disk status
fireeye_smtp_connFireEye Appliances: SMTP connections
fireeye_sys_imageFireEye Appliances: System image
fireeye_sys_statusFireEye Appliances: System status
fireeye_tempFireEye Appliances: Temperature
fjdarye100_cadapsFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: Channel adapters
fjdarye100_cmodsFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: Status of Channel Modules
fjdarye100_cmods_memFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: Memory of Channel Modules
fjdarye100_conencsFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: Controller enclosures
fjdarye100_cpsusFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: Power supply units mounted on CE
fjdarye100_devencsFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: Device enclosures
fjdarye100_disksFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: Disks
fjdarye100_disks.summaryFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: Summarized status of all disks
fjdarye100_rlunsFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: RLUNs
fjdarye100_sumFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: Summary status
fjdarye100_syscapsFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: System capacitor units
fjdarye101_cadapsFujitsu storage systems: Channel adapters FW: 2013
fjdarye101_cmodsFujitsu storage systems: Status of Channel Modules FW: 2013
fjdarye101_cmods_memFujitsu storage systems: Memory of Channel Modules FW: 2013
fjdarye101_conencsFujitsu storage systems: Controller enclosures FW 2013.
fjdarye101_disksFujitsu storage systems: Disks FW 2013
fjdarye101_disks.summaryFujitsu storage systems FW 2013: Summarized status of all disks
fjdarye101_rlunsFujitsu storage systems: RLUNs FW 2013
fjdarye101_sumFujitsu storage systems: Summary status FW 2013
fjdarye101_syscapsFujitsu storage systems: System capacitor units FW 2013.
fjdarye200_poolsFujitsu ETERNUS DX200 storage systems: Thin provisioning pool
fjdarye500_ca_portsFujitsu storage systems: CA ports
fjdarye500_cadapsFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Channel adapters
fjdarye500_cmodsFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Status of Channel Modules
fjdarye500_cmods_flashFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Flash of controller modules
fjdarye500_cmods_memFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Memory of Channel Modules
fjdarye500_conencsFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Controller enclosures
fjdarye500_cpsusFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Power supply units mounted on CE
fjdarye500_devencsFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Device enclosures
fjdarye500_disksFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Disks
fjdarye500_disks.summaryFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Summarized status of all disks
fjdarye500_expandersFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Expanders
fjdarye500_inletthmlsFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 S3 storage systems: Inlet thermal sensors
fjdarye500_pfmFujitsu ETERNUS DX500 storage systems: Status of PCIeflash modules
fjdarye500_sumFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: Summary status
fjdarye500_syscapsFujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 storage systems: System capacitor units
fjdarye500_thmlsFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Thermal sensors
fjdarye60_cadapsFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Status of channel adapters
fjdarye60_cmodsFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Status of Channel Modules
fjdarye60_cmods_flashFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Flash of controller modules
fjdarye60_cmods_memFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Memory of Channel Modules
fjdarye60_conencsFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Controller enclosures
fjdarye60_devencsFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Device enclosures
fjdarye60_disksFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Disks
fjdarye60_disks.summaryFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Summarized status
fjdarye60_expandersFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Expanders
fjdarye60_inletthmlsFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Inlet thermal sensors
fjdarye60_psusFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Power supply units
fjdarye60_rlunsFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: RLUNs
fjdarye60_sumFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Summary status
fjdarye60_syscapsFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: System capacitor units
fjdarye60_thmlsFujitsu ETERNUS DX storage systems: Thermal sensors
fortigate_cpuFortiGate firewalls: CPU utilization
fortigate_cpu_baseFortiGate firewalls: CPU utilization
fortigate_ipsecvpnFortiGate firewalls: Status of IPSec VPN Tunnels
fortigate_memoryFortiGate firewalls: RAM Usage
fortigate_memory_baseFortiGate firewalls: RAM Usage
fortigate_nodeFortiGate firewall cluster monitoring: Info
fortigate_node.cpuFortiGate firewall cluster monitoring: CPU
fortigate_node.memoryFortiGate firewall cluster monitoring: Memory
fortigate_node.sessionsFortiGate firewall cluster monitoring: Sessions
fortigate_sensorsFortiGate firewalls: Sensor Summary
fortigate_sessionsFortiGate firewalls: Current Number of Sessions
fortigate_sessions_baseFortiGate firewalls with FORTINERT-FORTIGATE_MIB: Current Number of Sessions
fortigate_signaturesFortiGate firewalls: Age and version of AV and IPS signatures
fortigate_sslvpnFortiGate firewalls: Status of SSL VPN Tunnels
fortigate_sync_statusFortiGate firewall cluster monitoring: Sync Status
fortinet_controller_apsFortinet WLAN Controller APs: Number of Wifi Access Points
fortisandbox_cpu_utilFortinet FortiSandbox CPU Utilization
fortisandbox_queuesFortinet FortiSandbox Queues
fritz.configConfiguration Info of Fritz!Box
fritz.connConnection State of Fritz!Box
fritz.linkNetwork Link of Fritz!Box
fritz.wan_ifState of WAN network interface of Fritz!Box
fsc_fansFANs of Fujitsu Siemens (FSC) Servers using ServerView Agent
fsc_if64Fujitsu SC2: Network Interfaces
fsc_ipmi_mem_statusMemory module status using IPMI via freeipmi
fsc_sc2_cpu_statusFujitsu SC2: CPU Status
fsc_sc2_fansFujitsu SC2: Fan Status
fsc_sc2_infoFujitsu SC2: Server Info
fsc_sc2_mem_statusFujitsu SC2: Memory Status
fsc_sc2_power_consumptionFujitsu SC2: Power Consumption
fsc_sc2_psuFujitsu SC2: PSU Status
fsc_sc2_tempFujitsu SC2: Temperature
fsc_sc2_voltageFujitsu SC2: Voltage
fsc_subsystemsPhysical status of Fujitsu Siemens (FSC) Hardware parts
fsc_tempTemperature status of Fujitsu Siemens (FSC) Hardware
genua_carpGenua: State of Carp Interfaces on Carp Clusters and Nodes
genua_fanGenua: Fan State and RPM
genua_pfstateGenua: State of Packetfilter Engine
genua_state_correlationGenua: Correlation of the State of Carp Interfaces
genua_vpnGenua: VPN state
graylog_cluster_statsGraylog: Cluster Statistics
graylog_cluster_stats.elasticGraylog: Cluster Elasticsearch Statistics
graylog_cluster_stats.mongodbGraylog: Cluster MongoDB Statistics
graylog_cluster_trafficGraylog: Cluster Traffic
graylog_failuresGraylog: Failures
graylog_jvmGraylog: JVM
graylog_licenseGraylog: License
graylog_messagesGraylog: Messages
graylog_nodesGraylog: Nodes
graylog_sidecarsGraylog: Sidecars
graylog_sourcesGraylog: Sources
graylog_streamsGraylog: Streams
gude_humidityGUDE Power Control: Humidity
gude_powerbanksGUDE Power Control: Powerbank status and electricity
gude_relayportGUDE Power Control: Relay port status and electricity
gude_tempGUDE Power Control: Temperature
h3c_lanswitch_cpu3COM and H3C switches: CPU utilization
h3c_lanswitch_sensors3COM and H3C switches: Fan and Power Supply
haproxy.frontendHAProxy: Status of the Frontends
haproxy.serverHAProxy: Server Status
heartbeat_crmGeneral status of the CRM for heartbeat nodes using crm=yes
heartbeat_crm.resourcesStatus of the resources in heartbeat clusters using crm=yes
heartbeat_nodesNode status and link status of heartbeat nodes
heartbeat_rscstatusRessource status of heartbeat nodes using crm=no
heptaHepta 8030
hepta.ntpsysstratumHepta 8030
hepta.syncmoduletimelocalHepta 8030
hepta.syncmoduletimesyncstateHepta 8030
hitachi_hnas_bossockHitachi HNAS: Number of Bossock Fibers
hitachi_hnas_cifsHitachi HNAS: Number of Users using CIFS shares
hitachi_hnas_cpuHitachi HNAS: CPU Utilization of PNodes
hitachi_hnas_drivesHitachi HNAS: Status of System Drives
hitachi_hnas_fanHitachi HNAS: Status and Speed of Fans
hitachi_hnas_fc_ifHitachi HNAS: FibreChannel Interfaces
hitachi_hnas_fpgaHitachi HNAS: Utilization of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
hitachi_hnas_pnodeHitachi HNAS: Status of Physical Nodes (PNodes)
hitachi_hnas_psuHitachi HNAS: Status of Power Supplies (PSUs)
hitachi_hnas_quorumdeviceHitachi HNAS: Status of Quorum Device
hitachi_hnas_spanHitachi HNAS: Usage of Spans (Storage Pools)
hitachi_hnas_tempHitachi HNAS: Status and Measured Value of Temperature Sensors
hitachi_hnas_vnodeHitachi HNAS: Status of Virtual Nodes (VNodes or EVS)
hitachi_hnas_volumeHitachi HNAS: Usage and Status of Volumes
hitachi_hnas_volume.virtualHitachi HNAS: Usage and Status of Virtual Volumes
hitachi_hus_dkcHitachi HUS DKC: Hardware State
hitachi_hus_dkuHitachi HUS DKU: Hardware State
hitachi_hus_statusHitachi HUS: Global Status
hivemanager_devicesAerohive Hivemanager Devices
hivemanager_ng_devicesAerohive Hivemanager NG Devices
hp_bladeHP BladeSystem Enclosures: Summary Health State
hp_blade_bladesHP BladeSystem Enclosures: Health of Blades
hp_blade_fanHP BladeSystem Enclosures: FANs
hp_blade_managerHP BladeSystem Enclosures: Manager boards
hp_blade_psuHP BladeSystem Enclosures: Power supplies
hp_eml_sumHP StorageWorks EML E-Series Enterprise Tape Library: Summary Status
hp_fanHP Switches: Fan Status
hp_hh3c_extHP devices: Module Temperature
hp_hh3c_ext.cpuHP devices: Module CPU
hp_hh3c_ext.memHP devices: Module Memory
hp_hh3c_ext.statesHP devices: Module States
hp_mcs_sensorsHPE MCS 200: Temperature Levels
hp_mcs_sensors.fanHPE MCS 200: Fan status
hp_mcs_systemHPE MCS 200: System health
hp_msa_controllerHP MSA 2040: Controller CPU
hp_msa_controller.ioHP MSA 2040: Controller IO
hp_msa_diskHP MSA 2040: Disk Health
hp_msa_disk.ioHP MSA 2040: Disk IO
hp_msa_disk.tempHP MSA 2040: Temperature of all disks
hp_msa_fanHP MSA 2040: Fan Speed and Status
hp_msa_ifHP MSA 2040: Interface Status, IO and Speed
hp_msa_psuHP MSA 2040: Power Supply Health
hp_msa_psu.sensorHP MSA 2040: Power Supply Voltage
hp_msa_psu.tempHP MSA 2040: Power Supply Temperature
hp_msa_systemHP MSA 2040: System Health Status
hp_msa_volumeHP MSA 2040: Volume Health Status
hp_msa_volume.dfHP MSA 2040: Volume Disk Usage
hp_msa_volume.ioHP MSA 2040: Volume IO
hp_procurve_cpuHP Procurve Switches: CPU load
hp_procurve_memHP Procurve Switches: Memory usage
hp_procurve_sensorsHP Procurve Switches: Power Supplies, Fans, Temperature
hp_procurve_tempHP Switches: System Temperature
hp_proliantHP Proliant Servers: General Status
hp_proliant_cpuHP Proliant Servers: Physical CPU state
hp_proliant_da_cntlrHP Proliant Servers: RAID Controllers
hp_proliant_da_phydrvHP Proliant Servers: Physical Drives in Drive Arrays
hp_proliant_fansHP Proliant Servers: FANs
hp_proliant_memHP Proliant Servers: Memory Modules
hp_proliant_powerHP Proliant Servers: Power Meter
hp_proliant_psuHP Proliant Servers: Power Supplies
hp_proliant_raidHP Proliant Servers: Raid status`
hp_proliant_tempHP Proliant Servers: Temperature Sensors
hp_psuHP Switches: Power Supply Status
hp_psu.tempHP Switches: Power Supply Temperature
hp_sts_drvboxHP Proliant Servers: Storage System Drive Box Groups
hp_webmgmt_statusHP Web Management: Status
hpux_cpuCPU load on HP-UX
hpux_fchbaFibrechannel HBAs on HP-UX servers
hpux_ifNetwork Interfaces
hpux_lunstatsThroughput on HP-UX LUNs
hpux_lvmMirror state of LVM logical volumes on HP-UX
hpux_multipathMultipathing on HP-UX
hpux_serviceguardHP-UX Serviveguard
hpux_snmp_cs.cpuCPU utilization via SNMP on HP-UX
hpux_tunables.maxfiles_limKernel tunables: Number of open files
hpux_tunables.nkthreadKernel tunables: Number of threads
hpux_tunables.nprocKernel tunables: Number of Processes
hpux_tunables.semmniKernel tunables: Number of IPC Semaphore IDs
hpux_tunables.semmnsKernel tunables: Number of IPC Semaphores
hpux_tunables.shmsegKernel tunables: Number of Shared Memory Segments
hr_cpuCPU utilization via SNMP HOST-RESOURCES-MIB
hr_fsUsed space in filesystems via SNMP
hr_memUsage of physical and virtual RAM using SNMP
hr_psSNMP Processes
huawei_osn_fanHuawei OptiX OSN: Fans
huawei_osn_ifHuawei OSN: Interfaces
huawei_osn_laserHuawei OSN: Laser
huawei_osn_powerHuawei OSN: PSU
huawei_osn_tempHuawei OSN: Board Temperature
huawei_switch_cpuHuawei Switches: CPU utilization
huawei_switch_fanHuawei Switches: Fans
huawei_switch_memHuawei Switches: CPU utilization
huawei_switch_psuHuawei Switches: PSU operation status
huawei_switch_stackHuawei Switches: Stack
huawei_switch_tempHuawei Switches: Temperature
hwg_humidityHWg-STE Ethernet Thermometer: Humidity
hwg_tempHWg-STE Ethernet Thermometer: Temperature
hyperv_checkpointsHyper-V VMs: Age of oldest Checkpoint
hyperv_vmsHyper-V Server: State of VMs
hyperv_vmstatusHyper-V VMs: VM Status, Integration Services
ibm_imm_fanFan rpm via IBM Integrated Management Module (IMM)
ibm_imm_healthSystem health via IBM Integrated Management Module (IMM)
ibm_imm_tempTemperature Sensors via IBM Integrated Management Module (IMM)
ibm_imm_voltageVoltages of Power Supply and CMOS Battery via IBM Integrated Management Module (IMM)
ibm_rsa_healthSystems health via IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA)
ibm_storage_tsIBM Tape Library: Info
ibm_storage_ts.driveIBM Tape Library: Drive Status
ibm_storage_ts.libraryIBM Tape Library: Library Status
ibm_storage_ts.statusIBM Tape Library: Device Status
ibm_svc_arrayIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Status of RAID Arrays
ibm_svc_disksIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Summary of Disks
ibm_svc_enclosureIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Status of Enclosures, Canisters and PSUs
ibm_svc_enclosurestats.powerIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Power Consumption of Enclosures
ibm_svc_enclosurestats.tempIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Temperature of Enclosures
ibm_svc_eventlogIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Messages in Event log
ibm_svc_hostIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Status of Hosts Connected
ibm_svc_licenseIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Licensing Status
ibm_svc_mdiskIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Status and Mode of MDisks
ibm_svc_mdiskgrpIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Status and Usage of MDisksGrps
ibm_svc_nodeIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Status of IO Groups
ibm_svc_nodestats.cacheIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Cache Usage per Node
ibm_svc_nodestats.cpu_utilIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: CPU Utilization per Node
ibm_svc_nodestats.disk_latencyIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Latency for Drives/MDisks/VDisks per Node
ibm_svc_nodestats.diskioIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Disk Throughput for Drives/MDisks/VDisks per Node
ibm_svc_nodestats.iopsIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: IO operations/sec for Drives/MDisks/VDisks per Node
ibm_svc_portfcIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Status of FC Ports
ibm_svc_portsasIBM SVC / Storwize V3700 / V7000: Status of SAS Ports
ibm_svc_systemIBM SVC / V7000: System Info
ibm_svc_systemstats.cacheIBM SVC / V7000: Cache Usage in Total
ibm_svc_systemstats.cpu_utilIBM SVC / V7000: CPU Utilization in Total
ibm_svc_systemstats.disk_latencyIBM SVC / V7000: Latency for Drives/MDisks/VDisks in Total
ibm_svc_systemstats.diskioIBM SVC / V7000: Disk Throughput for Drives/MDisks/VDisks in Total
ibm_svc_systemstats.iopsIBM SVC / V7000: IO operations/sec for Drives/MDisks/VDisks in Total
ibm_tl_changer_devicesIBM tape library: Changer devices
ibm_tl_media_access_devicesIBM tape library: Media access devices
ibm_xraid_pdisksIBM servers: Physical Disks
icom_repeaterICOM Repeater: Operation Status
icom_repeater.pll_voltICOM Repeater: PLL Lock Voltage
icom_repeater.ps_voltICOM Repeater: Power Supply Voltage
icom_repeater.tempICOM Repeater: Temperature
ifTraffic and status of network interfaces using 32 bit counters
if64Monitor network interfaces via standard MIB using 64 Bit counters
if64_tplinkTP-LINK switches: Network Interfaces
if64admMonitor network interfaces including the ifAdminStatus
if_brocadeBrocade VDX devices: Network interfaces via standard MIB using 64 Bit counters
if_fortigateFortigate devices: Network interfaces via standard MIB using 64 Bit counters
if_lancomLANCOM devices: Network interfaces via standard MIB using 64 Bit counters
ifoperstatusOperational status of network interfaces - DEPRECATED
infoblox_dhcp_statsInfoblox devices: DHCP statistics
infoblox_dns_statsInfoblox devices: DNS statistics
infoblox_grid_statusInfoblox devices: Grid replication status
infoblox_node_servicesInfoblox devices: Node services
infoblox_replication_statusInfoblox devices: Replication status
infoblox_servicesInfoblox devices: Services
infoblox_tempInfoblox devices: System and CPU temperature
informix_dbspacesInformix DB: Spaces
informix_locksInformix DB: Locks
informix_logusageInformix DB: Log usage
informix_sessionsInformix DB: Sessions
informix_statusInformix DB: Status
informix_tabextentsInformix DB: Table extents
innovaphone_channelsInnovaphone Gateway: ISDN Channels
innovaphone_cpuInnovaphone Gateway: CPU utilization
innovaphone_licensesInnovaphone Gateway: Port licenses
innovaphone_memInnovaphone Gateway: Memory Usage
innovaphone_priports_l1Innovaphone Pri L1 Gateways: Pri Ports
innovaphone_priports_l2Innovaphone Pri L2 Gateways: Pri Ports
innovaphone_tempInnovaphone Gateway: Current Temperature
inotifyInotify - Monitor file system operations
intel_true_scale_chassis_tempIntel True Fabric Scale Switches: Chassis temperature status
intel_true_scale_fansIntel True Fabric Scale Switches: Fans status and speed
intel_true_scale_psusIntel True Fabric Scale Switches: Power supplies status
intel_true_scale_sensors_tempIntel True Fabric Scale Switches: Slot temperature sensors
ipmiHardware sensors with ipmitool
ipmi_sensorsIPMI sensors via freeipmi
ipr400_in_voltageOmnitronics IPR400 VoIP Device: Input Voltage
ipr400_tempOmnitronics IPR400 VoIP Device: Temperature
iptablesIptables modifications
ironport_miscIronPort Appliances: Hardware sensors
isc_dhcpdNumber of free addresses in DHCP pools on ISC DHCP-Daemon on Linux
ispro_sensors_digitalInterseptor Pro devices: Digital in sensors
ispro_sensors_humidInterseptor Pro devices: Humidity sensors
ispro_sensors_tempInterseptor Pro devices: Temperature sensors
j4p_performance.app_sessJ4P Performance: Sessions - DEPRECATED
j4p_performance.app_stateJ4P Performance: Application status - DEPRECATED
j4p_performance.memMemory usage of Java application server via JMX and j4p.war - DEPRECATED
j4p_performance.serv_reqJ4P Performance: Requests - DEPRECATED
j4p_performance.threadsThreads of Java application server via JMX and j4p.war - DEPRECATED
j4p_performance.uptimeUptime of Java application server via JMX and j4p.war - DEPRECATED
janitza_umgJanitza Power Analyzer: Input phases
janitza_umg.freqJanitza Power Analyzer: Frequency
janitza_umg.tempJanitza Power Analyzer: Temperature
jar_signatureSignatures of JAR files
jenkins_instanceJenkins: Instance
jenkins_jobsJenkins: Jobs
jenkins_nodesJenkins: Nodes
jenkins_queueJenkins: Queue
jobJob Monitoring
jolokia_genericJolokia: Generic numeric MBean value
jolokia_generic.rateJolokia: Generic numeric MBean rate
jolokia_generic.stringJolokia: Generic MBean string value
jolokia_infoType and version of Java application servers
jolokia_jvm_garbagecollectorsJava virtual machine garbage collection
jolokia_jvm_memoryMemory usage of a JVM
jolokia_jvm_memory.poolsMemory pool usage of a JVM
jolokia_jvm_runtimeUptime of JVM
jolokia_jvm_threadingNumber of JVM threads
jolokia_jvm_threading.poolTomcat number of threads in thread pool
jolokia_metrics.app_sessNumber of JVM sessions
jolokia_metrics.app_stateState of JVM applications
jolokia_metrics.bea_queueBEA Weblogic: Length of queue
jolokia_metrics.bea_requestsBEA Weblogic: Requests to JVM sessions
jolokia_metrics.bea_sessBEA Weblogic: Number of JVM sessions
jolokia_metrics.bea_threadsBEA Weblogic: Number of JVM threads
jolokia_metrics.cache_hitsJVM ehcache statistics: cache usage
jolokia_metrics.gcJava virtual machine garbage collection
jolokia_metrics.in_memoryJVM ehcache statistics: in-memory cache usage
jolokia_metrics.memMemory usage of a JVM
jolokia_metrics.off_heapJVM ehcache statistics: off-heap cache usage
jolokia_metrics.on_diskJVM ehcache statistics: on-disk cache usage
jolokia_metrics.perm_genPerm Space usage of a JVM
jolokia_metrics.requestsBEA Weblogic: Requests to JVM instances
jolokia_metrics.serv_reqNumber of Requests
jolokia_metrics.threadsNumber of JVM threads
jolokia_metrics.tpTomcat number of threads in thread pool
jolokia_metrics.uptimeUptime of JVM
jolokia_metrics.writerJVM ehcache statistics: cache writer
juniper_alarmJuniper Ethernet Switch: Chassis Alarm
juniper_bgp_stateJuniper Routers: BGP Status
juniper_cpuCPU utilization of the last 1/5/15 minutes
juniper_cpu_utilJuniper: CPU utilization
juniper_fruJuniper Ethernet Switch: Power Supply
juniper_fru.fanJuniper Ethernet Switch: Fan
juniper_memJuniper Ethernet Switch: Memory
juniper_screenos_cpuJuniper ScreenOS CPU utilization of the last 1/5/15 minutes
juniper_screenos_fanJuniper/ScreenOS: FAN health status
juniper_screenos_memJuniper/ScreenOS: Memory Usage
juniper_screenos_tempJuniper/ScreenOS: Temperature Sensors
juniper_screenos_vpnJuniper/ScreenOS: VPN Tunnel State
juniper_tempJuniper Ethernet Switch: Temperature
juniper_trpz_apsNumber of online access points
juniper_trpz_aps_sessionsRadios data and sessions of online access points
juniper_trpz_cpu_utilJuniper/Trapeze CPU utilization of the last few seconds and 1/5 minutes
juniper_trpz_flashJuniper/Trapeze: Check flash states
juniper_trpz_infoJuniper/ Trapeze Serial and Firmware Version
juniper_trpz_memJuniper/Trapeze: Memory Usage
juniper_trpz_powerJuniper/Trapeze: Check for PSU Units
k8s_component_statusesKubernetes component status
k8s_conditionsKubernetes conditions
k8s_daemon_podsKubernetes daemon pods
k8s_ingress_infosKubernetes ingresses
k8s_job_infoKubernetes jobs
k8s_namespacesKubernetes namespaces
k8s_nodesKubernetes nodes
k8s_persistent_volume_claimsKubernetes persistent volume claims
k8s_persistent_volumesKubernetes persistent volumes
k8s_pod_containerKubernetes pod container statistics
k8s_pods_cpuKubernetes pods CPU resources
k8s_pods_fsKubernetes pods filesystem resources
k8s_pods_memoryKubernetes pods memory resources
k8s_replicasKubernetes replicas
k8s_resources.cpuKubernetes CPU resources
k8s_resources.memoryKubernetes memory resources
k8s_resources.podsKubernetes pod resources
k8s_rolesKubernetes roles
k8s_service_portKubernetes service ports
k8s_stateful_set_replicasKubernetes replicas
k8s_stats.fsKubernetes node and cluster level filesystem usage
k8s_stats.networkKubernetes node and cluster level network usage
k8s_storage_classesKubernetes storage classes
kaspersky_av_clientKaspersky Anti-Virus: Signature and Fullscan
kaspersky_av_kesl_updatesKaspersky Anti-Virus updates
kaspersky_av_quarantineKaspersky Anti-Virus Quarantine
kaspersky_av_tasksKaspersky Anti-Virus tasks status
kaspersky_av_updatesKaspersky Anti-Virus updates
keepalivedGeneral state of Keepalived instances
kemp_loadmaster_haKemp Loadmaster HA
kemp_loadmaster_realserverKemp Loadmaster Realserver
kemp_loadmaster_servicesKemp Loadmaster Services
kentix_amp_sensorsKentix Alarmmanager Pro: Temperature
kentix_amp_sensors.humidityKentix Alarmmanager Pro: Humidity Sensor
kentix_amp_sensors.leakageKentix Alarmmanager Pro: Leakage Sensor
kentix_amp_sensors.smokeKentix Alarmmanager Pro: Smoke detection
kentix_coKentix MultiSensor: Carbon monoxide
kentix_dewpointKentix MultiSensor: Dew point
kentix_humidityKentix MultiSensor: Humidity Sensor
kentix_motionKentix MultiSensor: Motion
kentix_tempKentix MultiSensor: Temperature Sensor
kernelVarious Linux kernel counters
kernel.performanceVarious Linux kernel counters
kernel.utilCPU utilization
knuerr_rms_humidityKnürr RMS Humidity
knuerr_rms_tempKnürr RMS Temperature
knuerr_sensorsKnürr RMS Sensors
lgp_infoLiebert MPH/MPX devices: general information
lgp_pdu_auxLiebert MPH/MPX devices: PDU AUX sensors
lgp_pdu_infoLiebert MPH/MPX devices: Power Distribution information
libelle_business_shadow.archive_dirLibelle Business Shadow: Total / Used Space in Archive Dir
libelle_business_shadow.infoLibelle Business Shadow: System Infos
libelle_business_shadow.processLibelle Business Shadow: Active Process
libelle_business_shadow.statusLibelle Business Shadow: Status
liebert_bat_tempLiebert UPS Device: Temperature sensor
liebert_chilled_waterLiebert: Chilled Water
liebert_chiller_statusLiebert Chiller: Status
liebert_compressorLiebert: Compressor
liebert_coolingLiebert: Cooling Capacity
liebert_cooling_positionLiebert: Cooling Valve Open Position
liebert_cooling_statusLiebert: Cooling Status
liebert_fansLiebert: Fans
liebert_fans_condenserLiebert: Fans Condenser
liebert_humidity_airLiebert: Supply and return humidity
liebert_maintenanceLiebert: Time left for next Maintenance
liebert_pumpLiebert: Pump working hours
liebert_reheatingLiebert: Reheating
liebert_systemLiebert: System Information
liebert_system_eventsLiebert: System events
liebert_temp_airLiebert: Ait Temperatur
liebert_temp_fluidLiebert: Fluid temperatures
liebert_temp_generalLiebert: Temperature of several sensors
livestatus_statusPerformance and settings of a Check_MK/OMD instance
lnx_bondingState of Bonding network interface on Linux
lnx_ifState of network interfaces of Linux hosts
lnx_quotaLinux File System Quotas
lnx_thermalThermal sensors supported by Linux kernel
locallocal: Integrate custom checks via arbitrary scripts on the agent
loginsNumber of logged in users
logwatchCheck logfiles for relevant new messages
logwatch.ecForward Logwatch Messages to the Event Console
logwatch.ec_singleForward Logwatch Messages to the Event Console
logwatch.groupsGrouping of logfiles
lparstat_aixlparstat on AIX - CPU utilization and assignment for LPARs
lparstat_aix.cpu_utillparstat on AIX - CPU utilization
lsi.arrayLSI RAID array
lsi.diskStatus of a disk in an LSI RAID array
lvm_lvsLVM: Logical volumes
lvm_vgsLVM: Volume groups
lxc_container_cpuLinux container CPU utilization
mailman_listsMailinglist statistics of Mailman
mbg_lantime_ng_fanMeinberg LANTIME devices: Fans (NG MIB)
mbg_lantime_ng_powerMeinberg LANTIME devices: Power Supply (NG MIB)
mbg_lantime_ng_refclockMeinberg LANTIME Devices: Non-GPS Refclock State (NG MIB)
mbg_lantime_ng_refclock.gpsMeinberg LANTIME Devices: GPS Refclock State (NG MIB)
mbg_lantime_ng_stateMeinberg LANTIME devices: General state (NG MIB)
mbg_lantime_ng_tempMeinberg LANTIME devices: Temperature (NG MIB)
mbg_lantime_refclockMeinberg LANTIME devices: Reflock state
mbg_lantime_stateMeinberg LANTIME devices: General state
mcafee_av_clientMcAfee Anti-Virus Signature Date
mcafee_emailgateway_agentMcAfee Email gateway: Agent info
mcafee_emailgateway_av_authentiumMcAfee Email gateway: AV Authentium
mcafee_emailgateway_av_mcafeeMcAfee Email gateway: AV McAfee
mcafee_emailgateway_bridgeMcAfee Email gateway: Bridge status and traffic
mcafee_emailgateway_cpuloadMcAfee Email gateway: CPU load
mcafee_emailgateway_entitiesMcAfee Email gateway: Entities
mcafee_emailgateway_smtpMcAfee Email gateway: SMTP statistics
mcafee_emailgateway_spam_mcafeeMcAfee Email gateway: Spam Engine
mcafee_webgatewayMcAfee web gateway: statistics
mcafee_webgateway_infoMcAfee web gateway: product and revision infomation
mcafee_webgateway_miscMcAfee web gateway: miscellaneous
mcdata_fcportMcData FibreChannel Switches: Traffic and Status of Ports
mdLinux softraid devices
megaraid_bbuLSI MegaRAID: State of battery backup unit (BBU)
megaraid_ldisksLSI MegaRAID: Logical disks (via MegaCLI)
megaraid_pdisksLSI MegaRAID: State of physical disks (via MegaCLI)
mem.linuxDetailed usage of RAM, Swap, VMalloc and other memory areas on Linux
mem.usedUsage of physical and virtual RAM
mem.vmallocUsage of Vmalloc address space
mem.winMemory Usage
mgmt_dell_poweredge_amperage.powerSNMP Management Board: Dell PowerEdge Server: Power Consumption
mgmt_dell_poweredge_cpuSNMP Management Board: Dell PowerEdge Server: CPU State
mgmt_dell_poweredge_memSNMP Management Board: Dell PowerEdge Server: State of Memory Modules
mgmt_dell_poweredge_netdevSNMP Management Board: Dell PowerEdge Server: State of Network Devices
mgmt_dell_poweredge_pciSNMP Management Board: Dell PowerEdge Server: State of PCI Devices
mgmt_dell_poweredge_statusSNMP Management Board: Dell PowerEdge Server: Global State
mgmt_dell_poweredge_tempSNMP Management Board: Dell PowerEdge Server: Temperature Sensors
mgmt_fsc_sc2_cpu_statusSNMP Management Board: Fujitsu SC2: CPU Status
mgmt_fsc_sc2_fansSNMP Management Board: Fujitsu SC2: Fan Status
mgmt_fsc_sc2_infoSNMP Management Board: Fujitsu SC2: Server Info
mgmt_fsc_sc2_mem_statusSNMP Management Board: Fujitsu SC2: Memory Status
mgmt_fsc_sc2_power_consumptionSNMP Management Board: Fujitsu SC2: Power Consumption
mgmt_fsc_sc2_tempSNMP Management Board: Fujitsu SC2: Temperature
mgmt_fsc_sc2_voltageSNMP Management Board: Fujitsu SC2: Voltage
mgmt_hp_proliant_cpuSNMP Management Board: HP Proliant Servers: Physical CPU state
mgmt_hp_proliant_da_cntlrSNMP Management Board: HP Proliant Servers: RAID Controllers
mgmt_hp_proliant_fansSNMP Management Board: HP Proliant Servers: FANs
mgmt_hp_proliant_memSNMP Management Board: HP Proliant Servers: Memory Modules
mgmt_hp_proliant_tempSNMP Management Board: HP Proliant Servers: Temperature Sensors
mgmt_hr_fsSNMP Management Board: Used space in filesystems
mgmt_ipmi_sensorsIPMI Management board: Sensors
mgmt_snmp_infoSNMP Management board: Retrieve informational SNMP data about host
mgmt_snmp_uptimeSNMP Management board: Uptime
mikrotik_signalMikrotik Wlan Bridge: Signal Strength
mkbackupCheck_MK Appliance backup job state
mkbackup.siteCheck_MK site backup job state
mkeventd_statusStatus and performance of the Check_MK Event Console
mknotifydCheck_MK Notification Spooler
mknotifyd.connectionCheck_MK Notification Spooler Connection
mongodb_assertsMongoDB Assert
mongodb_clusterMongoDB Cluster Information
mongodb_cluster.balancerMongoDB Cluster Information
mongodb_cluster.collectionsMongoDB Cluster Information
mongodb_collectionsMongoDB Collection Size
mongodb_connectionsMongoDB Connections
mongodb_countersMongoDB Operation Counters
mongodb_flushingMongoDB Flushing
mongodb_instanceMongoDB Instance
mongodb_locksMongoDB Locks
mongodb_memMongoDB Memory
mongodb_replicaMongoDB Replica Info
mongodb_replica_setMongoDB Replica Set - Replication Lag
mongodb_replica_set.electionMongoDB Replica Set - Primary Election
mongodb_replication_infoMongoDB Replication Info
mountsOptions of mounted filesystems
moxa_iologik_registerMoxa IOLogik Register Check
mq_queuesApache ActiveMQ Queue lengths
mrpeMRPE: MK's Remote Plugin Executor
msexch_activesyncMS Exchange Active Sync Performance
msexch_autodiscoveryMS Exchange Auto Discovery Performance
msexch_availabilityMS Exchange Availability Performance
msexch_dag.contentindexMS Exchange DAG ContentIndex State
msexch_dag.copyqueueMS Exchange DAG CopyQueue Length
msexch_dag.dbcopyMS Exchange DAG DBCopy State
msexch_databaseMS Exchange Database Latency
msexch_isclienttypeMS Exchange Information Store Client Type Performance
msexch_isstoreMS Exchange Information Store Performance
msexch_owaMS Exchange OWA Performance
msexch_replhealthMS Exchange DAG Replication Health Test
msexch_rpcclientaccessMS Exchange RPC Client Access Performance
msoffice_licensesMS Office 365: Licenses
msoffice_serviceplansMS Office 365: Serviceplans
mssql_backupLast successful backup of MSSQL tablespaces
mssql_backup.per_typeLast successful backup of MSSQL tablespaces
mssql_blocked_sessionsMSSQL Blocked Sessions
mssql_connectionsMSSQL Connections
mssql_countersMSSQL Databases
mssql_counters.cache_hitsMSSQL cache hit ratio
mssql_counters.file_sizesSize of data- and logfiles of MSSQL tablespaces
mssql_counters.locksLocks per second in MSSQL tablespaces
mssql_counters.locks_per_batchMSSQL locks per batch
mssql_counters.pageactivityMSSQL page activity
mssql_counters.sqlstatsSQL Statistics values for MSSQL
mssql_counters.transactionsTransactions per second in MSSQL tablespaces
mssql_databasesMSSQL Database properties
mssql_datafilesSize of MSSQL datafiles
mssql_instanceGeneral state of MSSQL instances
mssql_tablespacesMSSQL tablespace size information
mssql_transactionlogsSize of MSSQL transactionlogs
mssql_versionsversions of MSSQL server processes
mtrMTR ping/traceroute to destination
multipathState of multipathing on Linux
mysqlMySQL: Version
mysql.connectionsMySQL Database: Maximum connection usage since startup
mysql.galeradonorMySQL Database: Galera Donor
mysql.galerasizeMySQL Database: Galera Size
mysql.galerastartupMySQL Database: Galera Startup
mysql.galerastatusMySQL Database: Galera Status
mysql.galerasyncMySQL Database: Galera Sync Status
mysql.innodb_ioMySQL InnoDB engine IO statistics
mysql.sessionsMySQL Database sessions
mysql_capacitySize of MySQL tablespaces
mysql_pingMySQL Deamon: Status
mysql_slaveMySQL Database: Slave Sync Status
netapp_api_aggrNetApp Filers: Used space of aggregations
netapp_api_clusterNetApp Ontap Filers: 7Mode Cluster Status
netapp_api_connectionNetApp API connection
netapp_api_cpuNetApp Filers: Cluster-Mode CPU Utilization
netapp_api_cpu.nvram_batNetApp Clustermode Filer: NVRAM Battery
netapp_api_cpu.utilizationNetApp Filers: 7Mode Global CPU Utilization
netapp_api_disk.summaryNetApp Filers: Disk summary
netapp_api_environmentNetApp Filer Clustermode: PSU Fault Info
netapp_api_environment.currentNetApp Filer Clustermode: System Electrical Current
netapp_api_environment.fan_faultsNetApp Filer Clustermode: Fan Fault Info
netapp_api_environment.fansNetApp Filer Clustermode: System Fan Speed
netapp_api_environment.temperatureNetApp Filer Clustermode: System Temperature
netapp_api_environment.voltageNetApp Filer Clustermode: System Electrical Voltage
netapp_api_fanNetApp Filer: FANs
netapp_api_fan.summaryNetApp Filer: FANs Summary
netapp_api_fcpNetApp Cluster-Mode: State of fibrechannel interfaces
netapp_api_ifState of network interfaces
netapp_api_infoNetApp Filer: Version Info
netapp_api_lunsNetApp Filers: Used space of LUNs
netapp_api_portsNetApp Ports
netapp_api_protocolNetApp Filer 7Mode: Protocols
netapp_api_psuNetApp Filer: Power Supplies
netapp_api_psu.summaryNetApp Filer: Power Supplies Summary
netapp_api_qtree_quotaNetApp Filers: Used space of qtrees in volumes
netapp_api_snapshotsNetApp Filers: Used Space in Filesystems
netapp_api_snapvaultNetApp Filer: Snapvault/Snapmirror lag-time
netapp_api_statusNetApp Filer: Overall system health
netapp_api_systemtimeNetApp Filer: Systemtime
netapp_api_tempNetApp Filer: Temperature sensors
netapp_api_vf_statsNetApp Filer 7Mode: vFiler CPU Utilization
netapp_api_vf_stats.trafficNetApp Filers: vFiler Traffic
netapp_api_vf_statusNetApp Filer: vFiler status
netapp_api_volumesNetApp Filers: Used space and traffic of volumes
netapp_api_vs_statusNetApp Filer: vServer status
netapp_api_vs_trafficNetApp Filer: vServer Traffic Summary
netapp_clusterNetApp Ontap Filers: MetroCluster Status
netapp_cpuNetApp Filers: CPU Utilization
netapp_fcpioNetApp Filers: Fibre Channel IOPS
netapp_vfilerNetApp Ontap Filers: vFiler Status
netapp_volumesNetApp Filers: Health and State of Volumes
netctr.combinedErrors and traffic over network interfaces
netextreme_cpu_utilExtreme Networks Switch: CPU utilization
netextreme_fanExtreme Networks Switch: Fan State and Speed
netextreme_psuExtreme Networks Switch: Power Supply
netextreme_psu_inExtreme Networks Switch: Input Power Supply
netextreme_psu_outExtreme Networks Switch: Output Power Supply
netextreme_tempExtreme Networks Switch: Temperature
netgear_fansNetgear Switches: Fans
netgear_powersuppliesNetgear Switches: Power supplies
netgear_tempNetgear Switches: Temperature Sensors
netif.linkNetwork interfaces on Linux: Link - DEPRECATED
netif.paramsNetwork interfaces on Linux: Parameters - DEPRECATED
netscaler_cpuCitrix Netscaler CPU Utilization
netscaler_dnsratesCitrix Netscaler DNS Rates
netscaler_haCitrix Netscaler High Availability
netscaler_health.fanCitrix Netscaler Loadbalancer: Speed of Fans
netscaler_health.psuCitrix Netscaler Loadbalancer: Power Supply Health
netscaler_health.tempCitrix Netscaler Loadbalancer: Temperature Sensors
netscaler_memCitrix Netscaler Memory Utilization
netscaler_sslcertificatesCitrix Netscaler SSL certificates: age validation
netscaler_tcp_connsCitrix Netscaler TCP Connections
netscaler_vserverCitrix Netscaler VServer Status
netstatEstablished TCP Connections or TCP/UDP Listeners
nfsexportsNFS exports
nfsiostatCheck NFS IO Stats
nfsmountsHealth of NFS mounts
nginx_statusPerformance indicators of NGINX web server
nimble_latencyNimble Storage: Read Latency
nimble_latency.writeNimble Storage: Write Latency
nimble_volumesNimble Storage: Volumes
ntpNTP peers
ntp.timeNTP time synchronization using ntpd
nullmailer_mailqLength of the nullmailer mailqueue
nvidia.errorsGPU errors on NVIDIA graphics card
nvidia.tempTemperatures of NVIDIA graphics card
nvidia.temp_coreTemperatures of NVIDIA graphics card
omd_apacheApache access statistics of OMD sites
omd_statusStatus of OMD sites
openbsd_sensorsCheck for hardware sensors on OpenBSD devices
openbsd_sensors.fanCheck for hardware sensors on OpenBSD devices
openbsd_sensors.voltageCheck for hardware sensors on OpenBSD devices
openhardwaremonitorHardware Sensors via OpenHardwareMonitor: Clock
openhardwaremonitor.fanHardware Sensors via OpenHardwareMonitor: Fans
openhardwaremonitor.powerHardware Sensors via OpenHardwareMonitor: Power
openhardwaremonitor.smartHardware Sensors via OpenHardwareMonitor: S.M.A.R.T.
openhardwaremonitor.temperatureHardware Sensors via OpenHardwareMonitor: Temperature
openvpn_clientsOpenVPN client connections
oracle_asm_diskgroupORACLE ASM Disk Groups
oracle_crs_resOracle Clusterware: Cluster Resources
oracle_crs_versionOracle Clusterware: Version Information
oracle_crs_votingOracle Clusterware: Voting Check
oracle_dataguard_statsCheck apply and transport lag of Oracle Data-Guard
oracle_diva_csmDIVA Content Storage Management: Library Status
oracle_diva_csm.actorDIVA Content Storage Management: Actor Status
oracle_diva_csm.archiveDIVA Content Storage Management: Archive Status
oracle_diva_csm.driveDIVA Content Storage Management: Drive Status
oracle_diva_csm.objectsDIVA Content Storage Management: Objects
oracle_diva_csm.tapesDIVA Content Storage Management: Blank Tapes
oracle_instanceOracle Database Instance
oracle_jobsORACLE Database Jobs
oracle_locksORACLE Database Locks
oracle_logswitchesLog switch activity of ORACLE database
oracle_longactivesessionsORACLE Database Long Active Sessions
oracle_performanceORACLE tablespaces: perfomance data
oracle_processesORACLE Database Processes
oracle_recovery_areaORACLE Database Recovery Area
oracle_recovery_statusCheck Checkpoint and user managed Backup state of datafiles
oracle_rmanCheck the RMAN Backup Status
oracle_rman_backupsORACLE RMAN Backups
oracle_sessionsNumber of active sessions in ORACLE database
oracle_sqlCustom SQLs for Oracle DBs
oracle_tablespacesVarious aspects of ORACLE tablespaces
oracle_undostatCheck Undo Retention of Oracle Instances
oracle_versionVersion of an ORACLE database checked by login
orion_backupDelta Energy Systems: Backup
orion_batterytestDelta Energy Systems: Batter test
orion_systemDelta Energy Systems: Temperature Battery
orion_system.chargingDelta Energy Systems: Charge Battery
orion_system.dcDelta Energy Systems: Direct Current
ovs_bondingState of Bonding network interface on Open vSwitch
packeteer_fan_statusBlue Coat Packet Shaper: Fan Status
packeteer_ps_statusBlue Coat Packet Shaper: Power Supply Status
palo_altoPalo Alto Firewall: Status
palo_alto_sessionsPalo Alto Firewall: Sessions
pandacom_10gm_tempPandacom SpeedCarrier Chassis 5u: 10 GM Module Temperature
pandacom_fanPandacom SpeedCarrier Chassis 5u: Fan State
pandacom_fc_tempPandacom SpeedCarrier Chassis 5u: FC Module Temperature
pandacom_psuPandacom SpeedCarrier Chassis 5u: Power Supply State
pandacom_sys_tempPandacom SpeedCarrier Chassis 5u: System Temperature
papouch_th2e_sensorsPapouch TH2E Devices: Temperature Sensors
papouch_th2e_sensors.dewpointPapouch TH2E Devices: Dew point Sensors
papouch_th2e_sensors.humidityPapouch TH2E Devices: Humidity Sensors
pdu_gude_8301Gude PDU units (8301): Power and Voltage
pdu_gude_8310Gude PDU units (8310): Power and Voltage
perle_chassisPerle Mediaconverter: Chassis diagnostic status
perle_chassis.tempPerle Mediaconverter: Chassis temperature
perle_chassis_slotsPerle Mediaconverter: Chassis slots diagnostic status
perle_modules_cm1000Perle Mediaconverter: CM 1000 modules states
perle_modules_cm1110Perle Mediaconverter: CM 1110 modules states
perle_modules_mgtPerle Mediaconverter: Management module
perle_psmuPerle Mediaconverter: Power supplies
perle_psmu.fanPerle Mediaconverter: Fan status
pfsense_counterpfSense Counter
pfsense_ifpfSense Interface
pfsense_statuspfSense Status
plesk_backupsFTP backups of Plesk domains
plesk_domainsDumps out the domains configured in Plesk
poseidon_inputsInput Sensors from HWgroup Poseidon devices
poseidon_tempTemperature sensors (HWgroup Poseidon devices)
postfix_mailqLength of the postfix mailqueues
postfix_mailq_statusStatus of postfix mail instances
postgres_bloatPostgreSQL Database Bloat
postgres_conn_timePostgreSQL Connection Time
postgres_connectionsPostgreSQL Database Connections
postgres_instancesPostgreSQL Instances
postgres_locksPostgreSQL Locks
postgres_query_durationPostgreSQL Query Duration
postgres_sessionsPostgreSQL Database sessions
postgres_stat_databaseDatabase statistics for PostgreSQL
postgres_stat_database.sizeDatabase Size for PostgreSQL
postgres_statsPostgreSQL Database Last Vacuum and Analyze
postgres_versionPostgres Version
printer_alertsGeneric Printer: Alerts reported
printer_inputGeneric Printer: Input Unit State
printer_outputGeneric Printer: Output Unit State
printer_pagesGeneric Printer: Number of printed pages
printer_pages_ricohRicoh Color Printers: Number of printed pages.
printer_supplyGeneric Printer: Remaining filling level
printer_supply_ricohRicoh Printers: Remaining filling level
prism_alertsNutanix Prism: Alerts
prism_containersNutanix Prism: Containers
prism_infoNutanix Prism: General info about a cluster
prism_storage_poolsNutanix Prism: Storage Pools
prometheus_customPrometheus Custom Check
psState and Count of Processes
ps.perfState and Count of Processes (with additional performance data)
pse_poeGeneric PSE device: Power over Ethernet
pvecm_nodesProxmox Virtual Environment: Node Status
pvecm_statusProxmox Virtual Environment: Cluster Status
qlogic_fcportQLogic SANbox Fibre Channel Switches: Fibre Channel Ports
qlogic_sanbox.psuQLogic SANbox Fibre Channel Switches: Status of Power Supplies
qlogic_sanbox.tempQLogic SANbox Fibre Channel Switches: Temperatur Sensors
qlogic_sanbox_fabric_elementQLogic SANbox Fibre Channel Switches: Status of Fabric Elements
qmail_statsLength of the qmail Mailqueue
qnap_disksQNAP NAS: Harddisk Status
quanta_fanFan Devices (by QCT-RACK-MIB)
quanta_temperatureTemperature sensors (by QCT-RACK-MIB)
quanta_voltageVoltage sensors (by QCT-RACK-MIB)
quantum_libsmall_doorDoor status of small Quantum tape libraries
quantum_libsmall_statusStatus of small Quantum tape libraries
quantum_storage_statusStatus of Quantum Storage Devices
ra32e_powerAVTECH Room Alert 32E: Internal power status
ra32e_sensorsAVTECH Room Alert 32E: Sensor temperature
ra32e_sensors.humidityAVTECH Room Alert 32E: Sensor humidity
ra32e_sensors.powerAVTECH Room Alert 32E: Sensor power status
ra32e_sensors.voltageAVTECH Room Alert 32E: Sensor voltage
ra32e_switchAVTECH Room Alert 32E: Switch Sensors
raritan_emxRaritan EMX devices: Temperature
raritan_emx.binaryRaritan EMX devices: Door States
raritan_emx.fanRaritan EMX devices: Fan State and Speed
raritan_emx_sensorsRaritan EMX Devices External Sensors: Contact
raritan_emx_sensors.airflowRaritan EMX Devices External Sensors: Air flow
raritan_emx_sensors.humidityRaritan EMX Devices External Sensors: Humidity
raritan_emx_sensors.pressureRaritan EMX Devices External Sensors: Pressure
raritan_emx_sensors.tempRaritan EMX Devices External Sensors: Temperature
raritan_pdu_inletRaritan PX-2000 family PDU inlet sensor state
raritan_pdu_inlet_summaryRaritan PX-2000 family PDU inlet sensor state
raritan_pdu_ocprotRaritan PX-2000 family PDU overcurrent protector
raritan_pdu_outletcountRaritan PX-2000 family PDU outlet count
raritan_pdu_plugsRaritan PX-2000 family PDU plug state
raritan_px2_sensorsRaritan PX2 Devices External Sensors: Temperature
raritan_px2_sensors.airflowRaritan PX2 Devices External Sensors: Air Flow
raritan_px2_sensors.humidityRaritan PX2 Devices External Sensors: Humidity
raritan_px2_sensors.pressureRaritan PX2 Devices External Sensors: Pressure
raritan_px_outletsRaritan PX Devices Outlets: Voltage, Current, Power, Apparent Power, Energy
raritan_px_sensorsRaritan PX Devices Sensors: Temperature
raritan_px_sensors.binaryRaritan PX Devices Sensors: Contact
raritan_px_sensors.humidityRaritan PX Devices Sensors: Humidity
rds_licensesRemote desktop licenses
redis_infoRedis: Server Info
redis_info.clientsRedis: Clients
redis_info.persistenceRedis: Persistence
rmon_statsTraffic Analysis of Network Interfaces using RMON
rms200_tempRMS200 Unit: Temperatures
rstcliIntel Rapid Storage Technologie: State of raid volumes
rstcli.pdisksIntel Rapid Storage Technologie: State of physical disks in raids
ruckus_spot_apRuckus Spot Access Points
safenet_hsmSafenet HSM: Operation Stats
safenet_hsm.eventsSafenet HSM: Event Stats
safenet_ntlsSafenet HSM: NTLS operation status
safenet_ntls.clientsSafenet HSM: NTLS clients
safenet_ntls.connrateSafenet HSM: NTLS connection rate
safenet_ntls.expirationSafenet HSM: NTLS expiration date
safenet_ntls.linksSafenet HSM: NTLS links
salesforce_instancesSalesforce: Instances
sansymphony_alertsSansymphony: Alerts
sansymphony_poolSansymphony: Pool
sansymphony_portsSansymphony: Ports
sansymphony_serverstatusSansymphony: Serverstatus
sansymphony_virtualdiskstatusSansymphony: Virtualdiskstatus
sap.dialogSAP Dialog Statistics Monitoring
sap.valueSAP Single Value Monitoring
sap.value-groupsSAP Single Value Monitoring Groups
sap.value_groupsSAP Single Value Monitoring Groups
sap_hana_backupSAP HANA Backup
sap_hana_data_volumeSAP HANA Data Volume
sap_hana_diskusageSAP HANA Disk Usage
sap_hana_essSAP HANA Statistics Server
sap_hana_eventsSAP HANA Events
sap_hana_filesystemSAP HANA: Filesystem
sap_hana_full_backupSAP HANA: Full database backup
sap_hana_licenseSAP HANA License
sap_hana_memSAP HANA: Resident Memory
sap_hana_mem.databaseSAP HANA: Database Memory
sap_hana_memrateSAP HANA Memory
sap_hana_procSAP HANA Process
sap_hana_process_listSAP HANA: Processes
sap_hana_replication_statusSAP HANA Replication Status
sap_hana_statusSAP HANA Status and Version
sap_hana_versionSAP HANA: Version
sap_stateSAP Host State
saprouter_certSAP router certificate: validity age
scaleio_devicesEMC ScaleIO: Data Server Devices
scaleio_mdmEMC ScaleIO: Cluster status
scaleio_pdEMC ScaleIO: Protection Domain Capacity
scaleio_pd.statusEMC ScaleIO: Protection Domain Status
scaleio_sdsEMC ScaleIO: Data Server Capacity
scaleio_sds.statusEMC ScaleIO: Data Server Status
scaleio_storage_poolEMC ScaleIO: Storage Pool Capacity
scaleio_storage_pool.rebalancerwEMC ScaleIO: Storage Pool Rebalance read/write
scaleio_storage_pool.totalrwEMC ScaleIO: Storage Pool Total read/write
scaleio_systemEMC ScaleIO: System Capacity
scaleio_volumeEMC ScaleIO: Volume size and throughput
security_masterSecurity Master smoke sensors
security_master.humiditySecurity Master humidity sensors
security_master.tempSecurity Master temperature sensors
seh_portsSEH myUTN: Ports
sensatronics_tempSensatronics E4 Temperature sensors
sentry_pduSentry PDU Devices
sentry_pdu_outletsSentry PDU Devices: Outlets
sentry_pdu_systempowerSentry PDU Devices: System Power
servicesWindows Services
services.summaryWindows Services
siemens_plc.counterSiemens PLC: Counter values
siemens_plc.durationSiemens PLC: Duration values
siemens_plc.flagSiemens PLC: Binary flag values
siemens_plc.infoSiemens PLC: Output text values
siemens_plc.tempSiemens PLC: Temperature values
siemens_plc_cpu_stateSiemens PLC: CPU state
site_object_countsCheck_MK site objects
skypeSkype For Business - General Information
skype.conferencingSkype For Business - Conferencing
skype.data_proxySkype For Business - Data Proxy
skype.edgeSkype For Business - Edge Server
skype.edge_authSkype For Business - Edge Authentication
skype.mcuSkype For Business - Multipoint Control Unit
skype.mediation_serverSkype For Business - Mediation Server
skype.mobileSkype For Business - Mobile
skype.sip_stackSkype For Business - SIP Stack
skype.xmpp_proxySkype For Business - XMPP Proxy
smart.statsHDD health statistics using S.M.A.R.T
smart.tempTemperature of HDDs using S.M.A.R.T
sni_octopuse_cpuSiemens Octopus E: CPU Utilization
sni_octopuse_statusSiemens Octopus E global status
sni_octopuse_trunksSiemens Octopus E trunk ports
snmp_infoRetrieve informational SNMP data about host
snmp_uptimeUptime of SNMP hosts
solaris_fmadmFault Class on Solaris
solaris_memMemory usage in solaris
solaris_multipathMultipathing on Solaris
solaris_prtdiag_statusPrtdiag based health check for solaris
solaris_servicesSMF Solaris: Single Services
solaris_services.summarySMF Solaris: Services Summary
sophosSophos Email Appliance: Module States
sophos_cpuSophos Device: CPU usage
sophos_diskSophos Device: Disk usage
sophos_memorySophos Device: Memory usage
sophos_messagesSophos Email Appliance: Inbound and outbound messages
splunk_alertsSplunk: Health
splunk_healthSplunk: Health
splunk_jobsSplunk: Jobs
splunk_license_stateSplunk: License
splunk_license_usageSplunk: License usage
splunk_system_msgSplunk: System messages
sshd_configMonitor parameters of the SSH daemon configuration
statgrab_cpuCPU utilization
statgrab_diskDisk IO
statgrab_loadCPU load (by statgrab)
statgrab_memUsage of physical and virtual RAM
statgrab_netNetwork Interfaces: Traffic
steelhead_connectionsRiverbed Steelhead: Connection Stats
steelhead_peersRiverbed Steelhead Peer Connections
steelhead_statusRiverbed Steelhead: Overall Status
storcli_pdisksLSI MegaRAID: State of physical disks (via StorCLI)
storcli_vdrivesLSI MegaRAID: State of virtual drives (via StorCLI)
storeonce_clusterinfoHPE StoreOnce: General information
storeonce_clusterinfo.clusterHPE StoreOnce: Cluster Status
storeonce_clusterinfo.spaceHPE StoreOnce: Cluster space
storeonce_clusterinfo.uptimeHPE StoreOnce: Uptime
storeonce_servicesetsHPE StoreOnce: Status of service set
storeonce_servicesets.capacityHPE StoreOnce: Capacity
storeonce_storesHPE StoreOnce: Stores
stormshield_clusterStormshield HA Status
stormshield_cluster_nodeStormshield HA Member
stormshield_cpu_tempStormshield: Temperature CPU
stormshield_diskStormshield: Disk Health
stormshield_infoStormshield Info
stormshield_packetsStormshield Packages
stormshield_policyStormshield Policy
stormshield_routeStormshield Routes
stormshield_servicesStormshield Services
stormshield_updatesStormshield Updates
strem1_sensorsSensatronics EM1 Devices: Temperature, humidity, wetness
stulz_alertsSTULZ Clima Unit: Alerts
stulz_humiditySTULZ Clima Unit: Air Humidity
stulz_powerstateSTULZ Clima Unit: Power State
stulz_pumpSTULZ Clima Unit: Pump Status
stulz_tempSTULZ Clima Unit: Temperatures
supermicroSupermicro Health
supermicro.sensorsSupermicro Health Sensors
supermicro.smartSupermicro Health Smart
superstack3_sensors3Com SuperStack 3 Switches: Hardware / FRU sensors
suseconnectSuSE Linux Enterprise Server license information
syloState of the sylo daemon
sym_brightmail_queuesSymantec brightmail scanners: Mail Queues
symantec_av_progstateSymantec Anti Virus Program state
symantec_av_quarantineSymantec Anti Virus Quarantine
symantec_av_updatesSymantec Anti Virus Update Status
synology_disksSynology NAS: Harddisk Status
synology_fansSynology NAS: System and CPU FAN status
synology_infoSynology NAS: Info
synology_raidSynology NAS: RAID Status
synology_statusSynology NAS: System and Power Status
synology_updateSynology NAS: Update Status
systemd_units.servicesSystemd Services
systemd_units.services_summarySystemd Service Summary
systemtimeSynchronization of operating system time
tcp_conn_statsNumber of TCP connections per state
teracom_tcw241_analogTeracom Ethernet IO module TCW241
teracom_tcw241_digitalTeracom Ethernet IO module TCW241
timemachineAge of latest backup by timemachine
timesyncdSystemd Timesyncd
tinkerforgeTinkerforge sensor brick: Master
tinkerforge.ambientTinkerforge sensor bricklet: Ambient
tinkerforge.humidityTinkerforge sensor bricklet: Humidity
tinkerforge.motionTinkerforge sensor bricklet: Motion Detectors
tinkerforge.temperatureTinkerforge sensor bricklet: Temperature
tplink_cpuTP-LINK switches: CPU utilization
tplink_memTP-LINK switches: Memory utilization
tplink_poeTP-LINK switches: Power over Ethernet
tplink_poe_summaryTP-LINK switches: Power over Ethernet power consumption
tsm_drivesIBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM): Backup Drives
tsm_pathsIBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM): Paths
tsm_scratchIBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM): Number of Tapes in Scratch Pool
tsm_sessionsIBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM): Age of Sessions in RecvW or MediaW state
tsm_stagingpoolsIBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM): Staging Pools
tsm_storagepoolsIBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM): Usage of Storage Pools
ucd_cpu_loadCPU load average on systems using UCD SNMP Daemon
ucd_cpu_utilCPU utilization via SNMP from UCD daemon
ucd_diskDisk space of mounted disks on systems using UCD SNMP Daemon
ucd_memTotal and used Memory on systems using UCD SNMP Daemon
ucd_processesProcesses on systems using UCD SNMP Daemon
ucs_bladecenter_fansUCS Bladecenter Fans: Health status of fans
ucs_bladecenter_fans.tempUCS Bladecenter Fans: Temperature information
ucs_bladecenter_faultinstUCS Bladecenter: Fault Instances
ucs_bladecenter_ifUCS Bladecenter fibrechannel, ethernet and interconnect interfaces
ucs_bladecenter_psuUCS Bladecenter: Chassis Voltage
ucs_bladecenter_psu.chassis_tempUCS Bladecenter: Chassis Temperature
ucs_bladecenter_psu.switch_powerUCS Bladecenter: Power Supply Switch
ucs_bladecenter_topsystemUCS Bladecenter: TopSystem Info
ucs_c_rack_server_fansUCS C-Series Rack Server: Health status of fans
ucs_c_rack_server_healthUCS C-Series Rack Server: Storage controller health
ucs_c_rack_server_powerUCS C-Series Rack Server: Motherboard Power Statistics
ucs_c_rack_server_psuUCS C-Series Rack Server: Power supply unit (PSU)
ucs_c_rack_server_psu.voltageUCS C-Series Rack Server: PSU (voltage)
ucs_c_rack_server_tempUCS C-Series Rack Server: Processor Temperature
ucs_c_rack_server_topsystemUCS C-Series Rack Server: TopSystem Info
ucs_c_rack_server_utilUCS C-Series Rack Server: Overall utilization
ucs_c_rack_server_util.cpuUCS C-Series Rack Server: CPU utilization
ucs_c_rack_server_util.memUCS C-Series Rack Server: Memory utilization
ucs_c_rack_server_util.pci_ioUCS C-Series Rack Server: PCI IO utilization
unitrends_backupUnitrends Backup Schedules
unitrends_replicationUnitrends Replication status
ups_bat_tempGeneric UPS Device: Temperature sensor
ups_capacityGeneric UPS Device: Remaining battery capacity
ups_cps_batteryCPS UPS Device: Remaining battery capacity
ups_cps_battery.tempCPS UPS Device: Remaining battery capacity
ups_cps_inphaseCPS UPS Device: Input Phase
ups_cps_outphaseCPS UPS Device: Output phase
ups_eaton_enviromentEaton UPS Devices: Temperature and Humidity Sensors
ups_in_freqGeneric UPS Device: In frequency
ups_in_voltageGeneric UPS Device: Input voltage
ups_modulys_alarmsSocomec Modulys UPS Device: Alarms
ups_modulys_batterySocomec Modulys UPS Device: Battery status
ups_modulys_battery.tempSocomec Modulys UPS Device: Battery temperature
ups_modulys_inphaseSocomec Modulys UPS Device: Input phases
ups_modulys_outphaseSocomec Modulys UPS Device: Output phases
ups_out_loadGeneric UPS Device: OUT load
ups_out_voltageGeneric UPS Device: Out voltage
ups_powerGeneric UPS Device: Output power
ups_socomec_capacitySocomec UPS Device: Remaining battery capacity
ups_socomec_in_voltageSocomec UPS Device: Input Voltage
ups_socomec_out_sourceSocomec UPS Device: Power source for output phases
ups_socomec_out_voltageSocomec UPS Device: Output Voltage
ups_socomec_outphaseSocomec UPS Device: Output phases
ups_testGeneric UPS Device: Self Test
uptimeUptime of operating system
varnishHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: Uptime
varnish.backendHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: Backend
varnish.backend_success_ratioHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: Backend Success Ratio
varnish.cacheHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: Cache
varnish.cache_hit_ratioHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: Cache Hit Ratio
varnish.clientHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: Client
varnish.esiHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: ESI
varnish.fetchHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: Fetch
varnish.objectsHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: Objects
varnish.workerHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: Worker
varnish.worker_thread_ratioHTTP Accelerator Statistics via Varnishstat on Linux: Worker Thread Ratio
vbox_guestVersion of VirtualBox guest additions in Linux guests
veeam_clientveeam client backup check
veeam_jobsVeeam Backup Jobs
veeam_tapejobsVeeam Tape Jobs
veritas_vcsVeritas Cluster Service: Cluster State
veritas_vcs.resourceVeritas Cluster Service: Resource
veritas_vcs.servicegroupVeritas Cluster Service: Service Group
veritas_vcs.systemVeritas Cluster Service: System
viprinet_firmwareViprinet: Firmware Status
viprinet_memViprinet: Memory Usage
viprinet_powerViprinet: Power Supplies
viprinet_routerViprinet: Router Mode
viprinet_serialViprinet: Serial Number
viprinet_tempViprinet: Temperature Levels
vms_cpuCPU utilization and IO-Wait
vms_diskstat.dfDisk space on OpenVMS
vms_ifTraffic of network interfaces on OpenVMS
vms_queuejobsOpenVMS Queue Jobs
vms_system.iosNumber of total IOs on OpenVMS
vms_system.procsNumber of processes on OpenVMS
vms_usersInteractively logged in users in OpenVMS
vmstat_aixCPU utilization
vnx_quotasVNX NAS DBs: Quotas
vnx_versionVNX NAS DBs: Version info
vxvm_enclosuresVeritas VxVM: Enclosures
vxvm_multipathVeritas VxVM: Multipath
vxvm_objstatusVeritas VxVM: Status of Objects
wagner_titanus_topsense.airflow_deviationWagner Titanus Top Sens: Airflow Deviation from Set Point
wagner_titanus_topsense.alarmWagner Titanus Top Sens: Alarms Triggered
wagner_titanus_topsense.chamber_deviationWagner Titanus Top Sens: Chamber Deviation from Calibration Point
wagner_titanus_topsense.infoWagner Titanus Top Sens: System Infos
wagner_titanus_topsense.overall_statusWagner Titanus Top Sens: Overall Status
wagner_titanus_topsense.smokeWagner Titanus Top Sens: Smoke Detectors
wagner_titanus_topsense.tempWagner Titanus Top Sens: Temperature
watchdog_sensorsGEIST watchdog: Status
watchdog_sensors.dewGEIST watchdog: Dew point Sensor
watchdog_sensors.humidityGEIST watchdog: Humidity Sensor
watchdog_sensors.tempGEIST watchdog: Temperature Sensor
websphere_mq_channelsIBM Websphere MQ Channel Message count
websphere_mq_instanceIBM Websphere MQ Instances
websphere_mq_instance.managerIBM Websphere MQ Manager
websphere_mq_queuesIBM Websphere MQ Queue Status and Message count
win_dhcp_poolsNumber of free addresses in DHCP pools on Windows DHCP servers
win_dhcp_pools.statsNumber of transactions since startup of the Windows DHCP
win_licenseWindows license information
win_netstatEstablished TCP Connections or TCP/UDP Listeners
win_printersWindows Printers: Queue and printer states
windows_broadcom_bondingBroadcom Bonding network interface on windows
windows_intel_bondingIntel Bonding network interface on windows
windows_os_bondingBonding Network Interface on Windows (Operating System Level)
windows_tasksCheck Windows Task Scheduler
windows_updatesNumber of pending windows updates and needed reboot state
winperf.cpuusageCPU usage on Windows systems (deprecated)
winperf.diskstatDisk IO on Windows systems
winperf_ifState and performance of network interfaces of Windows hosts
winperf_memWindows memory statistics
winperf_msx_queuesLength of MS Exchange queues
winperf_phydiskDisk throughput on Windows
winperf_processor.utilCPU utilization on Windows systems
winperf_tcp_connNumber of TCP connections per state
winperf_ts_sessionsMicrosoft Terminal Server Sessions
wmi_cpuloadWindows CPU Load
wmi_webservicesMicrosoft WebServices
wmic_processResource consumption of windows processes
wut_webio_io.inputsWuT Web-IO: Analogue Input Channels
wut_webthermWuT Web-Thermograph: Temperature
wut_webtherm.humidityWuT Web-Thermograph: Humidity
wut_webtherm.pressureWuT Web-Thermograph: Air Pressure
zebra_modelZebra Model
zebra_printer_statusZebra Printer Status
zerto_vpg_rpoZerto VPG RPO
zfs_arc_cacheZFS arc Cache: Hit Ratios and Sizes
zfs_arc_cache.l2ZFS arc L2 Cache: Hit Ratio and Size
zfsgetUsed space in ZFS pools and filesystems
zpoolZFS Storage Pool sizes
zpool_statusZFS Storage Pool status
zypperCheck for (security) updates via Zypper