Check-Manual von megaraid_pdisks

LSI MegaRAID: State of Physical Disks (via MegaCLI)
Distribution offizieller Teil von Check_MK
Lizenz GPL
Unterstützte Agenten Linux

This check monitors the state of the physical disks of an LSI MegaRAID Controller. The Linux agent sends the neccessary data, if the command line utility {MegaCli} is found in the shells search path. The usual way is to install it into {/usr/local/bin}. The utility {MegaCli} can be downloaded from {}. This is an alternative to the utility {cfggen}. {cfggen} only works with the driver {mptsas}, whereas {MegaCli} uses a device created by the driver {megaraid_sas}.


A combination of the enclosure and the slot number, separated by a slash, for example {"0/4"} for enclosure {0} and slot {4}.


One service is created for each disk.