Check-Manual von mongodb_cluster_collections

MongoDB: Cluster Information

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten Linux
This check displays and monitors collection and shard parameters relevant for a MongoDB cluster:


- Shards: Total number of shards used by the collection

- Chunks: Total number of chunks in all shards

- Docs: Total number of documents stored in the collection

- Size: Uncompressed size in memory

- Storage: Allocated for document storage

- Balancer: Show if balancer is enabled/disabled for the collection

Per Shard:

- Chunks: Number of chunks of the shard

- Jumbos: Number of jumbo chunks of the shard

- Docs: Number of documents of the shard

--- per chunk: Estimated number of documents per chunk

- Size: Uncompressed size in memory of the shard

--- per chunk: Estimated uncompressed size in memory

- Host: Hostname where the shard is running on

Note: This check will only be discovered, if the agent runs on the primary mongos router node.


Name of the database followed by {{.}} followed by the name of the collection


One service is created for each collection named 'MongoDB Cluster: .'.