Check-Manual von winperf_msx_queues

MS Exchange: Queue Length
Distribution offizieller Teil von Check_MK
Lizenz GPL
Unterstützte Agenten Windows

This check monitors the current length of various MS Exchange mail queues. You need a Windows agent of version {1.1.11i1} or later and have the counter object {msx_queues} activated. This counter is activated per default with the number {10332}. If the counter number is different in your installation or you are using a {check_mk.ini} with custom counter definitions, add the counter to the section {[winperf]} with {counters = 10332:msx_queues} ... . Look in the output of {lodctr /s:counters.ini} for the object with the name {MSExchangeTransport Queues}. You can set levels for warning and critical. Per default the queues {Active Remote Delivery}, {Active Mailbox Delivery}, {Retry Remote Delivery} and {Poison} are monitored.


The name of the queue


One service is created for each queue that is defined in {winperf_msx_queues} if the agent outputs the matching performance counters.