Check-Manual von emc_datadomain_mtree

EMC Datadomain: MTree Usage
Distribution offizieller Teil von Check_MK
Lizenz GPL
Unterstützte Agenten SNMP

Reports the Precompiled MTree usage in GB of the EMC Data Domain Deduplication Storage Systems. By default, the state of the check is determined from the state reported by the device as follows: The check is {OK} if the system reports {3} (readWrite), {4} (replicationDestination) {5} (retentionLockEnabled), {6} (retentionLockDisabled). The check is {WARN} if the MTree reports a state of {1} (readOnly). The check is {CRIT} if the Mtree reports a state of {1} (deleted). This behavior can be modified using the rule "State of EMC Data Domain MTree".


Name of the Mtree


One service is created for each cwMTreesensor found on the device.