Check-Manual von fileinfo_groups

Age, Size and Count of a Group of Files

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten Windows Linux Freebsd Macosx Solaris
This check monitors the size, age and the count of a group of files in the target host's filesystem. You can set lower and upper limits for each: size of files, age of oldest, the newest file and for the total count of files.

This check needs some configuration in the agent, as the agent needs to know the information about which files need to be sent. Please refer to fileinfo's manpage for information about setting up the agent.

The check also needs a configured file grouping pattern. The name of the file group is referenced in the check configuration as the item.

File grouping patterns combine a simple pattern based on * and ? to join a subset of the file names send by the agent into a file group. In addition an exclude pattern may be defined to exclude certain filenames.

Furthermore, the current time/date in a configurable format may be included in the pattern. The syntax is as follows: $DATE:format-spec$, where format-spec is a list of time format directives of the unix date command. Example: $DATE:%Y%m%d$ is todays date, e.g. 20140127. A pattern of /var/tmp/backups/$DATE:%Y%m%d$.txt would search for .txt files with todays date as name in the directory /var/tmp/backups.


Configured name of the file group


One service is created for each fileinfo group.