Check-Manual von ibm_imm_voltage

IBM Integrated Management Module (IMM): Power Supply and CMOS Battery Voltages
Distribution offizieller Teil von Check_MK
Lizenz GPL
Unterstützte Agenten SNMP
This check monitors the voltages provided by the power supply and CMOS battery of servers via a IBM Integrated Management Module (IMM). It uses snmp and the IBM IMM MIB to gather the data.

The check uses the lower and upper warning and critical levels extracted from the device (OIDs voltCritLimitLow, voltNonCritLimitLow, voltCritLimitHigh ,voltNonCritLimitHigh) to calculate the state of the service.


The name of the power supply measurement channel as extracted from the OID {voltDescr}


One service is created for each voltage measurement channel.