Check-Manual von mssql_jobs

MSSQL Database: Jobs

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten Windows
This check monitors scheduled jobs on MSSQL databases. The following information is shown for each job:

-job duration -MSSQL job status -outcome message -last run time -next run time

It is possible to set warn/crit levels for the job duration, in case the job or schedule is inactive, and/or corresponding to the MSSQL job status. Performance data is tracked in terms of job duration.


"Maximum run duration for last execution": Set state to WARN or CRIT when the job duration exceeds the levels provided.

"Job State": The state of the job is ignored when this parameter is set to "Ignore the state of the Job". This is the default behavior.

"Status of service in case of disabled job": The state that should be shown if the job or the schedule is disabled. The default state is OK.

"Status of service in case of missing job": The state that should be shown if the job is missing. The default state is CRIT.

This check needs the Checkmk mssql.vbs-plugin installed on the host. Please refer to the online documentation for instructions on how to install this plugin.


The job name (optional), separated by {{.}}


A seperate service is created for each job.