Check-Manual von windows_tasks

Windows Task Scheduler: State

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten Windows
This check plug-in monitors the last return state of Windows tasks. The check plug-in uses a default mapping from return code to monitoring state to handle the return codes specified under For these return codes, the check plug-in will also display the appropriate error message. Any return code not listed under the above link will by default result in the monitoring state CRITICAL. Furthermore, by default, the check plug-in will go WARNING if a monitored task is not enabled.

The check plug-in can be configured via the rule "Windows Tasks". Here, users can customize the mapping from return code to monitoring state and users can also change the output produced by the check plug-in for a given return code. Finally, this rule allows users to modify the monitoring state of tasks which are not enabled.

The discovered services are configurable via the service discovery rule "Windows Tasks".

Note that for this check plug-in to discover any services at all, you need to activate the Windows agent plug-in "Windows Task Scheduler".


Name of the task


One service is created for each task which is not disabled.