Check-Manual von aws_elasticache_memory

AWS ElastiCache: Memory

Distribution Official part of Checkmk Cloud Edition
Lizenz Checkmk Enterprise License
Unterstützte Agenten Aws
This check monitors the memory of an Redis node. The monitored metrics are:

- Bytes used for cache

- Memory usage

- Evictions - the number of keys that have been evicted due to the maxmemory limit

- Reclaimed - the total number of key expiration events

- Memory fragmentation - indicates the efficiency in the allocation of memory of the Redis engine

- Cache hit rate

To make this check work you have to configure the related special agent Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Name of the node


One service is created for each Redis node if any of the metrics (BytesUsedForCache, DatabaseMemoryUsagePercentage, Evictions, Reclaimed, MemoryFragmentationRatio, CacheHitRate) is available.