Check-Manual von check_cert


Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten Active
This performs an active check of an server providing a certificate over TCP.

With this active check you may monitor certificates not only of web servers, but all servers that encrypt a TCP connection. For this you have to specify the TCP port as it is not derivable from the HTTP protocol. The default is set to 443.

You may configure checks for the general validity and if the certificate is allowed to be self-signed.

Additionally, you may check for specific values to monitor if you're looking at the correct certificate or if certain policies are fulfilled.

This check can be configured via ruleset at Checkmk Setup. This ruleset also allows to specifiy multiple connections to check per host/rule. Peaser refer to the ruleset for details.


The name of the host to check (Service name)