Check-Manual von winperf_phydisk

Windows: Disk Throughput

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten Windows
This check measures the throughput of physical disk on Windows hosts by using the performance counter object 234. The Checkmk agent for Windows sends this object in the section <<>> starting from version 1.1.11i1. If you have defined the counters in check_mk.ini, please make sure, that the entry 234:phydisk is present.

This check share the same code and features as the check diskstat, so the rest of this manual page is identical with that of diskstat.

You can either have a single check for every single disk (which is the default) or a summary check summing up the throughput of all disks.

You can apply separate warning and critical levels for the read and write throughput. Optionally you can have the check compute average values on a configurable time period and have the levels applied on the average instead of the current values. This makes it possible to ignore short "peaks" and only trigger and longer phases of high disk activity.

The check also gives info on the IOPS.


Either {"SUMMARY"} for a summarized check of alls disks or the name of the disk device, e.g. {"C:"}.


One service is created for each disk if the configuration is set to {"single"}. If the configuration is set to {"summary"} one service is created for each host. If set to {"legacy"} then two services one for read and one for write is created (deprecated). The inventory is configured via {diskstat_inventory_mode}.