Check-Manual von kube_replicas

Kubernetes: Replicas

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten Kubernetes
This check monitors the number of Kubernetes replicas.

In the event that the number of ready or up-to-date replicas is below the number of desired replicas, the check shows a WARN and CRIT state if this persists for more than 5 minutes and 10 minutes respectively. Moreover, if there are misscheduled Pods controlled by a DaemonSet, then the check will also show WARN/CRIT, after 5/10 minutes.

The check also monitors the number of replicas that are available. However, this is only done if the MinReadySeconds field is non-zero. For MinReadySeconds = 0, the available replicas are omitted as they are always equal to the ready replicas.

It is possible to configure the grace period for each state using the "Kubernetes: Replicas" ruleset.

Please note that replicas may temporarily be in a not ready, out-of-date or misscheduled state during the process of an update. It is therefore advised to always have a grace period configured.


One service is created for each Kubernetes object which supports replicas.