Check-Manual von hpux_multipath

HP-UX: Multipathing
Distribution offizieller Teil von Check_MK
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten Hpux
This check monitors the state of Multipath groups (LUNs) on HP-UX. Each path can be in the state ACTIVE, STANDBY, FAILED or UNOPEN. The check parameter specifies the number of pathes expected in the various states (usually active and standby). The check triggers critical, if at least one path is FAILED. It triggers a warning if the number of paths in the various states has changed (e.g. if a path has completely vanished or switched from active to standby).


The WWID of the LUN.


One service is created for each LUN that has at least two paths which are not {UNOPEN}. LUNs with all paths in state {UNOPEN} will be ignored. Also LUNs with only one path will be ignored (there are usually local devices).