Check-Manual von oracle_asm_diskgroup

Oracle: ASM Disk Groups
Distribution offizieller Teil von Check_MK
Lizenz GPL
Unterstützte Agenten Linux Solaris Hpux

This check measures the usage of ASM Disk Groups. The usage is checked against a warning and a critical level, which can be specified in numerous ways. {Requirements:} The agent_plugin {mk_oracle} is needed on the monitored machines. See details for mk_oracle at manpage of oracle_instance. All Failure Groups need the same size. Otherwise the calculation of total and used space is wrong. Disk Groups with Voting require 3 for NORMAL and 5 for HIGH Redundancy! {Trends:} This checks supports Disk Group {trends}. This means that the check is able to compute the change of the used space over the time and can make a forecast into the future. It can estimate the time when the Disk Group will be full. In a default configuration the check will compute the trend based on the data of the last 24 hours using a logarithmic average that gives more recent data a higher weight. Also data beyond the 24 hours will to some small degree be reflected in the computation. The advantage of this algorithm is a more precise prediction and a simpler implementation, which does not need any access to any RRDs or similar storage. Please note that when a Disk Group is started to be monitored, the trend of the past is unknown and is assumed to be {zero}. It will take at least one trend range of time until the trend approximately reflects the reality.


The name of the disk group as delivered by the agent without the {/} at the end. See also check manpage for {df}. All configurations are usable for Oracle ASM Disk Groups as well.


One service is created for each Disk Group.