Check-Manual von lsi_disk

LSI RAID Controller: Status of a Disk

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten Linux
Monitors the status of a single disk of an LSI RAID controller. The Linux agent sends information about its state, if the tool cfggen is available. Each disk can be in one of several states, such as ONL (online), HSP (hot spare), FLT (faulty) or MIS (missing). The check is parameterized with a target state. The check gets critical if the disk is not in that state or no information about the disk is sent at all by the agent.


The ID of the disk


One service is created for each existing disk regardless of their states. The current state of a disk is used as target state. That way, you will be notified, even if a disk changes from state {HSP} to {ONL}.